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New Screenshots Reveal Venus As Playable Location For Destiny Beta

12 days 23 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Check out brand new details about the Destiny beta, including new screenshots, Venus as a playable location, and much more. | Video | PC


Celebrate The Destiny Beta With Open World Games, Details On Free Roam, Map Size, and Online Modes

14 days 2 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Open World Games takes a look at Destiny, spills the beans about the Destiny beta, how to enter, and much more. Also, find out mo... | Video | Xbox 360


Watch 10 Minutes of Hilarity in Watch Dogs Online Free Roam

40 days 15 hours ago - GameVerb Writes: Check out 10 minutes of multiplayer madness in Watch Dogs and enjoy a citywide blackout from a boat, plus some stunt jumps and rac... | Video | PC


Watch Dogs Video Review (Spoiler Free)

44 days ago - GameVerb writes: Check out this extensive, spoiler free review of Watch Dogs including details about all multiplayer game modes, graphics, the game... | Review | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Become a Millionaire in Watch Dogs

44 days 3 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Find out how to make money fast in Watch Dogs and track down the best cars and music by profiling the crowds of people you pass by. | Video | PC


Watch Dogs Coop In Online Free Roam: Blackouts Confirmed, Stunts, and Good Fun With Friends

46 days 4 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Open World Games and Watch Dogs Central team up in online free roam in the highly anticipated Watch Dogs. Experience a firefight... | Video | PC


Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay Blowout Shows Off All Online Modes

47 days 7 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Open World Games and Silentc0re team up for a special Watch Dogs multiplayer blowout, showcasing all the online modes from the game. | Video | PC


Watch Dogs Online Free Roam On Next-Gen Only; PS4/X1 Versions Also Rumored To Have 60fps

60 days 14 hours ago - GameVerb writes: It appears some multiplayer options (including online free roam) will be limited to next-gen platforms for one of the most anticip... | Videocast | PC


First Look at Watch Dogs' Apartments, First Impressions and Easter Eggs

71 days 9 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Take your first look at the hideouts in Watch Dogs. Also, we review the media’s first impressions of Watch Dogs, show off some fu... | Videocast | PC


Watch Dogs Multiplayer Blowout: Skills, Loot, Controller Layout, New Outfits, and More!

76 days 20 hours ago - GameVerb writes: New Watch Dogs analysis reveals a ton of details you have missed, including new screenshots, the PS4 controller layout, new outfit... | Video | PC


Fantastic Watch Dogs Gameplay Shows Giant Robotic Spider Wrecking Chicago

77 days 20 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Find out more about the augmented reality side missions in Watch Dogs and enjoy new gameplay footage from the AR mission called Sp... | Video | PC


Watch Dogs: First Look at Motorcycle Gameplay And A City Blackout

78 days ago - GameVerb writes: Take a look at motorcycles in action, plus the hack "Blackout" in new gameplay footage from Watch Dogs. | Video | PC


Watch Dogs Hour Long Special: Every Last Detail

82 days 7 hours ago - GameVerb writes: We take a special hour look at Watch Dogs, showcasing the games many features such as cars, weapons, clothing, story, multiplayer,... | Video | PC


The Weapons of the Next-Gen Star Wars Battlefront We Would Like Included

86 days 13 hours ago - Star Wars HQ writes: We takes a look at the top 5 weapons and gadgets we would like to see in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront from DICE and EA. | Opinion piece | PC


Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details and First Look at Car Interiors

86 days 15 hours ago - From GameVerb: Some brand new details have been revealed about Watch Dogs, including the online multiplayer modes and interior perspective for cars... | Video | PC


Star Wars Republic Commando 2 Possible; Star Wars 1313 Can Live On In Spirit

97 days 8 hours ago - Star Wars HQ reports: A brand new, triple-A Star Wars game is coming in the next 2 years from famed developer Visceral Games (Dead Space franchise). | Video | PC


Watch Dogs' Map Size VS Grand Theft Auto V

99 days 5 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Take a special look at the Watch Dogs map size as compared to one of the most popular open world games, Grand Theft Auto V. How i... | Video | PC


Every Weapon and Hack In Watch Dogs Detailed In New Video Series

100 days 9 hours ago - GameVerb writes: Take a special look at all of the weapons and hacks in Watch Dogs with this brand new video series. Let's start with the weapons... | Video | PC


There Be Dragons in Watch Dogs...and Zombies...and Aliens

105 days 13 hours ago - GameVerb writes: A breakdown of the recent Watch Dogs trailer “Welcome to Chicago” reveals new details you may have missed, including zombies, alie... | Video | PC


Week 6 Of Amazing TitanFall Kills Show Off The Community's Best Moves

108 days 9 hours ago - GameVerb is on week 6 of glorious Titanfall moments! Check out this week's submissions, including an amazing triple kill with the satchel charge. | Video | PC


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