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Gaming With Killatia Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller Review

10 days ago - Whats this? A new Afterglow controller for the Xbox one? You bet Killatia's gonna check this one out! | Opinion piece | PC


Gaming With Killatia Grabbed by the Ghoulies

31 days 2 hours ago - With over 30 games on the Rare Replay collection there are plenty of games to chose from to check out and review. But with Halloween 2015 coming ar... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Its Official Tales of Symphonia Free With PC Version of Tales of Zestiria

43 days 10 hours ago - Remember a few months ago where killatia mentioned that if enough people pre-order Tales of Zestria on Steam they would also get Tales of Symphonia... | News | PC


GotGame | 12 Is Better Then 6 is The First Kickstarter I Backed

64 days 16 hours ago - Killatia was given the chance to check out the Kickstarter game 12 Is Better Then 6 by Ink Stain Games. How is this wild west style top down shoote... | Preview | PC


Super Mario Maker Stage Coming To Super Smash Brothers Wii U & 3DS Sept. 30th

70 days 23 hours ago - Yes the latest craze on the Nintendo Wii U, Super Mario Maker, will be getting its own special stage in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. Ju... | Video | Wii U


What I would like From Nintendo under It’s New CEO Tatsumi Kimishima

71 days 11 hours ago - Two months after the passing of Satoru Iwata Nintendo has presented it’s fifth president of the corporation Tatsumi Kimishima. Although not Iwata’s... | Opinion piece | Culture


Batman: Arkham Knight Finally Gets Its Interim Patch

81 days 21 hours ago - After months of being broken for PC gamers everywhere but a lucky few WB games has released an interim patch for Batman: Arkham Knights. There are... | News | PC


GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Fairy Fencer F (PC)

93 days 9 hours ago - Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at the RPG Fairy Fencer F. Originally released on the PS3 in 2014, it was published recently on Steam... | Review | PC


Tales Of Symphonia Comes To Steam Next Year

145 days 21 hours ago - After leaving its mark on the Gamecube back in 2004 the classic rpg, Tales of Symphonia, is finally making its way to the pc. And if you were p... | News | PC


GotGame | XFX Radeon R9 390 Review

147 days 9 hours ago - Other then Fury and Fury X the AMD Radeon R9 300 series are considered to be a re-branding of the old R9 200 series. While that is true for the mos... | Review | PC


Splatoon Amiibo Overview/Review

179 days 7 hours ago - Killatia's uick overview/review of the Splatoon Amiibo set from Nintendo! | Video | Wii U


GotGame | Gaming With Killatia 3D Realms Anthology Review

185 days 3 hours ago - Today on Gaming With Killatia your host. Killatia, takes a look at the Steam Version of 3D Realms anthology, a collection of the company’s entire l... | Review | PC


The 3D Realms Anthology Has Some Good Gems In This Collection

189 days 1 hour ago - Whether you got it straight from 3D Realms website last or the recently released Steam version there no denying the value in this collection even w... | Opinion piece | PC


GotGame | Gaming With Killatia: Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

192 days 8 hours ago - Today on Gaming with Killatia you host, Killatia, takes a look at Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds on the PC (also on Xbox Live Arcade on the 360 an... | Review | PC


GotGame | Gaming With Killatia Spectra Illuminated Controller Review

213 days 11 hours ago - Today on Gaming With Killatia your host. Killatia, take a look at the Spectra Illuminated Controller from Power A. Its a third party Xbox One Contr... | Review | Xbox One


Casual iOS Playthrough Power Rangers Dash

220 days 4 hours ago - Next up on Casual iOS Playthrough your host, Killatia, plays Power Ranger Dash, a recently released (in the USA, been out in South Korea for a whil... | Videocast | iPhone


Casual iOS Playthrough Disney Tsum Tsum

223 days 12 hours ago - In that I hope to be in the first of anew video series from your host, Killatia, here a play through of Disney Tsum Tsum on iOS. Game is being play... | Video | iPhone


GotGame | Gaming With Killatia Gaming With Killatia Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2

242 days 6 hours ago - Today on Gaming With Killatia your hosy, Killatia, takes a look at Episode 2 of Tales From The Borderlands, a Telltale Games take on the hit Gearbo... | Review | PC


GotGame | Gaming With Killatia Dragon Ball Xenoverse

256 days 4 hours ago - Today on Gaming With Killatia we takes a look at the latest Dragonball game know as Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and your host Killatia do have to say th... | Review | PC


GotGame | Gaming With Killatia Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

299 days 16 hours ago - Today on Gaming With Killatia your host, Killatia, plays the Playstaion Vita and Playstation tv game Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus! Underneath all o... | Review | PS Vita


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