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Why The Microsoft/Machinima Blunder Matters

221 days 18 hours ago - Splitkick: Stories like this call my integrity in question, when my integrity was sort of already in question. That isn’t good for consumers, that... | Opinion piece | Industry


Short Attention Gamer Podcast 118 - Space Diapers

258 days 23 hours ago - SAG: It’s the final SAG for 2013! We list off our games of the year in all their glory. Settle in an join us to talk about the best games that came... | Podcast | Culture


Short Attention Gamer Podcast 116: Thanksgivukkah

288 days 17 hours ago - SAG: The SAG crew is wishing you a happy Thanksgiving the only way we know how. By talking about Xbox One! Todd and Aaron give us the low down on t... | Podcast | Culture


Rocket Jump Podcast 114: Elephants are Dangerous

314 days 15 hours ago - Rocket Jump: he tension is palpable as we lead up to the new generation of consoles. We discuss what games we’d want out of the gate on launch day,... | Podcast | Culture


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Review | Splitkick

373 days 16 hours ago - Splitkick: Drawn ever deeper into the steaming, clanking machines of Mandus’s factory, gorged on unimaginable horrors, accompanied by a sweeping op... | Review | PC


Steamworld Dig Review | Splitkick

383 days 15 hours ago - Splitkick: If you’ve ever lamented that the 3DS doesn’t have nearly enough games about robots digging holes in the ground, Steamworld Dig is here t... | Review | 3DS


Nerd Culture Rising: Plants Vs Your Wallet

392 days 19 hours ago - NCR: In this episode Jeff talks about the skeevy nature of the new free to play game Plants Vs. Zombies 2, how much the original game meant to him,... | Video | Culture


Papers, Please Review | Splitkick

393 days 16 hours ago - Splitkick: Papers, Please is an engaging look into a dystopian setting, turning the player into an average citizen while also putting them in a pos... | Review | PC


Gone Home Review | Splitkick

397 days 18 hours ago - Splitkick: Gone Home is at times whimsical, ominous, and heartbreaking. It scratches the voyeuristic itch in all of us, but in poring through dozen... | Review | PC


Rocket Jump Podcast - Episode 108 - Clowntract Killer

398 days 16 hours ago - Rocket Jump: This week we open with a discussion on conflicted feelings for Saints Row IV. Then we answer reader emails and try to persuade Todd on... | Podcast | Culture


Saints Row IV Review | Splitkick

399 days 19 hours ago - Splitkick: Sometimes writing a review makes you feel like a bad guy, and I don’t want to discourage Volition from trying out new things. But in the... | Review | PC


Nerd Culture Rising: More MOBAs More Problems

400 days 15 hours ago - NCR: In this episode Jeff wrestles with the fact that, despite their crazy popularity, he has no idea what the whole League of Legends or Dota 2 th... | Video | PC


Dragon's Crown Review | Splitkick

407 days 15 hours ago - Splitkick: With six uniquely playing characters, there’s plenty to keep players busy, and the game boasts around 120 hours to clear with all toons... | Review | PS3


Divinity:Dragon Commander Review | Splitkick

408 days 13 hours ago - Splitkick: I had fun with Divinity: Dragon Commander, and I now want to check out earlier titles in the Divinity franchise. The game suffers from b... | Review | PC


Rocket Jump Podcast 107 - Magical Boob Tape

412 days 8 hours ago - Rocket Jump: The whole gang is back this week to talk about Dragon’s Crown, Rise of The Triad and to answer some listener mail. In other news, ever... | Podcast | Culture


Attack of The Friday Monsters Review | Splitkick

414 days 16 hours ago - Splitkick: This crazy romp was originally released in Japan as part of a three pack of small games, but is now available as a standalone download o... | Review | 3DS


Rocket Jump Podcast 106 - Did We Resolve Your Issue?

416 days 23 hours ago - Rocket Jump: It’s a trifecta this week as Ben, Todd and Aaron talk about Warframe, Sword of The Stars: The Pit, and poor customer service from your... | Podcast | Culture


Injustice: Gods Among Us Review | Splitkick

421 days ago - Splitkick: Injustice is a serious fighting game. Without the Mortal Kombat name to hold it back, NetherRealm was free to experiment. You can now ho... | Review | Xbox 360


Rocket Jump Podcast 105 - World's #1 Podcast

425 days 17 hours ago - Rocket Jump: EVO, Steam sales, and Faerie Solitaire are on this week’s agenda. Jim, Ben and Jeff talk about the world’s #1 card game, the world’s #... | Podcast | Culture


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review | Splitkick

427 days 4 hours ago - Splitkick: While Animal Crossing: New Leaf may not have any huge advances for the game itself, focusing on small refinements instead of leaps and b... | Review | 3DS


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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