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KimikoGaming - DMC: Devil May Cry Review

797 days 17 hours ago - A very fun game whether you are a veteran or new to the series. However, it is excessively vulgar and graphic. | Review | Xbox 360


Pokemon X and Y: Legendary Name Origins and Possible Future Legendaries

802 days 8 hours ago - As a follow-up to the "Pokemon X and Y: The Legendary Pokemon are based on Norse Mythology" article I wrote, this article discusses possible Orgins... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Pokemon: Is Xerneas an electric type?

804 days 14 hours ago - New scans of Pokemon X and Y mascots Xerneas and Yveltal from Japanese magazine Corocoro might hint at Xerneas' type. | News | 3DS


Pokemon X and Y: The Legendary Pokemon are based on Norse Mythology

805 days 2 hours ago - Are the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y based on Norse Mythology? We discuss the reasoning why we believe this to be the case, and why this gi... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Pokemon X and Y Box Art: What would you like to see?

805 days 12 hours ago - Plenty of fan art and discussions are about the evolutions of the starter Pokemon. But what about the box art? We show off and discuss our vision o... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Pokemon X and Y - Gender Differences, Coordinates, and Pokemon Z

806 days 17 hours ago - The Japanese logos and the very implementation of the titles "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" might point to gender differences and a high probability o... | Opinion piece | 3DS


KimikoGaming: Zone of the Enders HD Review

807 days 21 hours ago - Great concept, gameplay and soundtrack, but nothing else is significant. | Review | Xbox 360

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