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What deals can PC gamers find in January?

736 days 2 hours ago - The new year has just begun and already Amazon has featured some amazing deals for PC. Some of the better deals from earlier this month included Sp... | Article | PC


Skyrim DLC is finally coming to PSN, but is it too late?

736 days 4 hours ago - The Skyrim DLC for PSN was announced all over gaming sites the last day or so. Skyrim DLC is finally coming to Playstation 3! Bethesda says it will... | Opinion piece | PS3


GameCube Meets the Bargain Bin at GameStop

745 days 16 hours ago - GameStop is in the process of clearancing everything GameCube. Most stores have already sold out. But you might find a GameStop or two in your area... | Article | GameCube


Good Reasons to Pick Up a Vita

746 days 18 hours ago - The Vita had a rough start and it continues to face an uphill battle. Gamers complain about the lack of games, the price of memory cards, the issue... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Front-end Developers Wanted

Now - Want to help us build the new N4G platform? | Promoted post

Hitman: Absolution Review (Goozernation)

756 days 2 hours ago - Hitman Absolution isn’t perfect by any means. But it does breathe life into the series and shows gamers that the stealth genre is still a great way... | Review | PC


Amazon's Amazing PC sale for early 2013

756 days 3 hours ago - This is going to be a great sale that starts on the first of January. Amazon is running some great deals on downloadable PC games for the first of... | Article | PC


Goozex's resurgence

757 days 2 hours ago - Resurgence might not be the right word. But it appears Goozex is on its way to recovery. The trade counter has risen rapidly in the last week or so... | Opinion piece | Industry


The Creator of VGFive.com Discusses His Alternative to Goozex

767 days 19 hours ago - GoozerNation recently wrote an article about the new and upcoming trading sites. One of these sites was VGFive. GoozerNation decided to sit down wi... | Article | Industry


Hitman Absolution First Impressions (Goozernation)

767 days 19 hours ago - The Hitman games have been well received over the years. The biggest complaint has been the lack of longevity and replay value to the Hitman franch... | Opinion piece | PC


Raptr's 2nd Annual Most played games of 2012

768 days 6 hours ago - Raptr has posted its most played games of 2012. Most of these games make a lot of sense; they are multiplayer games that you can spend countless ho... | Opinion piece | PC


The Best Places to Trade Games

772 days 6 hours ago - Most gamers are familiar with Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy, and a few other places. Granted most of these places aren’t terrible but there other opti... | Opinion piece | Industry


Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left Review (Goozernation)

774 days 22 hours ago - Telltale games has wrapped up its first epic season of The Walking Dead the video game. They won the big award at the VGA -- Game Of The Year -- be... | Review | PC


Amazon's sale on $7 PSP/DS games

774 days 23 hours ago - Looking for some great gift ideas for the Holidays? How about some stocking stuffers? Amazon has a great sale right now and there are some good dea... | Article | Nintendo DS


Meriwether: An American Epic Kickstarter

781 days 12 hours ago - Who doesn’t like history and video games? Assassin’s Creed certainly tries to keep history within video games interesting. There is a new Kickstart... | Article | PC


2012 Fall Releases are in Amazon's Warehouse

781 days 20 hours ago - Gamers everywhere should check Amazon’s Warehouse on a weekly basis. There have been sub $200 Vita’s up there recently and cheap Nintendo 3DS’s. Bu... | Article | PC


Black Ops II Campaign Review (Goozernation)

789 days 17 hours ago - A game like Black Ops II has so much to offer gamers as a whole package. This game may be one of the most content-packed fps titles gamers have pla... | Review | PC


Black Friday isn't over yet

791 days ago - Black Friday has come and gone, or has it? Many of the great games are still on sale and Cyber Monday is right around the corner. Goozernation has... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Amazon's THQ PC sale

799 days 1 hour ago - Amazon is determined to take gamers’ money before Black Friday. They are running a sale on THQ games for PC. Some of the titles on sale include Met... | Article | PC


Max Payne 3 Review: Its still Payneful (Goozernation)

801 days 16 hours ago - Max Payne is back and for fans of the series its more of the same. Max is angry and on a destructive path. The big question is was it worth all the... | Review | PC


Cross-examing Microsoft's Big Gift to Xbox Loyalists

801 days 17 hours ago - News sources all over the web are stating that long running Xbox Live loyalists might get a free anniversary edition 360. The big question everyone... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


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