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Oculus Offer Support to Tale of Tales’ Sunset

87 days 5 hours ago - Tale of Tales recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their forthcoming videogame, Sunset. Within the official page for the videogame the deve... | News | PC


Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Uncharted

88 days 3 hours ago - This feels real. You’re looking at the trail of footprints you’ve made leading along the beach and up into the jungle. Sandy marks turn to trampled... | Article | PC


Oculus CEO: ‘You cannot hold back VR’

88 days 5 hours ago - Oculus VR has been throwing about it’s weight lately. Snapping up big name employees, pushing brands and highly anticipated titles to the front of... | News | PC


Stompz Previewed with Affected [VRFocus]

88 days 6 hours ago - Stompz developer Matt Carrell has revealed a new preview of the forthcoming Stompz motion-control input device via the popular virtual reality (VR)... | Preview | PC


Destiny (PS4) Review

Now - Bungie’s next series is here, but how does it stack up? | Promoted post

Starpoint Gemini 2 Beta Receives New Update

88 days 8 hours ago - Developer Little Green Men Games has today revealed a big update for its increasingly popular space simulation title, Starpoint Gemini 2. Currently... | News | PC


SUPERHOT Developers Tease ‘Big’ Gameplay Twist

88 days 8 hours ago - SUPERHOT is a title that has gained many fans based on its premise alone. The videogame, which recently achieved huge success with Kickstarter fund... | News | PC


ANTVR Hires Stanford Professor Shoucheng Zhang

88 days 10 hours ago - ANTVR has today announced that renowned Stanford University professor Shoucheng Zhang has joined the development team. The award-winning physicist... | News | PC


Crashed Lander V2.0 Launches with Oculus Rift Support

89 days 2 hours ago - Indie developer has released a new edition of their Oculus Rift videogame, Crashed Lander. Touted as one of the most easily accessible projects ava... | News | PC


Hammerhead ‘Interested’ in Other VR Headsets for Undercurrent

89 days 2 hours ago - Hamerhead Interactive is currently working on a virtual reality (VR) underwater exploration title named Undercurrent. The videogame is in developme... | News | PC


Alien: Isolation Hands-On – The Maddening of Amanda Ripley [VRFocus]

89 days 2 hours ago - Amanda Ripley: "The door slams shut behind me. There is no going back. While I’m not sure that I’d want to go back, I’m even less sure that continu... | Preview | PC


SUPERHOT Attending Gamescom

89 days 3 hours ago - The developers behind upcoming puzzle-based first-person shooter (FPS) SUPERHOT have confirmed that they will be attending this year’s Gamescom in... | News | PC


4PM Release Date Revealed

89 days 5 hours ago - Student developer Bojan BrBora has announced the official release date for his graduate title, 4PM. Developed with Oculus Rift compatibility, 4PM p... | News | PC


Oculus VR: ‘It’s official, we’re building a platform.’

90 days 5 hours ago - Since the initial unveiling of the Oculus Rift hardware over two years ago there’s been much talk about the potential for software distribution on... | News | PC


The Hum Heading to Gamescom with VR Build

94 days 14 hours ago - Developed with Unreal Engine 4 and boasting an exciting post-apocalyptic premise, The Hum holds a lot of promise as a virtual reality (VR) compatib... | News | PC


Working with Virtual Worlds: nDreams Dev Diary #5

111 days 10 hours ago - As this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) approaches many development studios will be adding the final touches to their showcases and demo... | Article | PC


Futuristic VR Racer Revealed by UK Studio

111 days 15 hours ago - Tammeka has today teased the first details of their debut project; a virtual reality (VR) videogame by the name of Radial-G. Little is currently kn... | News | PC


Losing My VRginity to: Wireless Headsets

115 days 9 hours ago - “That is the future,” said Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey. “The future is going to be embedded chipsets embedded into the headset that don’t req... | Opinion piece | Android


Loading Human Passes Kickstarter Campaign

116 days ago - Untold Games’ upcoming virtual reality (VR) adventure title Loading Human has officially passed its Kickstarter funding goal. The videogame has now... | News | PC


Indie Dev Discusses The Crypt, VR Development & Project Morpheus

116 days 7 hours ago - Tim Aidley is the personification of the term ‘passionate’. He’s a developer by day, working on mobile applications and videogames at Hutch Games,... | Interview | PC


Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Star Wars

129 days 6 hours ago - There’s one dream that everyone that plays videogames has had. It’s a fantasy that, no matter how far the industry has come in recent years, has ne... | Article | PC


Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post
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