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Tesoro Releases "Lobera Supreme" Gaming RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

4 hours ago - GamersNexus: "The mechanical keyboard market seems to become more crowded each day. Recently, Tesoro made their keyboards available in North Americ... | News | PC


FPS Benchmark: NVidia ShadowPlay vs. AMD GVR vs. FRAPS

5 hours ago - GamersNexus: "I decided to benchmark the three utilities to show the true performance hit from using capture software. This will also explore wheth... | Article | PC


AMD & Raptr Counter NVidia's GFE & ShadowPlay with GVR

2 days 13 hours ago - GamersNexus: "AMD has recruited game software development group and social media network Raptr to contribute to its "Gaming Evolved" application. T... | News | PC


$538 Budget Intel Gaming PC for GRID: Autosport - July, 2014

3 days 17 hours ago - GamersNexus: "The focus of this build was to feature the overclockable Intel Pentium G3258, offer solid mid-to-high level graphics for gaming, and... | Article | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

ZBOX EN760 Mini Gaming PC Benchmark & Review - DIY Steam Boxes Arrive | GamersNexus

6 days 3 hours ago - GamersNexus: "And we arrive to the review. Today's review of Zotac's EN760 gaming ZBOX and 860M benchmark aims to look at thermals, build quality,... | Review | PC


Battlecry Hands-On Preview & Tournaments at QuakeCon 2014 | GamersNexus

8 days 14 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Bethesda recently announced their first free-to-play game, Battlecry, showcased at Quakecon 2014 in a flurry of open tournaments. Thi... | Preview | PC


NVIDIA Debuts "Shield Tablet" Specs with TEGRA K1 GPU; Shield Controller

8 days 20 hours ago - GamersNexus: "No -- this isn't Maxwell news, though I do have some comments on that below. GPU manufacturer nVidia announced today the unveiling of... | News | PC


Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - Mechanical Keyboard, Budget Case, 480GB SSD

9 days 18 hours ago - GamersNexus: "To celebrate the middle of Summer (also known as "oh no, its almost time to start the back to school count-down clock"), we take a lo... | Article | PC


GRID: Autosport PC GPU Benchmark - GTX 750 Ti, R7 250X, R9 270X, GTX 770, More

12 days 6 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Speaking of GPU testing, that's why we're here today. This GRID: Autosport video card benchmark looks at the framerate (FPS) of GRID... | Article | PC


Doom Preview at QuakeCon - A Call Back to Origins | GamersNexus

12 days 7 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Doom is a prime example of an FPS; the series created many mechanics used today in modern games, and a community has risen around Doo... | Preview | PC


Plantronics GameCom 788 Headset Review - Still the Best for Gaming | GamersNexus

19 days 8 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Plantronics recently contacted us about a GameCom 788 refresher of the original 780. There haven't been any changes to the audio driv... | Review | PC


Most Played PC Games: June 2014 – Steam Summer Sale Charts Aftermath

19 days 14 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Raptr has just posted its Most Played PC Games for June 2014, and from the looks of it, EA’s first Origin “On the House” deal with Ba... | News | PC


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf Review & Gameplay | GamersNexus

20 days 10 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Nine months after releasing its first episode, Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us has concluded its edgy 5-episode canon with Episode... | Review | PC


Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $268 R9 280X, $90 850W PSU, More

23 days 5 hours ago - GamersNexus: "This past weekend's deals feature a Radeon R9 280X at $268, a modular 850W PSU for $90, 1TB HDD for $55, and 8GB of high-end RAM for... | Article | PC


Complete Fallout New Vegas Graphics & Content Mod Overhaul - 2014

24 days ago - GamersNexus: "Today, we’re going to be showing how to completely overhaul Fallout: New Vegas into a harsh, unforgiving, immersive wasteland by usin... | Article | PC


$393 Cheap Bastard's Gaming PC Build - July, 2014

25 days 8 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Larian Studios managed to release an amazing RPG gem just a few days ago. The company behind the Divinity Series has spent the entire... | Article | PC


Ascendant Review - A Demigod Roguelike / Beat 'em Up Done Right | GamersNexus

25 days 15 hours ago - GamersNexus: "The roguelike genre has experienced a revival in recent years, indicated by the success of games like The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky,... | Review | PC


Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - 4670K, Z97 Board, Corsair 250D

29 days 19 hours ago - GamersNexus: "The weekend sales roundup features an i5-4690K for $220, a Z97 motherboard at $125, a Mini-ITX case around $71, and the G700s gaming... | Article | PC


New Steam Machine: Gigabyte BRIX GB-BXi5G-760 SFF PC Specs

30 days 18 hours ago - GamersNexus: "Gigabyte is following suit with its new small form-factor (SFF) Brix unit, the GB-BX-i5G-760 -- a very eloquent name, no doubt. The c... | News | PC


SSD Buyer's Guide: Best SSDs for Gaming - June, 2014

32 days 6 hours ago - GamersNexus: "With all these choices and the beginning price-war, it's an ideal time for consumers to jump on the constant SSD sales and the rapidl... | Article | PC


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post
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