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MMGN: Wasteland 2 Review

304 days 9 hours ago - MMGN: "Even for those who played the original Wasteland title after its 1988 release, the sci-fi RPG will be but a hazy memory. Despite finding suc... | Review | PC


MMGN - Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition Review

331 days 9 hours ago - MMGN - "By no means is the game awful. The ability to play this title in all its HD glory is certainly enjoyable. However, the PC iteration of Dead... | Review | PC


MMGN.com - Why the new consoles will benefit PC gaming.

615 days 6 hours ago - MMGN.com - "Computer hardware discussions are not for everyone, so let me be frank: PCs are more diverse and popular than ever before, and no conso... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Indie Spotlight - Huntsmen Hits Kickstarter

618 days 8 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Not long ago, Kickstarter released an update allowing Australian developers and inventors to finally share their concepts and products w... | Interview | PC


Warhammer Fans! Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

MMGN.com - Lost Marbles Review

692 days 5 hours ago - MMGN.com: "In all my time with games, very few titles have presented as easy-going an experience as Lost Marbles. This is in part due to the simpli... | Review | PC


MMGN.com - Dead Island: Riptide Review

821 days 12 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Dead Island: Riptide is not worth your time. Despite a promising prologue, everything turns to crap quickly. Missions are almost univers... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: Why Microtransactions are actually good

870 days 14 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Today, I’m going to give a Pachter-like spiel about why microtransactions are so good for the industry. You didn’t just read that inc... | Article | Industry


MMGN.com: Chasing Aurora Review

905 days 11 hours ago - MMGN.com: "It’s hard to know where to begin with a title like Chasing Aurora. In the words of the developer, it’s a game about capturing the dream... | Review | Wii U


MMGN.com: Rabbids Land Review

968 days 12 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Rabbids Land. I’ve never felt so ill before at the mere mention of two words, and yet, here is a game that , at times, is literally naus... | Review | Wii U


Nintendo dropped the ball with the Wii U launch (MMGN.com)

971 days 14 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Don’t get me wrong, the launch lineup is absolutely incredible. Admittedly, several titles are just enhanced versions of titles already... | Article | Wii U


MMGN.com - 2012 is a blessing for gamers; stop your whining

977 days 12 hours ago - MMGN.com: "I’m going to be frank here -- I am astonished by those who constantly feel the need to tell me that this year has been shocking for game... | Article | Nintendo DS


MMGN.com - Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Review

1037 days 4 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Veterans of the RTS genre may be disappointed with Carrier Command: Gaea Mission’s initial offerings, however players who stick with the... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: Minecraft hunger games is a success story

1118 days 6 hours ago - MMGN.com: "The folks over at MinecraftPVP have their heads screwed on very tightly -- a series of server-side mods which transform Minecraft from a... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Tribes: Ascend Review

1196 days 13 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Few people recognise the importance of the Tribes series in pioneering the sci-fi shoot’em’up genre, but the latest game in the series -... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: 5 Epic Minecraft Building ideas for Anvil

1206 days 12 hours ago - MMGN.com: "The Anvil update of Minecraft has been out for a while now, but it’s still rare to see any buildings online which make use of the incred... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: 5 reasons Guild Wars 2 will be EPIC!

1222 days 17 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Yet again, it occurred to us over the weekend that this title will easily be one of the best released this year. Our wonderful experienc... | Preview | PC


MMGN.com: Guild Wars 2 Beta Impressions / Preview

1254 days 3 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Over the weekend, ArenaNet held a closed beta for the upcoming title Guild Wars 2, sequel to the widely-acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars. The... | Preview | PC


MMGN.com: What Windows 8 could mean for gaming

1326 days 12 hours ago - MMGN.com:"In modern computing, the key to success in the realm of the software comes down to two key factors: simplicity and accessibility. In rece... | Article | PC


MMGN.com: Achron Review

1421 days ago - MMGN.com: "Achron is one of the more interesting titles released in 2011. Apparently a real-time strategy game, this title will have you thinking i... | Review | PC


MMGN.com: How to make great Minecraft Buildings

1431 days 16 hours ago - MMGN.com: "Minecraft can be an excellent tool for expressing creativity - this much is clear to everyone who has even experienced the game in motio... | Article | PC



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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