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"Cough. Sorry. My voice box is ill."

Bioshock Infinite Review | Nave360

887 days 3 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "The day Bioshock Infinite was announced was a good day. The announcement came out of nowhere, and the more gamers kne... | Review | PC


Game Freak are Wrong to NOT Make a Pokemon Wii U Game

949 days 3 hours ago - Charlie writes: "This is dating back a couple of years ago, but it just had to be brought back up in hopes that Game Freak actually do think “th... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The Walking Dead is Overrated? Grow Up!

978 days ago - Charlie writes: "When Telltale released the first episode of “The Walking Dead”, nobody, not even Telltale, knew how much buzz this game would g... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 5: No Time Left | Nave360

1009 days 15 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "So the end is neigh; the final episode of the brilliant video game series “The Walking Dead”, so yes it does mean the... | Review | PC


Check What PC Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for PC games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Review: The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 4: Around Every Corner | Nave360

1051 days 12 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "So it's that time again; another Walking Dead video game episode, another review. And it just so happens to be releas... | Review | PC


A Weekend at Eurogamer – Friday 28th September 2012

1062 days 13 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "The biggest problem with gaming expos is that as soon as you enter one, you literally have no idea where to start, so... | Opinion piece | PC


The Curse of the 3rd Iteration

1090 days 4 hours ago - Charlie writes: "It’s a fact. The number 3 is cursed in this generation of games. When a new IP is released and is given a warm reception, devel... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Rock Band Blitz | Nave360

1091 days 8 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "Since the release of Rock Band 3 in 2010, Harmonix had been working on a brand new Rock Band game that didn't require... | Review | Xbox 360


Review: The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 3: Long Road Ahead | Nave360

1093 days 1 hour ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "I’m in shock really… usually, the more episodes made of Telltales games, the worse they seemed to be. But with the Wa... | Review | PC


Review: Darksiders II | Nave360

1103 days 14 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "Since playing the first Darksiders, I couldn’t wait to see what Vigil had in store for the horsemen of the franchise.... | Review | PC


5 Games That Won’t Stop Appearing in the News

1110 days 22 hours ago - Charlie writes: "As somebody who has written news myself, I can understand why people would want to know about upcoming features in games. But i... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Death Rally (PC) | Nave360

1116 days 8 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "As someone who relatively enjoys the content that comes from Remedy, Death Rally was a no brainer for me to try and c... | Review | PC


5 Enemy Hordes in Current Gen Games You'd Love to Be Part Of

1118 days 3 hours ago - Charlie writes: "Now we’ve all killed them in games… many hordes of enemies which try their best to kill you; some succeed, others fail miserabl... | Opinion piece | PC


Are Gamers Contributing to the Destruction of Gaming?

1124 days 22 hours ago - Charlie writes: "If you go and look back over this generation of gaming, you’ll realise that being a gamer is not only tough, but also destructi... | Opinion piece | PC


Just Calm Down Call of Duty; You’re Too Loud

1132 days 8 hours ago - Charlie writes: "Bang. Pew. Thwarp. Chrrrr. Those are the sounds that Call of Duty games seem to make now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned abo... | Opinion piece | PC


Do You Remember? - Scrapland

1137 days 19 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "The final “Do You Remember?” stops off with a game I’m sure many of you must have forgotten for sure. I say this beca... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Non-American Developers Make Better Games

1138 days 14 hours ago - Charlie writes: "Have you noticed this? This might sound a little offensive to say, but honestly it’s true. There are more foreign developers th... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Game Sequels Worse Than Its Predecessor

1146 days 7 hours ago - Charlie writes: "Most of the time (but not all of the time), sequels come out and they better their predecessor. Last generations games tended t... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Spec Ops: The Line | Nave360

1152 days 11 hours ago - Nave360's Daniel writes: "Spec Ops: The Line is, on the surface, a third-person shooter. It has many of the staples found in third-person shoote... | Review | PC


Do You Remember? - Sonic Heroes

1153 days 4 hours ago - Nave360's Charlie writes: "I'm going to be honest here: I didn’t enjoy Sonic Adventure. I felt like it was too cheesy and just didn’t have a goo... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post
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