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Europe and Australia Cross Edge DLC Release Details

1838 days 5 hours ago - News of when Cross Edge's DLC will be released as well as to the length of time the DLC will be released over. (The US saw the DLC released over a... | News | 1


European Disgaea 3 Trophies Patch On It's Way

1901 days 3 hours ago - Many have wondered whether or not the European holders of Disgaea 3 would be getting a Trophies Patch, especially since it has already been release... | News | 1


Disgaea 3 Downloadable Content Finally Hitting Europe

1901 days 10 hours ago - Disgaea 3 has been released worldwide for quite some time, however whilst the DLC has come to Japan and North America, it is still missing from Eur... | News | 1


PixelJunk Shooter E3 2009 Trailer

1966 days 10 hours ago - The new trailer for the fourth PixelJunk game, PixelJunk Shooter has been released during E3 2009: | Video | 33,1


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Hustle Kings E3 2009 Trailer

1966 days 10 hours ago - Hustle your way to the big bucks with Sony's latest Playstation Network downloadable game, Hustle Kings. To mark the announcement of the game, Sony... | Video | 33,1

Mirrors Edge Launch Trailer Released

2174 days 19 hours ago - With recent news that Mirrors Edge has gone gold, a new launch trailer was also revealed. A larger version of the video can be found at the so... | Video | 1, 2, 12


Civilization Revolution Patch 1.30 Released For PS3

2180 days 16 hours ago - Having taken approximately two months to arrive, the patch is finally live, worldwide, and fixes a number of Online AND Offline Issues. | News | 1


New Heavy Rain Artwork & Screenshots Released

2204 days 22 hours ago - New screenshots for Heavy Rain were released by Sony today, showcasing the areas in which the game will take place, as well as some concept art, mo... | Screenshot | 1


Saints Row 2: Two Quick Lessons With Uncle Gary

2366 days 16 hours ago - Two videos with Uncle Gary showing you two aspects of the game as well as new locations and... ways to kill people. Just don't try this in reality... | Video | 1,2


The Real Life Heavenly Sword

2419 days 18 hours ago - Ever wanted a Heavenly Sword of your own? Well a member of GameGrep has made just that. Made in a wood shop in school, the only drawback of the swo... | Image | 1


NCSoft Release A Tabula Rasa Teaser Video

2427 days 16 hours ago - A New Teaser Gameplay Video has been released in preparation for update v1.5, showing some of the changes that will be coming about in the game sho... | Video | 12


From IGF to PS3: Everyday Shooter's Backstory

2567 days 13 hours ago - Rusty Buchert the Sr. Producer for Everyday Shooter walks us through from the beginning of Everyday Shooter to it's creation and gives us a Video o... | News | 1


Football (Not Soccer) Wars: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 vs FIFA Soccer 08

2567 days 16 hours ago - Pro Evolution Soccer is the best footie game series ever. Fact. And the PS3's power means that Konami's latest game, PES 2008, is an absolute belte... | Article | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12

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