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MMGN.com: How long will Minecraft last?

1114 days 5 hours ago - MMGN.com: "In 2009, production on a sandbox building game began. The goal of the developer was to allow players to do whatever they wanted. Since t... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: 10 Great Minecraft Building Ideas

1131 days 9 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Minecraft is an amazing game which allows users to create what they want, how they want to. The combination of lego-like gameplay and sa... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Can Minecraft turn Kinect around?

1172 days 12 hours ago - MMGN.com: "If there's one area of gaming which has been flying under the radar as of late, it's Microsoft Kinect. The main purpose of Microsoft's r... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Avadon: The Black Fortress Review

1185 days 14 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Avadon: The Black Fortress is a welcome shift in genre compared to what has been flooding the market of late, and no doubt a wonderful t... | Review | PC


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MMGN.com: The Problem with Episodic Gaming

1219 days 6 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Video games at long last are being given the attention they deserve in the multimedia industry, and indeed are now being put in the same... | Article | Industry


MMGN.com: Spiral Knights Review

1223 days 6 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Spiral Knights is a free-to-play MMORPG which seems to borrow inspiration from many places; from Zelda-like puzzles and dungeons to the... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: Crasher Review

1268 days 12 hours ago - MMGN.com: 'Upon entering the game, players will realise there is very little variation in game modes and maps. In fact, there are only two game-typ... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: Minecraft will take over the world!

1269 days 22 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Minecraft started out as a test of sorts based on an old game known as Infiniminer. Since the early tech demos, the creator has made sev... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: You're addicted to Minecraft when..

1286 days 8 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Minecraft is an awesome title thanks to its simple, accessible gameplay and universal appeal. It has become known as electronic Lego for... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Who's That Flying?! Review

1291 days 9 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Who’s that Fying?! is a side-scrolling shooter which does away with the genre’s standard sci-fi approach and tries to offer more in term... | Review | PSP


Gibson: Australia's best Minecraft Server

1306 days 14 hours ago - "If you're at all into Minecraft, you'd understand how multiplayer adds a whole new element of depth to the gameplay. As such, finding a good serve... | Opinion piece | PC


The 'Minecraft System' - Does it work?

1318 days ago - MMGN.com: "Minecraft has been receiving critical acclaim before its final release. This pre-release acclaim has contributed to the game’s growing p... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Clickr Review

1319 days 11 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Clickr is, at first glance, a simple puzzle game riddled with annoying sound effects and issues branching from the localisation of the g... | Review | PC


How 2010 shaped PC Gaming

1337 days 10 hours ago - MMGN.com: "2010 was a big year for the gaming industry. The release of Kinect and Move for Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively has all but set in stone t... | Article | PC


How to survive in Minecraft

1338 days 19 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Face value would have you believe that life in a sandbox game like Minecraft would be incredibly rosy. Unfortunately, as with most thing... | Article | PC


Minecraft: Success Story of 2010

1340 days 17 hours ago - MMGN.com: "It's a seemingly simple experience, but one which has players coming back for more. The figures speak for themselves: over two and a hal... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Ion Assault Review

1341 days 7 hours ago - MMGN.com: "It seems as though the gaming world is ready to move on - perhaps gameplay is more important than visuals. With many smaller games these... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: Zen Bound 2 Review

1343 days ago - MMGN.com: "A struggle the puzzle genre often faces is its inability to appeal to a wide audience; puzzle games are often made solely for the puzzli... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: Winter Voices Prologue Review

1387 days 16 hours ago - MMGN.com: "The prologue, subtitled Avalanche, introduces you to the story of a girl who's losing her way. Right from the outset, it's obvious the s... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: Grotesque Tactics Review

1390 days 2 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is a game which takes a shot at role playing games while attempting to be a successful RPG itself. Its pr... | Review | PC


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