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Big Tokyo Game Show Photo Gallery + Podcast

210 days 5 hours ago - "I went to the Tokyo Game Show. I took a lot of pictures. Here are the ones worth looking at. Some come with descriptions, some don’t. If you have... | Image | PC


Natural Doctrine Review - GameSpot

210 days 8 hours ago - "Many of the game's most sadistic battles are laid out with cruel intent, the designers beckoning you closer and closer to the evil jack-in-the-box... | Review | PS4


Battlefield Hardline "Will Work" at Launch, Says Visceral

210 days 8 hours ago - "At the Tokyo Game Show, I had a chat with Ian Milham, creative director for Visceral Games, makers of the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline. I exp... | News | PC


Natural Doctrine Review - PSX Extreme

210 days 10 hours ago - "I’m an extremely patient and attentive gamer. That’s why I’ve always gravitated toward games with deeper, more involved gameplay structures, which... | Review | PS3


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Great Game, Not Without Transitional Struggles [TGS Hands-On] - GR

210 days 14 hours ago - "Keep in mind that my perspective is one of someone who has beaten the PSP game while I write all this." -GR | Preview | PS4


Rad Boarding Takes Totally Bogus Leap Onto iOS, Android [TGS Hands-On] - GameRevolution

211 days 12 hours ago - Android and iPad's Rad Boarding was described by its developers as "our 90's simulator" thanks to its multitude of references to the greatest decad... | Preview | iPhone


PS4′s Push Me Pull You Looks Odd… Oddly Awesome, That Is [TGS Hands-On] PSLS

211 days 14 hours ago - "In my second match, I teamed up with someone, with me controlling one stick and my teammate using the other half of the same DualShock 4 controlle... | Preview | PC


I Played Some Stupid Visual Novel With a 3D Headset [TGS Headaches-On Preview] GR

212 days ago - "Indeed, as the guides said, about half the time, I'd read a blurb and then look at the bottom corner's flashing marker to advance the story. The o... | Preview | Xbox One


A Week Later, I’m Still Scared of PS4′s Until Dawn [TGS Hands-On] PSLS

212 days 13 hours ago - "I wasn’t big on the mandatory tilting of the controller this way and that way, but it didn’t bother me enough to drive me away from the game. I ex... | Preview | PS4


New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show Characters, Cars, Combat

214 days ago - Square Enix has released some new screens of its upcoming PS4 and Xbox One RPG, Final Fantasy XV. | Screenshot | PS4


TGS Bloodborne Lines Insane for Good Reason [Hands-On + Photos] - PlayStation LifeStyle

214 days 11 hours ago - "From Software’s Bloodborne proved one of the longest waits at the show. At one point, I saw the estimated wait time was 45 minutes and thought 'Eh... | Preview | PS4


LittleBigPlanet 3 Gets The Float Out of Here [TGS Hands-On Preview] PSLS

214 days 11 hours ago - "The demo level provided plenty of opportunities to test out a wide variety of Toggle mechanics." -PSLS | Preview | PS3


PS4's Disgaea 5 Is a Hell of a Strategy RPG [TGS Hands-On] Game Revolution

214 days 13 hours ago - "I've played every Disgaea game since the original, so you should know that I was already likely to be interested in this game anyway; nonetheless,... | Preview | PS4


Yakuza 0 Asia Ver. May Support English Language – Full Q&A With Sega

215 days 15 hours ago - "At the Tokyo Game Show, I was invited to a special media meeting to talk to Sega’s Masayoshi Yokoyama, a writer for the Yakuza series. After we wa... | Interview | PS3


Japan Floods Microsoft's Booth at TGS

216 days ago - While Japanese Xbox One's sales are face down in the dirt, it apparently isn't due to the machine not getting a fair shake. During the 2014 Tokyo G... | Image | PC


Money, Sex, Power Central to Yakuza 0's Gameplay and Story

217 days 6 hours ago - "Yakuza 0, known in Japanese as Ryu Ga Gotoku 0, is set in 1988, during a time of relentless economic growth in Japan, so its main themes are money... | News | PS3


Disgaea 5 Improves Story, is “More Newcomer Friendly” – NIS

217 days 15 hours ago - "First, Mr. Niikawa said that this is the ideal entry point into the series, as it’s very newcomer-friendly. He loves the more hardcore Disgaea gam... | News | PS4


Sunset Overdrive Co-op is a Thrill Ride and a Half - [TGS Multiplayer Hands-On] - GR

217 days 16 hours ago - "Cooperative demos are rare at TGS, and 8-player cooperative demos even more so, making Sunset Overdrive a rare treat. It promised flashy combat an... | Preview | Xbox One


Ori and the Blind Forest is Enchanting as Hell if Hell Were Magical as S*** [TGS Hands-On] - GR

217 days 17 hours ago - "It's a very artsy game that reminded me at different times of Okami, Journey, and what my imagination pictures The Last Guardian possibly being li... | Preview | PC


Share the Fantasy in 3DS's Final Fantasy Explorers [TGS Hands-On] - GR

218 days 12 hours ago - "At times, players can transform from their more common FF avatars into popular named characters such as Cloud and Squall, as well as other charact... | Preview | 3DS


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