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GotGame | First Impressions Secret of Raetikon

411 days 16 hours ago - Secret of Raetikon is an interesting and fun game to be sure, The developer of this game, Broken Rules, is no strangers to game development as they... | Preview | PC


Gaming Soon October 27 2013

418 days 6 hours ago - GotGame - Today on Gaming Soon we discuss about Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix, Super Mario 3D World, and Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I D... | Video | Xbox 360


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Dead Space

424 days 17 hours ago - Halloween is just around the corner. The perfect time to review the science fiction horror game from EA Dead Space! | Opinion piece | PC


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD

433 days 21 hours ago - Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD and see if Nintendo did the Gamecube classic justice on the WiiU. | Review | Wii U


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Gaming Soon Oct 4 2013

441 days 10 hours ago - GotGame - In today's episode, we discuss some of the events included in Nintendo's recent 'Direct' video, including Sonic's re-inclusion in Smash B... | Video | Wii U


Hyperkin Announces A December Release For The Retron5

455 days 11 hours ago - GotGame - It’s official, the highly anticipated retro gaming console, the Retron5, will be release this holiday on December 10 2013 for $99.99 acco... | News | Tech


Gaming Soon Sept 14 2013

460 days 14 hours ago - - In this episode, we discuss Ubisoft's newest project, Child of Light, the winds blow in our favor in Wind Waker HD, and we look at t... | Video | Xbox 360


GotGame | Gaming With Killatia Afterglow WiiU Pro Controller

468 days 5 hours ago - Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at the Afterglow WiiU Pro Controller from PDP. After experiencing previous Afterglow controllers for t... | Review | Wii U


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Defiance

476 days 6 hours ago - Today on Gaming with killatia we take a look at the MMO Defiance. Developed by the same people behind Rift this game is available on the Xbox 360,... | Review | PC


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Tales of Xillia

483 days 6 hours ago - Today on Gaming with Killatia we take a look at the lastes tales game to hit the USA Tales of Xillia | Review | PS3


GotGame | Gaming Soon Aug 17 2013

489 days 1 hour ago - On today's episode, we uncover Platinum Game's latest wonderful entry, everyone gets a keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 1.5, and Sonic's latest lost adve... | Video | PS3


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Divinity Dragon Commander

499 days 11 hours ago - A dragon with a jet pack.... A DRAGON WITH A JET PACK What more do I have to say? A lot actually so go on ahead and watch my review of Divinity Dra... | Review | PC


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Moga Pocket Controller

508 days 1 hour ago - Today on Gaming with killatia we taker a look at the Moga Pocket Controller, a popular option for those that game on Android devices | Review | Android


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

517 days 14 hours ago - Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at the second remake of the classic 1987 Sierra adventure game Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded. Is this ga... | Review | PC


Gaming Soon July 13 2013

523 days 1 hour ago - - On this week’s episode, we discuss the newly announced Rambo game, Lightning strikes three times, and talk a bit about Tales of Xilli... | Video | PC


Killatia at E3 2013 Hometown Story Interview

534 days 12 hours ago - How does one end a series of E3 interviews? How about having an interview with the head hunch of a international game company! Killatia talks to Ya... | Interview | iPhone


Killatia at E3 2013 Tales of Xillia and Symphonia HD Interview

536 days 16 hours ago - Killatia talks with Nick O’Leary of Bandai Namco about not only Tales of Xillia but also the HD remake of Tales of Symphonia and its sequel Dawn of... | Interview | PS3


Killatia at E3 2013 Angry Video Game Nerd Adventure Interview

542 days 6 hours ago - Killatia checks out the AVGN videogame at E3 with Screwattack Mastermind Studdering Craig! | Interview | PC


Killatia at E3 2013 PDP Afterglow Interview

543 days 22 hours ago - - Killatia talks to Candance Hinton of PDP about the latest entry into the popular Afterglow lind of controllers. We also take a look a... | Interview | PC


Killatia at E3 2013 Retron 5 Interview

546 days ago - - Killatia talks with Chris Gallizzi, Product Developer for Hyperkin, about his company’s latest product the Retron 5! | Interview | Tech


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