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Rose Gold PS4 & Xbox One, available now (And it's not cheap)

108 days 17 hours ago - We all love a bit of bling right? So why not bring that to your console :P The “world’s first gold gaming consoles” have been unveiled by UAE re... | News | PS4


Amazing Destiny Alternative Artwork (Officially commissioned by Bungie)

110 days 20 hours ago - " It's the 08/09 and Destiny hype is officially in full swing. To celebrate its upcoming launch, the folk at Shortlist have teamed up with Bungie a... | News | Xbox 360


WeSeeInPixels - Velocity 2X Review - PS4

116 days 14 hours ago - In 2012 when FuturLab dropped Velocity into our palms, the indie side-scrolling 2-D platformer (mouthful that is) craze was still in its infancy, a... | Review | PS4


The Nintendo Dilemma

185 days 10 hours ago - " Nintendo means many things to many people; to some it’s reliable, polished and just down right fun, but to others it’s stuck in the past, gimmick... | Article | Nintendo DS


Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

PlayStation 4: A year on.

311 days 2 hours ago - It was one year today (February 20th 2013) that the PlayStation 4 was unveiled at a Sony Press Conference in the US. And ever since that day, the c... | Article | PS3


What other last-gen titles deserve the “Super HD” treatment on PS4/Xbox One?

331 days 13 hours ago - The big release this week is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a trend which I hope doesn’t become the norm, as most of us... | Opinion piece | Wii


As with Hitman, which other titles should return to their roots?

344 days 16 hours ago - This week IO Interactive fell on their sword a bit, with an open letter sent out to its fans and the industry. The letter pretty much explained tha... | Article | GameCube


Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Review (PS Vita) | WeSeeInPixels

429 days 19 hours ago - From WeSeeInPixels: "Development has changed hands for the third instalment in the franchise, with Warner Bros. Games Montréal taking the helm. Alo... | Review | PS Vita


Sonys #PlayStationMemories Campaign - How It All Began

433 days 5 hours ago - I was 8. My bedroom clad in Sonic merchandise from curtains to wallpaper; a stack of Goosebumps books beside my drawer, a pair of muddy trainers th... | Article | PS2


Sony reveal new PS4 Peripherals

495 days 4 hours ago - Pretty sweet showing from Sony at Gamescom 2013 right? Just thought I’d share some of the sweet PS4 accessories they’ve just announced. The Blue... | News | PS4


Should Nintendo Quit Consoles?

618 days 13 hours ago - Hey! It’s been a while since there's been an opinion on the blog. To be honest, just been looking for the right topic. And this week the bulb final... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Persona 4 Arena European Street Date and Pre-Order Bonus Confirmed

650 days 13 hours ago - Good news! I’ve been waiting for this title, for what feels like years! ATLUS, PQube and Zen United today announced that Persona®4 Arena™ will... | News | PS2


God of War Ascension Special Edition PS3 Announced

690 days 16 hours ago - Sony Computer Entertainment UK has today announced a brand new Classic White version of the new model PlayStation®3 (dubbed the ‘super slim' which... | News | PS3


Which Japanese RPGs stood out this console generation?

691 days 13 hours ago - Friends and the industry in general seem to be talking alot about RPG’s lately. All sparked by the much anticipated Japanese developed Ni No Kuni.... | Opinion piece | PSP


Monster Hunter 3, the game to "save" the Wii-U?

710 days 8 hours ago - Finally an upcoming excuse to actually turn on my Wii-U. Could this be the title which kickstarts the Wii-U? | Opinion piece | Wii U


Working on the Playstation store - My first year

758 days 14 hours ago - From scared graduate to working at one of the companies that defined my childhood, it sure has been a roller coaster year. People always beg me for... | Article | Culture


Fancy a Metal Gear Solid Cocktail?

814 days 1 hour ago - 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid. This of course could be celebrated with a drink or two. But the guys at Loading Bar decided to... | Image | PS2


Digital Distribution : It's not the future, it's right now.

842 days 14 hours ago - "Change and the ability to accept and adapt to changes made: it’s what separates humans from the dinosaurs." | Article | Xbox 360


10 Limited Edition consoles, you probably wish you owned!

877 days 12 hours ago - "Read an article online which highlighted some of the rarest limited edition consoles out there. Here is my pick of 10 I think we all probably wish... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Custom Legend of Zelda Trainers anyone?

891 days 12 hours ago - People who know me well, know that I'm a dirty little Legend of Zelda fan boy. The pure unbridled glee when I saw these custom trainers knew no bou... | Image | GameCube


Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post
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