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The N64: Nintendo's least collectible console

491 days 17 hours ago - The N64 will be remembered as the only successful 64 bit system. It was also one of the first system to make 4 player multiplayer accessible, makin... | Opinion piece | Retro


Did the release of Titanfall overshadow other games?

503 days 20 hours ago - Titanfall seems to be to the game everyone is playing. But did its release overshadow other great March games? So far in the month of March gamers... | Opinion piece | PC


Why its a great time to buy a PS3

507 days 6 hours ago - The PS4 may be out but the PS3 is still a great buy. The price of the console is still dropping and the great games are still coming out. If gamers... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Review (99Gamers)

507 days 17 hours ago - The Last of Us is one of those must have PS3 games. Developer Naughty Dog has fanned the flames for this game by releasing single player dlc. Ironi... | Review | PS3


Filmwatch Contest Details

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Best of the pre-order bonuses for March

515 days 18 hours ago - March traditionally means one thing to gamers, new AAA games are coming. March 2014 has quite a few great releases. Three of the biggest releases a... | Opinion piece | PC


Where should gamers be pre-ordering Titanfall from?

520 days 6 hours ago - There is still time to pre-order Titanfall before March 11th. What will gamers get by pre-ordering? Which store has the best deal? Is it Gamestop,... | Opinion piece | PC


Is Titanfall a must buy?

526 days 11 hours ago - Quite a few gamers had a chance over the weekend to play the beta of Titanfall. The Gamer’s Lounge as lucky enough to play a few hours. The big que... | Opinion piece | PC


The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Review (The Gamer's Lounge)

534 days 14 hours ago - Just a few months ago gamers were wowed with The Wolf Among Us Episode 1. A few questions were left unanswered but gamers were left hungering for m... | Review | PC


Looking at the other DLC for Metro Last Light (The Gamer's Lounge)

539 days 2 hours ago - Metro Last Light is a good game. It may have snuck under the radar for a lot of gamers earlier this year but its still a must buy. The DLC only add... | Review | PC


Pre-order Bonus Breakdown for February

542 days 16 hours ago - February isn't that exciting for games. It seems to be another slow month.. But there are a few noteworthy titles that are coming out with some nic... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


There are better options than Gamestop

545 days 1 hour ago - There is nothing wrong with Best Buy or Gamestop. Or for that matter any of the other brick and mortar stores that handle trade-ins of video games... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 Review (TheGamer'sLounge)

550 days 20 hours ago - Walking Dead Season 1 was an amazing game. Gamers felt as if they were connected to the story and the characters. This means Telltale has big shoes... | Review | PC


PS4's Holiday Debacle

588 days 2 hours ago - Early adopters and launch consoles don't mix. It seems one Goozernation member managed to track down a PS4 locally only to have it break. Should he... | Opinion piece | PS4


Goozernation's Picks for Black Friday Deals

614 days ago - Black Friday, what a crazy shopping day for anyone. Goozernation has looked at a lot of sites and decided to put together a small list of must buys... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith Review (Goozernation)

631 days 17 hours ago - Telltale games is going to be known for their Walking Dead game but I think The Wolf Among Us may make its own mark. The Wolf Among Us episode 1, w... | Review | PC


Dragon's Crown Review (Goozernation)

665 days 3 hours ago - Dragon’s Crown is a good game. It may have slipped under a lot of gamers’ radars but it does have a lot of potential. Think of Dragon’s Crown as th... | Review | PS3


Are things looking up for the Vita?

681 days 17 hours ago - There were several announcements out of the gaming world that pertained exclusively to the Vita recently. It is enough to make those who doubt the... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Dying Light PAX Prime 2013 Impressions

688 days 15 hours ago - Zombie games have become of a staple of this generation. Gamers have probably become burned out by the generic gameplay and slow zombies. But Techl... | Preview | PC


A Look at PAX Prime's Indie Scene

694 days 7 hours ago - The showstopper at PAX Prime in Seattle this year wasn’t Titanfall, the Xbox One, PS4, or Elder Scrolls Online, it was the indie games. Gamers who... | Opinion piece | PC


Saints Row 4 Review: Is this the end? (Goozernation)

703 days 18 hours ago - Saints Row is a fantastic franchise. Every new iteration takes the series to a new level. So how does Saints Row 4 stack up to the previous games?... | Review | PC



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