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Yakuza: Black Leopard trailer

1973 days 7 hours ago - A new trailer for the PSP Yakuza game have been released by Sega. The new Yakuza will have a new characters. However, the story still take place... | Video | PSP


Yakuza: of the End, Zombies killing gameplay

1973 days 17 hours ago - There are zombies and necromorphs in this Yakuza game. The trailer starts at 4:00 | Video | PS3


TGS 2010 Predictions

1976 days 20 hours ago - With Tokyo Game Show right around the corner, many gamers are wondering what games will be announce, and which developer will release more detail o... | Rumor | PSP


Guild Wars 2 > WoW?

1995 days ago - More Guild Wars 2 gameplay footage is shown during Gamescom. Can Guild Wars 2 be better than World of WarCraft? | Opinion piece | PC


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Not so limited…

2004 days 20 hours ago - Publishers always want you to buy the limited edition version. But don’t fall for their trap. | Opinion piece | PC


Why buy sports games every year?

2011 days ago - NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA… the list goes on. Every year, a “new” sports game comes out with a 60 dollars price tag. Why buy sports games every year? | Opinion piece | Wii


5 Great and free PC games you should download

2013 days 3 hours ago - Don’t have enough money to buy games? Don’t worry here are some great games to keep you occupied for a long time. | Article | PC


PSP, Not quite dead yet

2018 days ago - With the Nintendo DS dominating the market, the Sony PSP is not looking so good. But the functionality of PSP are still amazing. | Opinion piece | PSP


Survey: How many people skipped school or work for StarCraft 2?

2019 days 10 hours ago - How many people skipped school or work for StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty? A survey shows some shocking results. | Article | PC


PolarityGamers | StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Review

2021 days 3 hours ago - After more than a decade, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was finally released. But can StarCraft 2 reignite the Real Time Strategy genre? | Review | PC


Worst over-hyped games of this generation

2026 days 7 hours ago - Over-hyped games are not always great. Every year there are some games that are not nearly as good as they are said to be. Here are some truly hid... | Opinion piece | PC


Are you willing to pay $60 dollars for a PC Game?

2029 days 3 hours ago - Since Activision released Modern Warfare 2 on PC for $60, many other companies have followed suit. StarCraft2 Will be released at the end of this... | Opinion piece | PC


Great Underrated Games this Generation

2030 days 22 hours ago - Run out of AAA titles to play this summer? How about finding some cheap, underrated games to play next month? Here are 5 of the great underrated... | Article | Wii


PolarityGamers | Alien Swarm Review

2031 days 17 hours ago - Available free from Steam, Alien Swarm is an action packed 4-player coop game. The players have to fight their way through wave after wave of alien... | Review | PC


PolarityGamers Review – The Conduit

2397 days 3 hours ago - When the Wii's new motion controller hit the scene, it seemed it held the power to revolutionize the FPS genre on consoles as we knew it. Yet almos... | Review | 3


PolarityGamers Review - Tales of the Monkey Island: Chapter 1

2400 days 20 hours ago - Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate! In Launch of the Screaming Narwhal! Almost 2 decades ago, LucasArts released an awesome Adventure series :... | Review | 3,12


PolarityGamers Review - Battlefield 1943

2404 days 19 hours ago - PolarityGamers writes: A blast from the past! The Battlefield franchise have pouring out crazy amount of the games in last few years; howeve... | Review | 1,2


PolarityGamers Top 5 Potential Sleeper Hits of Q3/Q4

2415 days 2 hours ago - PolarityGamers writes: We sure saw some big guns in this year's E3, all three platforms are pulling out their ace in a race for gamer's money. Ho... | Article | 1,2,12


Flaws of the motion controllers

2417 days 19 hours ago - PolarityGamers writes: All three motion controllers are in fact some form of CGI motion capture. For the Wii, we have two fix IR source for trian... | Article | 1,2,3


Mr.Kojima, Please Don't make MGS5

2418 days 14 hours ago - PolarityGamers writes: Hideo Kojima is famous for his Metal Gear series. Metal Gear have introduced the stealth genre to the Video Game world,... | Article | 1,2


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post
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