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10 New Images, New Trailer Show PS4 and Vita’s Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

213 days 16 hours ago - The new Senran Kagura: Estival Versus trailer is all about the new characters, new moves, new combat system, and new ways to hide titties. -PSLS... | Trailer | PS4


Vita-Exclusive htoL#NiQ Hotaru no Nikki: The Firefly Diary Review (PSLS)

215 days 10 hours ago - "You can’t design stages and situations that rely on precise timing and then give the game imprecise, unresponsive control. You can’t design a game... | Review | PS Vita


20 Screenshots of Vita-exclusive htoL#NiQ Hotaru no Nikki: The Firefly Diary

216 days 3 hours ago - Fresh from NIS America, here are 20 screens of the touchscreen-based 2D puzzle/platformer htoL#NiQ Hotaru no Nikki: The Firefly Diary. | Screenshot | PS Vita


Ano Ko wa Ore Kara Hanarenai Review – 彼女あのコはオレからはなれない (PS4/PSVita Import) - PSLS

217 days 11 hours ago - "Ano Ko is a sometimes-humorous story that the biggest fans of this genre might enjoy, but certainly not an introductory game for those curious abo... | Review | PS4


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Sony: Buy Sega, Get These 12 Dynamite Games on PS4 & Vita

217 days 12 hours ago - "You may have heard that Sega is laying off 300 employees, a move that usually signals dark times. I think it’s time Sony steps in and buys Sega.... | Opinion piece | PS4


Blades of Steel, NHL 94, More 90's Hockey - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

223 days 12 hours ago - "Just in time for the NHL All-Star game, I revisit late 80's and early-to-mid 90's hockey video games, starting with Blades of Steel and working up... | Video | PC


3DS More Than Doubles 2nd Place Vita; Japan’s Hardware/Software Sales Continue Expected Slump

226 days 15 hours ago - PSLS Sales Analysis: Things aren't quite as grim as the slope would indicate. "The weeks right after New Years see very few (if any) new release... | Opinion piece | PS3


Phantasy Star Online - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

228 days 20 hours ago - "What was your first online gameplay experience? Mine was this baby right here, Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast (later appearing on PC, Game... | Video | GameCube


28 Screenshots of PlayStation Exclusive Ano Ko wa Ore Kara Hanarenai

228 days 21 hours ago - "PSVita visual novel Ano Ko wa Ore Kara Hanarenai (roughly: “That Girl Can’t Leave Me Alone!” or “That Girl Can’t Separate Herself From Me!”) recen... | Screenshot | PS4


Wario Land - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

237 days 5 hours ago - Examining the gameplay, history, and mechanics of the first game starring Mario's arch rival with "Grandpa" Heath. | Video | Retro


Chrono Trigger PSOne Classic Review – PSLS

237 days 13 hours ago - "Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest games of all time. Its PlayStation version, which became its PSOne Classic version, is a laggy port whose ga... | Opinion piece | PSP


The 6 Best Japanese Games We Gaijin Didn't Get Last Year

238 days 12 hours ago - "A couple of these games have been announced for localization, though the fact remains that they hit Japan while arriving nowhere else, and I'm a m... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Japan's Software/Hardware Sales for Christmas Week (Dec. 22-28) 2014

241 days 10 hours ago - Here are Japan's 30 best-selling games for the week of Dec. 22-28, typically the biggest sales week of the year. You ready for some disappointment? | News | PS3


STFU. I’m Right, You’re Wrong, Rraawwrr

242 days 20 hours ago - "Video games are not unlike movies, books, or TV shows in how subjective their quality can be. All of these will have their aficionados who know th... | Opinion piece | PC


20 New Screens of Atelier Rorona's Chibified 3DS Game

242 days 23 hours ago - The game will be released in Japan on March 26, with other localizations not yet announced. | Screenshot | 3DS


Old Games With Grandpa Heath - Chrono Trigger

245 days 3 hours ago - Heath analyzes major Chrono Trigger spoilers and talks about why modern developers could learn a thing or two from it. Chrono Trigger was originall... | Video | Nintendo DS


Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest Review - GR

247 days 5 hours ago - "At two points, Olaf is chased by the huge and powerful snowman Marshmallow. If the screen catches Olaf, the stage ends with the horrible penalty o... | Review | Nintendo DS


PS3 > PS4 in 2014 – PlayStation JapanStyle

247 days 5 hours ago - "This year, odd as it might sound, my PS3 has been getting way more attention than my PS4. I was ready to dive into the new generation. I was prepa... | Opinion piece | PS3


My PS4 Has Never Been Online, And I'm OK With This - Can You Still Enjoy Games Offline?

248 days 9 hours ago - "I'm curious about what games the most vocal critics played back in, say, 2004? Were they playing GTA: San Andreas, Tales of Symphonia, or Katamari... | Opinion piece | PS3


Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Tries to Solve Vita’s “No Games” Problem (Screens, Trailer)

252 days 15 hours ago - "Final Fantasy got most of the attention with a bunch of new media at Jump Festa, but a new trailer for the upcoming Vita-exclusive Digimon RPG als... | Trailer | PS Vita


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post
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