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Eridanus Wars Greenlit on Steam

77 days 12 hours ago - StellarVR’s Eridanus Wars has successfully established a keen audience since its first reveal in January of this year. A concept demo paved the way... | News | PC


New Classroom Aquatic Demo Coming ‘Soon’

77 days 13 hours ago - Sunken Places, developer of the highly anticipated virtual reality (VR) trivia videogame, Classroom Aquatic, has announced that a new demo version... | News | PC


VR Theme Park Now Available for Android Devices

83 days ago - UK studio vrventure has released their latest virtual reality (VR) title, VR Theme Park, available for Android devices now. VR Theme Park is optimi... | News | Android


Slush PLAY Event to Combine Videogames & Virtual Reality

84 days 3 hours ago - A new event in the global videogame conference calendar has been announced today: Slush PLAY is designed to create a melting pot for both videogame... | News | PC



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VRFocus’ VRCast: Episode 1 Launches on Oculus Share

84 days 12 hours ago - The first episode in VRFocus‘ brand new series of 360 degree video podcasts, known as the VRCast, has been well received by virtual reality (VR) fa... | News | PC


VR Bits Looking to Bring Darkfield to Project Morpheus & HTC Vive

84 days 12 hours ago - VR Bits has established a reputation for delivering high quality virtual reality (VR) experiences without demanding a high price tag. Their first r... | News | PC


Narcosis Joins ‘Indies Crash E3′ Campaign

85 days 10 hours ago - ‘Indies Crash E3′ is a campaign that has seen success over the past few years in bringing smaller studios to the grand halls of the Los Angeles Con... | News | PC


White Elk Studios Detail Eclipse

85 days 12 hours ago - Los Angeles based White Elk Studios have revealed further details on their forthcoming virtual reality (VR) project, Eclipse (working title) to VRF... | News | PC


Atom Universe Demo Launches on PlayStation 4 [US & EU]

86 days 3 hours ago - AtomRepublic’s successful Kickstarter campaign has largely addressed the PC version of it’s upcoming virtual reality (VR) theme park thus far, desp... | News | PC


Pixel Rift Receives Name Change, Aims for Multi-Format Release

88 days 18 hours ago - The highly anticipated Pixel Rift has received a name change, developer Ana Ribeiro has today confirmed. Set to be released under the name ‘Pixel R... | News | PC


Hover: Revolt of Gamers Now Available via Steam Early Access

89 days 4 hours ago - Jet Set Radio-inspired virtual reality (VR) experience Hover: Revolt of Gamers is now available to purchase and play via Steam Early Access. Follow... | News | PC


Troopers VR Release Date Announced

92 days 13 hours ago - Flauchers Finest have today announced the release date for their forthcoming virtual reality (VR) debut, Troopers VR. | News | iPhone


Debut Fated Screenshots Revealed

93 days 13 hours ago - Frima Studios have revealed the first official screenshots taken from their forthcoming virtual reality (VR) videogame, Fated. Showcasing the video... | Screenshot | PC


Atom Universe Playable Demo Now Available

95 days 14 hours ago - Atom Republic has announced the launch of a playable demo for Atom Universe, a futuristic virtual reality (VR) theme park currently in development... | News | PC


CINEVO Receives New Update

111 days 3 hours ago - Mindprobelabs’ CINEVO software has become popular amongst the virtual reality (VR) community thanks to offering a comprehensive media played for us... | News | PC


Z0NE GDC Preview Reactions Video Revealed

112 days 22 hours ago - Pixel Router VR’s upcoming Z0NE has attracted a great deal of attention from the virtual reality (VR) community, but the team aren’t ready to stop... | Video | PC


Frima Studios on Developing for VR

113 days 13 hours ago - Having been active in the videogame industry scene since 2003, Frima Studios is possibly the most prolific development studio that you’ve never hea... | News | PC


Stompz Talk Tech, Design & Kickstarter

114 days 2 hours ago - Regular readers of VRFocus will be well aware of Stompz, the motion-control device designed for virtual reality (VR) that is both versatile and low... | Interview | PC


Jaunt CEO Discusses 360 Video, Content and Versatility

114 days 5 hours ago - Today Jaunt announced a brand new 360 degree video project, partnered with outdoor apparel brand North Face, that will make it’s debut at South by... | Interview | PC


360Heros Revealed as ‘Gold Sponsor’ for VRLA Spring Expo

114 days 10 hours ago - VRLA has today announced that 360Heros will act as a gold sponsor for the upcoming VRLA Spring Expo. CEO, founder, and inventor Michael Kintner wil... | News | PC


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

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