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"Holy hot tamale!"

GAMINGtruth: Backbreaker Vengeance Review

1018 days ago - Backbreaker Vengeance is the Split/Second of football. The moves are over the top, the graphics are superb, and the in game animations are mutually... | Review | Xbox 360


[GAMINGtruth] Frima Offers AWESOME Summer Mini Deal

1020 days 8 hours ago - Check out the list of titles Frima Studio has put together for a great PlayStation summer package. | News | PS3


GAMINGtruth: F.E.A.R. 3 Review

1023 days 3 hours ago - A new level of terror awaits as you join your spirit brother in an attempt to confront the sick and twisted mind of your mother. Check out GAMINGtr... | Review | PC


[GAMINGtruth] Thanks for the Pass, Mii Now Has You

1023 days 10 hours ago - had cops at their StreetPass Day event, did you? | Article | Culture


Win a PS4!

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[GAMINGtruth] PlayStation Home: Aurora Not to Bore Us in All This

1027 days 20 hours ago - Aurora released as a floating landscape on the PlayStation Home. It's popularity has slingshotted it to millions of visitors and offers up some go... | News | PS3


[GAMINGtruth] RAGE Comic Hits Store Shelves Today

1028 days 1 hour ago - Check out a few images from the upcoming issue #1 for the comic adaptation of id Software's RAGE. | Preview | Culture


[GAMINGtruth] Rayman Origins Hands-On Impressions

1029 days 9 hours ago - It might come as a surprise that there is no online multiplayer support, but this Rayman title has a lot more going for it than meets the eye. | Preview | Wii


[GAMINGtruth] Weekly Round-Up: The E3 Hangover

1031 days 9 hours ago - It doesn't involve stolen tigers or monkeys, but it's exciting nonetheless. | Article | PC


[GAMINGtruth]-Ms. Splosion Man Beta Impressions

1031 days 20 hours ago - Jump in here to check out GAMINGtruth's early hands on with this Twisted Pixel title. | Preview | Xbox 360


[GAMINGtruth] Poopocalypse Gets New Trailer

1034 days 23 hours ago - Get ready to drop some bombs on unsuspecting structures. Spray them for points and guide this pigeon to relief. | Trailer | Xbox 360


[GAMINGtruth] E3 2011-Papo & Yo Impressions

1035 days 1 hour ago - "We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." -Maya Angelou If you are l... | Preview | PS3


[GAMINGtruth]-Rumor: Microsoft Developing Tablets, or Next-Gen Console?

1038 days 9 hours ago - What do you do with bundles of million dollar hardware? | Rumor | Xbox 360


[GAMINGtruth] Bloodrayne Betrayal Hands on Impressions

1042 days 5 hours ago - It was pleasure to sit down with Lead Level Designed Michael Herbster and check out this bloody, yet artsy upcoming digital title. Jump in and che... | Preview | Xbox 360


[GAMINGtruth] Mario Kart 3D Hands on Impressions

1042 days 23 hours ago - Get ready to jump back in to the drivers seat with your favorite racing crew. The drifts are the same, but gliding is a new lift to the games spir... | Preview | 3DS


[GAMINGtruth] Super Mario 3D Hands on Impressions

1043 days ago - Check out how this new Super Mario piece will endure the Nintendo3DS atmosphere in this hands on from E3 2011. | Preview | 3DS


[GAMINGtruth] inFamous 2 Review

1043 days 23 hours ago - Check out this review of inFamous 2 and see what Sucker Punch will be hitting you with next for this sequel. | Review | PS3


[GAMINGtruth] Nintendo Announces Meetup Day

1049 days 13 hours ago - Mark your calendars and get ready to find someone to share some content with! It might even become a national holiday. "Mii love you too grandma." | News | 3DS


[] Snakebyte Announces 3D HDMI Cord

1051 days 6 hours ago - Check out these cheeseburgers in 3D! Well, that, and these 3D HDMI cord promises to bring some less expensive effects to your home console. Check... | Preview | PC


[GAMINGtruth] Trenched Gets Release Date and Intro

1056 days 8 hours ago - Check out Double Fine Productions newest game Trenched. Command from your gunners seat and lay into crowds of enemies. | News | Xbox 360


[GAMINGtruth] Calibur11 Xbox 360 Vault Hardware Review

1057 days 22 hours ago - What exactly is that making the glowing face from the side of your 360? The sleek design of the Base Vault might give your console stature, but do... | Review | Xbox 360


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