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Indie Taste Test- Castle

461 days 10 hours ago - Pete and Frank sit down with Castle and the fun doesn’t end when the fat lady sings. The fun just keeps going. Also, Frank Castle is the Punisher. | Video | PC


A Bird Story Review | Indie Games AAA

461 days 23 hours ago - ‘A Bird Story’ is a game in a moment. It’s such a condensed piece of top-notch story-telling that it washes over you and lets you go, but not witho... | Review | PC


Indie Taste Test- 'Event 0'

466 days 1 hour ago - Pete sits down with a first look at Event 0, a space and computer simulation that puts the player on an abandoned ship with nothing but an obviousl... | Video | PC


Coin Crypt Review- Indie Games AAA

466 days 7 hours ago - "In the end, my issues are minor, because ‘Coin Crypt’ is so addicting and so satisfying. It scratches a good portion of my deck-building needs, wh... | Review | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Indie Taste Test- 'Coin Crypt'

471 days 8 hours ago - Pete sits down for another Indie Taste Test with a roguelike deckbuilding game called ‘Coin Crypt’ to tell you about the game. | Video | PC


Blackwell Epiphany Review | Indie Games AAA

658 days 14 hours ago - Frank of Indie Games AAA talks about the end of the Blackwell Series in his review of Blackwell Epiphany in which he says "Just like dark chocolate... | Review | PC


Dark Souls 2 Review- You Defeated | Indie Games AAA

675 days 11 hours ago - Pete from Indie Games AAA talks about one of his favorite series and reviews the most recent edition of Dark Souls. | Review | Xbox 360


Indie Taste Test- WizFight

676 days ago - Pete and Joe sit down with this local multiplayer wonder to compete for the title of the ultimate WizFighter. Visit the official website and check... | Video | PC


Mandate Radio: Ep. 26 (4/2/2014) with Special Guest Jack Tretton

679 days 16 hours ago - "Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome back to Mandate Radio! Pete and Frank, who’s back from Florida, find themselves around a microphone once aga... | Podcast | Culture


Preview- ‘Black Ice: The Game’ | Indie Games AAA

680 days 13 hours ago - Pete from Indie Games AAA checks out 'Black Ice: The Game', a cyberpunk RPG hacker with a first-person shooter twist. | Preview | PC


The Great Digital TCG Search of 2014 (Ep. 1 and Intro)

686 days 4 hours ago - Pete introduces his search for a digital card game to give his commitment. He introduces his bracket of 8 games, as well as the arduous 14 week pro... | Video | PC


Blackwell Epiphany Preview | Indie Games AAA

693 days 8 hours ago - Frank from Indie Games AAA gets an early look at Blackwell: Epiphany, the final game in the Blackwell series, from Wadjet Eye Games and writes abou... | Preview | PC


Mandate Radio: Ep. 24 with Special Guest Danil "Dendi" Ishutin (3/19/2014)

693 days 18 hours ago - "Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete and Frank bring you a very special Mandate from a cabin in the woods! We talk car breakdowns, strange movies fe... | Podcast | Culture


Mandate Radio: Ep. 23 (3/12/2014)

700 days 22 hours ago - "Happy Wednesday everyone! and welcome to the 23rd exhilarating week of Mandate Radio! To celebrate the 23rd week of the show the guys do most of t... | Podcast | Culture


Indie Taste Test: Lifeless Planet

703 days 17 hours ago - Frank and Pete give Lifeless Planet a go on this week's Indie Taste Test! | Video | PC


Mandate Radio: Ep. 21 (2/26/2014)

716 days 1 hour ago - "Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome to Mandate Radio! We have an exciting week of content. Pete and Frank discuss The Legend of Zelda: A Link Be... | Podcast | Culture


Mandate Radio: Ep. 8 (11/19/2013)

813 days 20 hours ago - "Happy Wednesday everyone! and welcome back to another delicious, tantalizing, and sensual offering of Mandate Radio, which could also be described... | Podcast | Culture


Intake Review | Indie Games AAA

822 days 15 hours ago - Pete Mascio says "‘Intake’ is an exciting hybrid experience. The rogue-light elements fit surprisingly well, and well I’m not sure it’s the first g... | Review | PC


Mandate Radio: Ep. 7 (11/6/2013)

827 days 21 hours ago - "Welcome to week 7 of Mandate Radio. Your host, Frank Collins, steps in for another session, but due to some unforeseen technical difficulties, the... | Podcast | Culture


Exploring Twine and 'A Very Very Very Scary House'

833 days 4 hours ago - Frank Collins from Indie Games AAA explores Twine and 'A Very Very Very Scary House' from Anna Anthropy. He talks about the possibilities of Twine... | Opinion piece | PC


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post
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