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Gamestop running a 50% bonus credit on Trade-ins

1409 days 7 hours ago - Gamestop through June 16th is running a 50% bonus credit on all games traded in. This is a great deal for the consumer savy gamer. One could pick u... | Article | GameCube


OnLive's spend $10, get 100% off sale

1409 days 9 hours ago - Onlive once again has launched another killer deal. Gamers can spend $10 and get a coupon for 100% off either PlayPass, the micro console, or the w... | Article | PC


Why Duke Nukem Forever Will Succeed

1410 days 2 hours ago - Duke Nukem is going to sell like crazy. It might even sell some consoles and PCs. Goozernation has the why and how behind this bold theory. Some of... | Article | PC


Can the Big Three's History Help Predict the Future?

1410 days 10 hours ago - With E3 going on its a good time to look back at the big 3, particularly Sony and Nintendo. Sony's struggles of late mirror all familiar experience... | Article | GameCube


Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Portal 2 Review (GoozerNation)

1425 days 3 hours ago - Portal 2 is a great sequel. Hands down this is a great game. There is no need for any other games to be released this year, gamers have their GOTY... | Review | PC


What will gamers remember most about this generation of consoles?

1430 days 2 hours ago - With the pending announcement of the Wii HD at E3 its time to start reflecting on this generation of consoles. What will gamers remember the most a... | Article | Wii


Do games really need escort quests?

1433 days 10 hours ago - Escort quests, something that has become insanely popular in games for the last two generations of consoles. Goozernation has put together a list o... | Article | PS2


What can Apple do to improve gaming on its devices?

1438 days 9 hours ago - Apple is really giving Nintendo a run for its money these days in the handheld gaming market. With the editon of Game Center and a few other tweaks... | Article | Nintendo DS


Can Black Ops’ Escalation DLC keep gamers interested for the long run?

1442 days 10 hours ago - COD Black Ops DLC Escalation has hit the 360. But will it be enough to keep gamers interested in the series? This summer is shaping up to be a good... | Article | PC


Morality in gaming, is it needed?

1446 days 4 hours ago - Morality has become the gaming theme of this generation. Black, and White, Good vs. Evil with some choices doing nothing to impact the long term pl... | Article | PC


Mortal Kombat: Better than the Rest (Goozernation.com)

1447 days 6 hours ago - Mortal Kombat is a great game no doubt about it. In fact its better then most of the fighting games of this generation including Street Fighter IV... | Review | Xbox 360


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, value bin review (Goozernation.com)

1455 days 5 hours ago - Even with its recent price drop Enslaved is still a good game. It has a lot of bang for its buck. An excellent story that features interesting char... | Review | Xbox 360


L.A. Noire Pre-order Controversy

1456 days 5 hours ago - What is more frustrating then on the disc dlc? Multiple pre-order bonuses from different stores. Rockstar is showing their true colors by pitting s... | News | PC


Gamestop’s Power Saver Sale continues with a B2G2 sale starting April 18th

1461 days 13 hours ago - Gamestop is continuing its Power Save sale by running a B2G2 on all used PS2, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance games. This is a great chance for game... | News | GameCube


Looking Back: Games That Were Before Their Time

1464 days 5 hours ago - Games come and go, but what about those that leave their mark on history? Goozernation takes a step back and looks at such games as Halo, Goldeneye... | Article | Xbox


Are Gamers Desensitized to Video Game Violence?

1469 days 14 hours ago - Video Game violence doesn't really seem to bother most mainstream gamers these days. Some games use the violence and gore as selling points, games... | Article | PC


The Wii is Better Than Its Reputation

1478 days 9 hours ago - To some the Wii holds the reputation of being nothing more then a glorified Gamecube 1.5 with crummy online play. But to others the Wii has a lot t... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Could social gaming bring about the demise of console gaming

1490 days 10 hours ago - Based on what was coming out of GDC it sounds like more and more developers are going away from developing console games to creating games that bel... | Article | Xbox 360


Kami Retro Review: Going Retro

1493 days 5 hours ago - Kami Retro is an iPhone/iPad/iPod game that takes gaming back to the early 90s. It has a very retro feel and like Angry Birds, has addicting qualit... | Review | iPhone


Killzone 3 review, it's a must buy (Goozernation.com)

1497 days 6 hours ago - Killzone 3 is a must have fps game for the ps3. Will it be the Call of Duty Killer? No but it could give Halo Reach a run for its money. Despite a... | Review | PS3


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at Releases.com to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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