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Videogame Characters and Their Doppelgangers

1 hour ago - There’s a thread on NeoGaf which is all about character designs which are suspiciously close to each other, or look inspired by something, or someo... | Image | Culture


Destiny Beta Diary - Entry Three: Impressions

4 hours ago - My third day with the Destiny Beta went by in a blur of laser fire. The story missions I’d been playing had started to feel indistinguishable from... | Opinion piece | PS4


Destiny Beta Diary - Entry Two

4 hours ago - Kirk had grown accustomed to the small area in The City that the Beta lets players explore. He had cast aside his beach ball and upgraded his ship... | Opinion piece | PS4


Ever Wondered What Dark Souls NPCs Look Like Under Their Helmets?

5 hours ago - Ever wanted to see what Lautrec’s face looks like before you kick him off a cliff? Well now you can. Perhaps he, asnd all the other NPCs listed her... | Image | Culture


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

F2P Halo In Development

1 day 2 hours ago - The images seen here are from a 10 month old build, so some of the assets may be out of date, but it gives a good sense of where the team is going... | Image | PC


Destiny Beta Diary - Entry One

2 days 19 hours ago - My first victory was squeezing through the overloaded PSN servers at exactly 18:00. Twitter was awash with complaints: “PSN under maintenence?” “PS... | Opinion piece | PS4


The Ten Best Games of 2013

3 days 21 hours ago - Skulls of the Shogun Skulls of the Shogun was a bit of a surprise for me. Having missed its release on the Xbox 360, I picked it up on iOS on a... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


High Quality Renders of All Announced Smash Bros Characters

4 days ago - Want to see some high quality renders of all the announced Smash Bros characters? Of course you do! | Image | Wii U


This Week, I Have Mostly Been Playing... Mario And Luigi: Dream Team

5 days 1 hour ago - I say this week, I actually mean this year – such is the length of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. I started playing this when it came out almost exac... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Games, Geeks and Glamour - Triple-As With Double-Ds

5 days 21 hours ago - Lucy Collett is a glamour model from the UK with a real passion for videogames and all things geeky. Having previously worked with the now defu... | Opinion piece | Culture


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Lets You Experience The Thrill of Online Traffic Jams

10 days 10 hours ago - Euro Truck Simulator 2′s multiplayer mod just entered beta and boy does it look fun. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a late night trucker, the high... | Screenshot | PC


Myo Looks To Launch The Next Wave of Motion Control

10 days 23 hours ago - The next generation of motion control is here. Thalmic Labs, a Canadian company, claims to have created the next step in motion control technolo... | News | Tech


Reddit User "Harry101UK" Gets Some Great Pictures of Valve HQ

11 days 2 hours ago - For creating a Team Fortress 2 short, called “Lil’ Guardian Pyro”, Reddit user Harry and his team were flown out to Valve HQ, Bellevue where Harry... | News | Culture


The Wait For Fallout 4 Just Got A Little Easier With These Screens

11 days 22 hours ago - The wait for Fallout 4 has been tough on Inner Geek. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas were two of our favourite games of the last generation. With... | Screenshot | PC


Kickstarter Spotlight: InSomnia - A Dielselpunk RPG Inspired By Fallout and Planetscape Torment

12 days ago - InSomnia is an upcoming dieselpunk RPG partly set in an abandoned space station. It features real-time tactical combat, a branching narrative and a... | Article | PC


Why Do We Treat Games and Film Differently?

12 days 8 hours ago - Videogames need to grow up. Recently I had an interesting conversation with another critic, who raised some valid concerns about representation... | Opinion piece | Culture


My Buys Are Too Big For My Game Stomach

12 days 8 hours ago - Like other gamers, I sometimes forget that games aren’t meant to be doorstops, or mug coasters. They should be played, not used as makeshift tools... | Opinion piece | Culture


When I'm In The Zone

12 days 8 hours ago - I’m hunched over the rubber keyboard of a ZX Spectrum 48k, a black and white television set in front of me. A man in a wide brimmed hat with a fat... | Opinion piece | Culture


In Defense of Kayne And Lynch 2: Dog Days

12 days 9 hours ago - Kane and Lynch likely doesn’t inspire fond memories. Released in 2007 after IO Interactive presumably watched Heat a few too many times, the squad... | Opinion piece | Culture


How Much Money Can You Make Playing Call of Duty?

13 days 8 hours ago - There are indeed people who play CoD for a living. Christopher Duarte, AKA Parasite, is one of those people. At the tender age of 14, he began his... | Opinion piece | Culture


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