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E32011 Game of Show Nominations: You Decide the Winners - Pixel Apocalypse

1293 days 17 hours ago - From Pixel Apocalypse... "It’s that time again kids, now that E32011 has officially been written into history it’s time to ask ourselves which g... | News | PC


E32011 - Sony: "We're Gonna Need A Montage"

1295 days 22 hours ago - From Pixel Apocalypse... "An E32011 montage video of all Sony's big announcements. Gotta say that this is a great idea and saves me a bit of wo... | Video | PS3


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 37 E32011 – Sony & Nintendo Conferences

1295 days 23 hours ago - On this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Nathan and Gingir give their thoughts on both the Sony and Nintendo press conferences at this years... | Podcast | Wii


E32011 – Battle of the Beards

1296 days 22 hours ago - This year E3 sees two epic beards going head to head for dominance in the world of virtual facial hair. In video games masculinity is key, and noth... | Article | E3


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Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 36 “E3 2011 Microsoft Press Conference”

1297 days 23 hours ago - E3 2011 is here and Microsoft kicked off the precedences today with their press conference. Nathan and Gingir discuss the good, the bad, and the ug... | Podcast | Xbox 360


E3: All The Hype Of A Tradeshow With None Of The Substance

1298 days 12 hours ago - E3 is that special time of year where publishers shell out gobs upon gobs of moolah to promote their upcoming titles. It’s where the pretentious vi... | Article | E3


Surprising PSN Fallout

1300 days 12 hours ago - It has been a little over a month since the beginnings of the PSN debacle and Sony is looking forward to putting this whole ordeal behind them as t... | Article | Xbox 360


The First 20 – Feat. The Witcher 2

1301 days 11 hours ago - On this episode of The First 20 Pixel Apocalypse features The Witcher 2, developed by CD Projekt RED and published by Atari. | Video | PC


The Mummy Online – Teaser Trailer

1302 days 9 hours ago - Bigpoint is at it again! The geniuses behind Battlestar Galactica Online have launched a new trailer for their upcoming Mummy browser based MMO. | Video | PC


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 35 “Too Many Devices”

1305 days ago - On this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Gingir has got her hands on the Xperia Play, or Playstation Phone, or whatever the hell you want to... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast – Episode 33 “Booty Clap Attack”

1325 days 15 hours ago - On this week’s episode Nate and Shaq are joined by Gingir from Gamer Girls Radio. Nate gives his impressions of the new Mortal Kombat and then the... | Podcast | PC


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast – Episode 32 “Closing Arguments”

1332 days ago - On this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Nathan, Shaq and Indy give their thoughts on the Sony press conference and close the book on the PS... | Podcast | PC


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast – Episode 31 “Midweek Madness”

1336 days 22 hours ago - In an unexpected turn of events the boys do a midweek episode dedicated only to the controversy surrounding Sony and it’s Playstation Network. Will... | Podcast | PS3


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast – Episode 30 “Do Some Science”

1340 days 13 hours ago - On this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Indy is out due to his vagina having a hangover, so Nathan and Shaq are forced to celebrate hitting episode... | Podcast | PC


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast – Episode 29 “Put it in my Portal”

1347 days 16 hours ago - On this week’s episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast Shaq admits to an undying love for Kratos’s glistening man parts. The boys also discuss the... | Podcast | PC


Alice: Madness Returns – Pixel Apocalypse Preview

1348 days 13 hours ago - Pixel Apocalypse previews the next installment in American McGee's twisted romp down the rabbit hole, Alice: Madness Returns... "Before Tim Burt... | Preview | PC


Freebie Game Of The Week – Alien Arena

1350 days 22 hours ago - From Pixel Apocalypse... "Has the wallet been a bit bare lately? Are you for a new FPS experience but can’t afford new releases like Homefront o... | Article | PC


Pixel Apocalypse Podcast – Episode 28 “It’s War!”

1358 days ago - In this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast, the gang throws their support firmly behind Anonymous and it’s ongoing campaign against Sony. They... | Podcast | PC


Freebie Game Of The Week: Igneous

1362 days 20 hours ago - From Pixel Apocalypse... "Today on my travels, I discovered one of the most jaw dropping, bongo thumping, and head bobbing games ever created.... | Article | PC


The Spoiler Room: Mass Effect 2 Arrival

1364 days 5 hours ago - Chris from Pixel Apocalypse breaks down the good, bad, and down right ugly of Bioware's latest downloadable content for Mass Effect 2... "The on... | Opinion piece | PC


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