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Halo: Reach Beta Impressions | Gaming Target

1866 days 18 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "The beta was everything you’d expect from a Halo game; at its core, it’s the same Halo we all know and love, but at the s... | Preview | Xbox 360

Google launches permanent playable Pac-Man page

1866 days 21 hours ago - Owing to the fantastic response Google has received, the company has decided to permanently host a browser-based Pac-Man game at | News | PC


Mario's Superest Power-Ups

1870 days 14 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "Nintendo will release Super Mario Galaxy 2 this weekend, adding the Cloud Flower, Rock Mushroom and the Drill to Mario's... | Article | GameCube


3D Dot Game Heroes Review | Gaming Target

1872 days ago - Gaming Target writes: "3D Dot Game Heroes is a must-have addition to any RPG-lover’s video game library. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s for the... | Review | PS3



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UFC Undisputed 2010 vs 2009 | Gaming Target Hands-On Preview

1874 days 3 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "You may think that there’s little an MMA video game can add to warrant a back-to-back purchase, but after having played U... | Preview | Xbox 360


George Romero's App of the Dead infects iPhone

1876 days 4 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "App of the Dead will allow players to take photos of their friends and family and zombify them 'with grisly scars and blo... | News | iPhone

Major League Baseball 2K10 Review | Gaming Target

1876 days 6 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "MLB 2K10 is an improvement in many ways perhaps, most importantly, it won't be an embarrassing butt of jokes on the Inter... | Review | Xbox 360


UFC Undisputed 2010: THQ Video Interview

1878 days 9 hours ago - Gaming Target's Matt Swider talks to THQ Director of Production William Schmitt about the company's upcoming UFC sequel. | Interview | Xbox 360

Top 10 iPhone/iPad Games (Week of 5/10/10)

1881 days 5 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "Iron Man 2 makes its iPhone/iPad debut in this week's snapshot of the top games on the App Store. Iron Man's latest i... | News | iPhone


Activisions Talks Future of Call of Duty, Guitar Hero Franchises

1883 days 2 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "Activision held their quarterly financial briefing yesterday and in addition to talking about their ridiculous profits (t... | News | PC


Monopoly takes it to the Streets this Fall

1884 days 11 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "Electronic Arts plans to revamp the way we look at Monopoly with their latest take on the greatest board game of all time... | News | Nintendo DS

Criterion bringing their next game to E3 10

1884 days 22 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "While the game hasn't been officially announced yet, executives at Electronic Arts have been talking up the next entry in... | Rumor | PC


My 5 Favorite Things About APB

1885 days 9 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds refers to APB as their "cops and robbers MMO." If that wasn't reason enough to look f... | Preview | PC

Lost Planet 2 Interview: Capcom's Shawn Baxter

1892 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "Last week, we told you about Lost Planet 2's multiplayer demo availability to the masses and how downloading it on... | Interview | 1,2


APB Interview: Realtime Worlds' EJ Moreland

1892 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "[D]esign lead EJ Moreland sat down with us for a one-on-one demo, showing us the game for over an hour. It's real.... | Interview | 12


Plain Sight Review | Gaming Target

1892 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "How did Brit developer Beatnik Games come up with the title Plain Sight? It's a game populated by katana wielding... | Review | 12


2010 Publisher Forecast: Square Enix

1892 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "After their recent buyout of Eidos Interactive, Square Enix has a ton of games on track for 2010. We examine them... | Article | 1,2,3,4,5,12


New Releases (Week of 4/19/10)

1903 days 1 hour ago - Gaming Target writes: "This week sees the release of Capcom's Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. Capcom has been trying to break out the Mon... | News | 2,3,5,12


Final Fantasy XIII Review | Gaming Target

1904 days 4 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "In recent years Square Enix has demonstrated that they are not afraid of greatly altering Final Fantasy, even if t... | Review | 1,2


New Releases (Week of 4/12/10)

1909 days 14 hours ago - Gaming Target writes: "After years in development (including at least one complete restart), Ubisoft is finally ready to release the Xbox... | News | 1,2,3,4,5,12


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