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"Looking forward to Dead Space 2 and Zelda Wii. Infamous 2 looking better than expected"

The Dark Souls 2 Weapon Pack for Pre-orders is Not Game-Breaking

562 days 7 hours ago - Nerd Reactor considers the situation of Dark Souls 2 including weapons for pre-orders, and finds that maybe it's not such a bad thing after all. | Opinion piece | PC


Metal Gear Solid 5 Preview - Nerd Reactor

722 days 9 hours ago - Nerd Reactor heads to Kojima Productions new Los Angeles studio to see a live demonstration of Metal Gear Solid 5. They detail various gameplay ele... | Preview | Xbox 360


Killer is Dead Review: No More Comedy - Nerd Reactor

725 days 18 hours ago - Nerd Reactor reviews Killer is Dead. They find it to be an enjoyable action game with a lot of style, but also that it's very short, doesn't take t... | Review | Xbox 360


Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn phase 3 beta impressions (PS3) - Nerd Reactor

784 days 6 hours ago - Nerd Reactor plays the Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn phase 3 beta to see what the game has to offer. They play it on a PS3 as an archer. They f... | Preview | PC


Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, taking the series to new comedic places - E3 Preview, Nerd Reactor

787 days 21 hours ago - Nerd Reactor takes to the E3 floor to play Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z to see how it stacks up against the standard Ninja Gaiden games. | Preview | Xbox 360


The Last of Us Review: One of the Few Masterpieces - Nerd Reactor

798 days 16 hours ago - Nerd Reactor reviews The Last of Us single player and multiplayer content, finding it to be one of the best games ever made; a game that defines a... | Review | PS3


One Hour With Dark Souls 2, My Favorite Game of E3 2013 - Nerd Reactor Preview

800 days ago - Nerd Reactor gets some quality hands-on time to find out as many details about Dark Souls 2 as they can. Based on the E3 2013 demo, they find the g... | Preview | PC


Mario Kart 8 has corner-maneuvering red shells (oh no!)- Nerd Reactor E3 preview

801 days 5 hours ago - Nerd Reactor goes hands-on with Mario Kart 8 at E3 2013 to find out what's changed and what hasn't changed in the series. | Preview | Wii U


E3 2013 – Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse hands-on preview - Nerd Reactor

801 days 6 hours ago - Nerd Reactor gets its hands on an updated classic, Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse. They liked it better than the original, but aren't su... | Preview | PC

Pikmin 3 may challenge even veteran RTS players - Nerd Reactor E3 2013 preview

801 days 20 hours ago - Nerd Reactor goes hands-on with Pikmin 3 at E3 and finds that there is plenty of variety in Pikmin 3; enough to challenge even veteran players of t... | Preview | Wii U


Can non-fans be persuaded to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

814 days 16 hours ago - Nerd Reactor takes a slightly humorous approach to looking at the elements of online reviews to discover whether or not non-fans of Animal Crossing... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Report: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate doesn't do split screen or Wii U + Pro Controller

952 days 17 hours ago - Nerd Reactor reports that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will not be able to do split screen on a television via Wii U. It also cannot be played two-pla... | News | Wii U


Crimson Shroud Review, Rolling for Success,

967 days 1 hour ago - reviews the 3DS downloadable title Crimson Shroud. They find it to be a fairly entertaining rpg that combines elements of table-top... | Review | 3DS


Jet Set Radio Review - Nostalgia Grinds to a Halt - Nerd Reactor

1076 days ago - Nerd Reactor reviews the newly ported Jet Set Radio. The game is in HD, and it contains a mini-documentary for a look into the beginnings of Jet Se... | Review | PC


Dead Space 3 interview with producer, Shereif Fattouh (Nerd Reactor)

1157 days 16 hours ago - Nerd Reactor sits down with producer Shereif Fattouh to talk about the latest iteration in the Dead Space series. Some fans are a little worried ab... | Interview | PC


Hitman: Absolution Interview with Producer, Luke Valentine (Nerd Reactor)

1162 days 20 hours ago - Nerd Reactor sits down with Luke Valentine, the producer of Hitman: Absolution, to find out what's new, what's returning, and is that sign in the t... | Interview | PC


Is Dead Space 3 Cooperating with Fans' Wants? (Nerd Reactor E3 Preview)

1169 days 7 hours ago - Nerd Reactor gives you their opinion on EA's extended E3 gameplay demo. Do fans have something to worry about regarding the new co-op mode? They de... | Preview | PC


Hands-on impressions of Pikmin 3, details on graphics, controls (Nerd Reactor)

1171 days 19 hours ago - Nerd Reactor gives Pikmin 3 a thorough playthrough to discuss the changes in the graphics, controls, and subtle details compared to past games. The... | Preview | Wii U


Joe Danger: The Movie, the complete package, E3 preview (Nerd Reactor)

1172 days 16 hours ago - Nerd Reactor goes hands-on at E3 with Joe Danger's successor, Joe Danger: The Movie. There is so much content, such as a level editor, multiplayer... | Preview | Xbox 360


Nerd Reactor plays Bullet Run, a F2P FPS that nails simplicity and fun

1173 days 18 hours ago - Nerd Reactor goes hands-on with Bullet Run, Sony Online Entertainments new free-to-play FPS. It's bears some resemblance to both Call of Duty and C... | Preview | PC


Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

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