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"Pandaria? Or Pandora? "

Cities: Skylines is the real deal, and Colossal Order is schooling EA on post-release support

58 days 12 hours ago - Cities: Skylines is excellent, and with Colossal Order providing admirable post-release support, it appears the game will only grow to be even better. | Opinion piece | PC


The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Review – A Paradox | Gamer Horizon

76 days 5 hours ago - The Guided Fate Paradox set a standard too high for The Awakened Fate Ultimatum to reach. | Review | PS3


Twenty Years of PlayStation: A Tribute

99 days 15 hours ago - How the PlayStation earned its way onto one Nintendo fan's shelf. | Opinion piece | GameCube


PSA: Don’t let The Elder Scrolls Online delete your files and folders

116 days 16 hours ago - The installer included with the on-disc version of The Elder Scrolls Online contains a bug that can potentially wipe out everything on your hard dr... | News | PC


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Funk of Titans Review | Gamer Horizon

135 days 9 hours ago - Funk of Titans is a game that is fun to play, despite all attempts to not be so. | Review | Xbox One


LTTP: One Finger Death Punch Review – Pure fun | Gamer Horizon

144 days 7 hours ago - One Finger Death Punch proves that an Indie title with a well executed simple concept can provide as much fun and value as the most complex AAA vid... | Review | PC


Shadow of Mordor: The Balance of Power

166 days 15 hours ago - An editorial critiquing the balance of power in Shadow of Mordor and its effect on gameplay. | Opinion piece | PC


Nintendo games are too expensive

167 days 6 hours ago - Whether it’s due to a lack of permanent price cuts and sales, or simply compared to the fierce competition, Nintendo games are too expensive. "S... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Rollers of the Realm Review: Round Objects Have No Point | Gamer Horizon

188 days 6 hours ago - Rollers of the Realm tries a new spin on pinball, but in the process, forgets why pinball is fun. | Review | PC


3D would have been pretty cool, you guys

194 days 6 hours ago - 3D Gaming would have been really cool if it stuck around long enough to be a standard. | Opinion piece | PS3


Your old Indie bundles have new Steam keys in them

196 days 23 hours ago - The Indie bundle companies have a collective bad habit. They rarely notify their customers when new Steam keys are added to their bundles. Well, th... | Article | PC


Magic 2015 Expansion: Garruk’s Revenge Review – A Bit Better | Gamer Horizon

200 days 2 hours ago - The Magic 2015 Expansion: Garruk’s Revenge brings Magic 2015 up a level by removing the pay wall from Premium Boosters and adding 51 new cards, but... | Review | PC


Maybe I wasn’t the Guardian Dinklage was looking for…

247 days 18 hours ago - An opinion piece discussing the various MMO problems that Destiny faces without actually being an MMO, and several other issues present in the game. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Sims 4 has an aging problem

247 days 18 hours ago - The way aging is handled in The Sims 4 leaves much to be desired, and the lack of toddlers is barely the tip of the iceberg. | Opinion piece | PC


Danganronpa’s minigames make a great visual novel worse

261 days 22 hours ago - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair are fantastic visual novels made worse by their minigames. | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Danganronpa 2 Review: Hope versus Dis-Bear | Gamer Horizon

264 days 21 hours ago - Danganronpa 2 is a sweeter game than the original, and requires no foreknowledge of the series to play it. | Review | PS Vita


Magic 2015 Review – Identity Crisis | Gamer Horizon

307 days 9 hours ago - With preconstructed decks being abandoned in favor of deck building, Magic 2015 finds itself suffering from an identity crisis. | Review | PC


Don’t spend coins on Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas

319 days 9 hours ago - Now that the pricing for Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas has been announced, you might want to hold onto your coin-purse. | Opinion piece | PC


Looking forward to The Sims 4 (despite The Sims 3)

338 days 20 hours ago - The Sims 4 looks great, but can it escape the dark shadow that The Sims 3 has cast over the franchise? | Opinion piece | PC


Ten Things You Might Not Know About Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

339 days 22 hours ago - If you haven’t been playing MMOs for a while, you might want to consider Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Here’s 10 things you might not know abo... | Article | PC


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