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A Developer's-Eye View of Steam's Early Access

546 days 22 hours ago - Kotaku UK: Steam's Early Access program has had a bad run in the past few weeks with scammy titles and abrupt cancellations. But what's it like to... | Interview | PC


Video Game Research Shows You're Past it at 25

589 days 7 hours ago - Kotaku UK: Scientists have been using games to study reaction speeds as people age and have discovered that it all starts to fall apart at 24. From... | News | Culture


Dark Souls 2 Players Have Collectively Lost 13,051,713,397,869 Souls

590 days ago - Kotaku UK: That. That is a big number. I had to turn my phone sideways and everything to work that out. I don't even know how to say it. The stagge... | News | Xbox 360


How Islamic Art Can Influence Game Design

590 days 2 hours ago - Kotaku UK: Islamic­ influenced art and imagery has cropped up in games from Journey to Prince of Persia, but now a couple of game developers are ou... | Article | Culture


Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

The biggest disasters on PS3 – 10 games voted for by Official PlayStation Magazine readers

604 days 19 hours ago - OPM: A while back we asked you all a simple question: what was the worst game on PS3? The biggest disaster? The experience that most sullied Sony’s... | Opinion piece | PS3


What can Activision do to revitalise Call Of Duty on PS4? The Official PlayStation Magazine debate

605 days 4 hours ago - OPM: Call of Duty might still be one of the biggest games in all existence but there’s a cloud looming. Sales maintain their stratospheric numbers... | Opinion piece | PS4


Alien Isolation interview – Creative Assembly on bringing the bitch back

611 days 5 hours ago - OPM: The bone-rattling, nerve-shattering hands-on wasn’t all that left a lasting impression from our exclusive trip to see Alien: Isolation for the... | Interview | PS4


Find the best Dark Souls 2 rings – locations & effects guide

611 days 23 hours ago - OPM: Here’s a tips guide to help you find the 60-odd rings in Dark Souls 2 and make the best use of them. This range of jewellery can affect HP, co... | Article | PS3


inFamous sequels could involve “any age, gender [or] time”, like Assassin’s Creed “spiritually”

613 days 5 hours ago - OPM: Speaking recently to Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox about the future of inFamous following Second Son, Fox said the series was a “broad concept’ that... | News | PS4


PS4 o’clock news: Project Morpheus VR announed, Assassin’s Creed 5 leaks & more

615 days 5 hours ago - OPM: Here’s this week’s PS4 o’clock news which finally sees PlayStation virtual reality a thing that actually exists after month’s of rumour. See t... | Videocast | PS4


MGS 5 Ground Zeroes gameplay – watch the Déjà Vu mission & Cyborg Ninja unlocked

615 days 6 hours ago - OPM: In case Meik’s impossible Metal Gear Solid obsession isn’t clear then you really need to watch this video where we play through MGS 5 Ground Z... | Video | PS4


inFamous Second Son gameplay: the first 20 minutes & all powers revealed

615 days 6 hours ago - OPM: If you’re not bothered about spoilers and want to know more about inFamous Second Son then roll up as me and Meiks play through the first 20 m... | Video | PS4


MGS 5 XOF patch locations: where to find them & unlock the Déjà Vu mission

615 days 6 hours ago - OPM: The XOF patches in Metal Gear Solid 5 are more than just a collectable, you’ll need them to unlock the PS4′s exclusive Déjà vu missions and ul... | Article | PS3


OlliOlli’s big risk: from sh*tty emails to relief – the true story a PlayStation indie game

616 days 2 hours ago - OPM: So you’ve a successfully London digital agency with paying clients and every thing’s going well. But you’ve also got an idea for a game that p... | Interview | PS Vita


inFamous Second Son review screens – get a look at what Delsin can do

616 days 5 hours ago - OPM: To go with our inFamous Second Son review here Sony’s released a bunch of new screens showing Delsin in action against the scenic backing of S... | Screenshot | PS4


inFamous Second Son review – Superhero sandbox leaves you sleepless in Seattle OPM

617 days 3 hours ago - OPM: We need to talk about inFamous Second Son‘s hero Delsin. No, really. A stern conversation is in order. Sure, we can overlook the constant graf... | Review | PS4


MGS5 Ground Zeroes on PS4: 9 things you have to do in Big Boss’ base mission

617 days 7 hours ago - OPM: Whether rubbing elbows with virtual Kojima or stumbling across Psycho Mantis, MGS5: Ground Zeroes on PS4 is stuffed full of Easter Eggs to del... | Article | PS4


MGS 5: Ground Zeroes speedrun video & tips – walkthrough guide for a sub-20 minute run

619 days 9 hours ago - OPM: In case you’ve not read our Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes PS4 review (be a dear and put that right now, would you?), Big Boss’ next-gen de... | Video | PS4


Dark Souls 2 Covenant guide – tips for finding & picking the best fit for you

622 days 4 hours ago - OPM: Mastering Dark Souls 2′s covenants are crucial to progressing in the game. These groups give you access to protection and help, as well as hug... | Article | PS3


Dark Souls 2 PS3 beginners tips – rings, combat & boss tactics, & weapons guide

622 days 4 hours ago - OPM: You need Dark Souls 2 tips. Really, you do. Don’t be proud. There’s no shame in admitting The Dragonrider has just killed you 17 consecutive t... | Article | PS3


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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