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Bravo Squad, Engage: Planetside 2 Review || LAG

1159 days 20 hours ago - Planetside 2 is an addictive, chaotic game, full of frustration and triumph, and while there are certainly some issues with the way in which it is... | Review | PC


Freeze! – The Escape Review || LAG

1159 days 22 hours ago - ‘Freeze! The Escape’ looks like the type of nightmare you might have before an important exam or driving test, or even a harrowing trip to the dent... | Review | iPhone


Little Inferno Review: The Brightest Flames Burn The Quickest || LAG

1160 days ago - The premise of Little Inferno is simple: it takes place in front of a fireplace and sees you order items from various catalogs to burn for your ple... | Review | PC


The 21st Century Gaming Pandemic: Day One Patches

1171 days 3 hours ago - Imagine this: a brand new game you've been eagerly awaiting drops through your letterbox. Excitedly, you tear the packaging off and pop it into you... | Article | Wii


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Bizarre PS2 Kissing Adventure Chulip Heading to PSN

1173 days 20 hours ago - A recent ESRB listing has revealed that the oddball PS2 game Chulip is heading for a re-release on the PlayStation Network. Chulip (for the surely... | News | PS2


LAG | NBA King of The Court 2 Review

1175 days 9 hours ago - NBA King of The Court 2 is a first person hoops game where you travel the map of America shooting hoops in different cities that represent each NBA... | Review | iPad


LAG| Late to the Apocalypse: A DayZ Review

1177 days 12 hours ago - DayZ is a mod for Arma II , and Arma II’s Expansion Operation: Arrowhead, developed by Dean Hall. It has received praise from nearly everyone as be... | Review | PC


LAG: Total Recoil Review

1177 days 19 hours ago - Total Recoil is a simple, unpretentious military title with a killer set of in-game instructions comprising of two sentences – ‘Kill everything tha... | Review | iPad


Five Things GTA V Should Do Differently

1179 days 7 hours ago - Last week we saw the release of a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, and so far, not unexpectedly, it looks pretty good. That being said, there ar... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


WoW Celebrates 8 years in Azeroth

1179 days 16 hours ago - Like it or loath it, it'd be hard to say that Blizzard's MMO World of Warcraft hasn't had a profound impact on the world of video games, and in par... | News | PC


Unimoca Secures Mobile Rights to Mr. Bean and Ultraman

1183 days 1 hour ago - Mobile gamers may be in for some interesting times ahead with the announcement made today by Animoca that they have secured the worldwide rights fo... | News | Android


Quantum Conundrum review: brain-boggler or dot-to-dot?

1183 days 2 hours ago - Quantum Conundrum is a difficult game to review. Not because of any particular quirks with the game itself, it's just that it's very hard not to dr... | Review | PC

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