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PS4 Exclusivity a Step Toward Yakuza 6 Localization (And 4 Other Takeaways From Sega’s Recent Moves)

72 days 18 hours ago - "I don’t feel confident enough to predict Ishin or Yakuza 0, but I do think Yakuza 6 will go westward. For Japanese console games, PS4 is where the... | Opinion piece | PS3


5 Easy Tokyo Game Show Predictions You Probably Made Yourself

75 days 10 hours ago - "Let’s talk about the Tokyo Game Show. Specifically, let’s say some stuff that’s extremely likely to happen. No tough stuff here, let’s just kick b... | Opinion piece | PC


It's 2015: I Bought My First DLC

83 days 3 hours ago - "I stayed firm in my resolve and admittedly was a little bit proud to say I'd never once purchased DLC. "Well, in mid 2015, I finally cracked. I... | Article | Culture


“No Plans” Means Nothing to Phantasy Star Online 2 PS4 Localization Chances

87 days 6 hours ago - "The phrase 'no plans' shows up at an alarming rate in these types of posts. It’s no one’s fault — the writers are doing their jobs by directly quo... | Opinion piece | PS4


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Metal Gear Solid - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

88 days 23 hours ago - A lighthearted look back at perhaps the most famous... Hideo Kojima game. | Video | PSP


PAX Prime 2015 Photo Gallery

89 days 3 hours ago - "PAX Prime's booths and displays are almost as ostentatious as those at E3, sometimes better. With the consumer focus of the show, it attracts amaz... | Image | PC


Spinoffs So Good You Forgot They Were Spinoffs

90 days 2 hours ago - "Sometimes, a spinoff is so successful that people adopt it so wholeheartedly they forget it was ever a spinoff at all. We talk about that right af... | Podcast | PS2


YouTube Gaming Kinda Sucks

93 days 2 hours ago - "Today, I was curious to see what kind of wrenches Google would throw into game streaming. While I saw both strengths and weaknesses, it doesn’t se... | Opinion piece | PC


Square Enix Begins Revealing TGS 2015 Lineup

93 days 13 hours ago - "The company has confirmed that the games will be there in some form, though not explicitly saying what type of appearance to expect. (For example,... | News | PC


7 Persona 3 Songs That Should Be Persona 4: Dancing All Night DLC

96 days 17 hours ago - "Persona 4: Dancing All Night's one weakness is its small playlist, compared to other games in its genre. I foresee the same problem with a potenti... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Grandia - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

97 days 1 hour ago - A retrospective video about the Saturn and PlayStation RPG Grandia. Arriving right in the midst of an RPG boom, Grandia had several interesting fea... | Video | PSP


Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Commercials Feature Live Cosplayers

100 days 7 hours ago - New commercials for Square Enix's 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII (originally PS2) feature real-live cosplayers. | Video | 3DS


Atlus Planning Crazy Surprise for Persona 5 Release Date?

101 days 13 hours ago - "The Atlus staff might know about a secret release date, but they're keeping their mouths shut until right before it, when they suddenly send out r... | Opinion piece | PS3


Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster One of the Most Interesting Leaks in the World

111 days 9 hours ago - GR dissects one of the weirdest game leaks ever. A conductor says something as if the audience already knew it, but they didn't. He may have had co... | Opinion piece | Culture


She Has to Die

114 days 11 hours ago - "With the Final Fantasy VII remake coming soon, there’s been much talk about what should change and what shouldn’t. I’ve already listed 10 Changes... | Opinion piece | PC


7 Neat PS4 and Vita Games From Bitsummit 2015 (Plus Show Photos)

116 days 9 hours ago - "In Kyoto, Japan, there’s an annual game show called Bitsummit. This lets game developers show their ideas to the world — specifically, software pu... | Opinion piece | PS4


Expect These Final Fantasy XII HD Changes

118 days 11 hours ago - PSLS bets that Final Fantasy XII HD will follow in FFX and X-2 HD's footsteps. Both got "International Versions" which served as the foundations fo... | Opinion piece | PS3


8 Cool Games From Bitsummit 2015

119 days 19 hours ago - "Bitsummit is an annual game conference and trade show in Kyoto, Japan, with emphasis on independent developers. The term "indie" has gotten a bit... | Opinion piece | PC


Shenmue II Gets Spanish Voices in New Patch

124 days 11 hours ago - Shenmue II now has Spanish voices on Xbox and Dreamcast, thanks to some fan patching. | News | Retro


Taiko Drum Master Vita Game Doesn't Allow Screenshots, So I Went Old School

125 days 9 hours ago - "I would have loved to use Vita's screenshot function to show you some shots of my time with Taiko Drum Master: V Version, just like I did with sev... | Image | PS Vita


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