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"I Just Woke From the Most Interesting Dream" - GR

1323 days 17 hours ago - GR's "Most Interesting Gamer in the World" had a dream depicting frightening alternate version of gamers' reality. Good thing has never happened. | Opinion piece | Wii


E3: How It Sucks And Is Still Awesome, Its Pros and Cons For Gamers and the Industry

1330 days 13 hours ago - GR's "Most Interesting Gamer in the World" shared his thoughts on E3's place in the game industry, the show's future, product placement, "booth bab... | Opinion piece | Wii


First Time Through Xenogears, Discussion 2

1332 days 6 hours ago - Janelle is playing Xenogears for the first time. Her husband cleared it way back when it was new as well as last year. Now the two talk about the... | Podcast | PSP


The Most Interesting Games of E3

1338 days 12 hours ago - GR's "Most Interesting Gamer in the World" picks his best of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but there's one problem. | Opinion piece | PC


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Old Man Hindman Remembers Virtual Boy

1347 days 1 hour ago - "I don't always reminisce, but when I do, it's right before a future-centric mega-conference." -Game Revolution's Most Interesting Gamer in the World | Article | Culture


Why I Don't Own a Wii, 360, or 3DS

1352 days 6 hours ago - "I'm an international man of mystery and intrigue, walking around ever bound to my multiple nationalities, multiple currencies, and multiple hoes f... | Opinion piece | PS2


Vita's First "Must-Buy" Game Comes In June

1359 days 17 hours ago - "Now hey, there are some damn good games on the above list that I definitely want, but for each one, there are two or three that I know from experi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Miraculous Comeback: Ridge Racer Vita Now The Best Game Ever

1374 days 5 hours ago - "Dear Lord", my prayers began, "It grievethed my soul when You punished the world by allowing Satan to make the Vita's Ridge Racer game. Please, if... | Opinion piece | PS3


Final Fantasy Music: The Heir to Uematsu's Throne

1377 days 2 hours ago - GR: "I believe one small step (among many needed) toward Final Fantasy getting back to banging out the hits like it used to would be to have a dedi... | Opinion piece | PS2


Playing Earthbound for the First Time: Discussion 1

1380 days ago - RPG Land: "As Janelle treks through Xenogears, Heath has his first go at Earthbound." Heath and Janelle each picked a game that they have finished... | Podcast | Wii


Xenogears For the First Time

1381 days 7 hours ago - Heath and Janelle Hindman have run into a marital problem: he's never played Earthbound and she's never played Xenogears. This needs to be resolved... | Podcast | PSP


So Here’s the Greatest Game Review of All Time - Michael Jackson Experience HD by RPG Land

1385 days 5 hours ago - Set to the tune of "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson, this rev...oh just watch the video. | Review | PS Vita


Review – Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for Vita (PlayStation Lifestyle)

1406 days 16 hours ago - "For almost a decade now, the Disgaea series has been synonymous with innovative tactical RPG gameplay. What’s more, they’re even better in portabl... | Review | PS Vita


NIS America Announces 3 New PS3-Exclusive Games

1411 days 9 hours ago - Party attendees have been given a green light to share what they saw at NIS America's press event, and what they saw was 3 new titles coming to PS3... | News | PS3


Exclusive Vita Screens: Gravity Rush

1428 days 6 hours ago - "Sony Japan’s Gravity Rush is easily the best game I’ve played on PS Vita to this point (and I’ve played a hell of a lot of games on this thing). W... | Screenshot | PS Vita


Japan Agrees With Me About Famitsu, And I Love It

1433 days 4 hours ago - "A while back, I wrote this. Then, Japanese forum 2chan found it and wrote a bunch of comments, most of which agree with the the article. Like me,... | Article | Nintendo DS


Japanese Retailer Tsutaya’s 10 Best Selling Vita Games for February

1436 days 8 hours ago - Here are February’s top 10 best-selling Vita games, or at least the ones sold by ginormous Japanese retailer Tsutaya. | News | PS Vita


Square Enix: The Restaurant (My First Screenplay)

1436 days 19 hours ago - What would it be like if Square Enix ran a restaurant? Heath of Game Revolution has written a movie scene depicting how it might be run. "I just... | Article | PS2


Relax, “Chrono Bind” is Not Chrono Trigger 3 or Chrono Break

1443 days 5 hours ago - PSLS reports: "Much more likely, Square is simply locking up a site that will be used for its Final Fantasy XIII-2 downloadable card game called “C... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Vita Review | Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition (PSLS)

1443 days 17 hours ago - "World Tour Mode is for more serious players, and its previous linearity has been broken up a little bit on Vita. Going to incredible depth, player... | Review | PS Vita


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