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Death in Candlewood Kickstarter Update Reveals New Weaponry

262 days 14 hours ago - Rosebud Games have updated their Kickstarter page for the forthcoming Death in Candlewood by adding a rundown of the weaponry that will be included... | News | PC


Ether One Receives Oculus Rift Update

263 days 4 hours ago - White Paper Games’ Ether One launched last month to significant critical acclaim, including from your very own VRFocus. However it had been noted t... | News | PC


Losing my VRginity to: Simulation!

264 days 6 hours ago - There are many different views on the potential uses of virtual reality (VR). It’s rebirth as a modern experience lead by in-home entertainment is... | Article | PC


Stompz Creator Offers Update on Peripheral

267 days 11 hours ago - Matthew Carrell, creator of the upcoming Stompz motion controller, has issued an update on the product. Speaking on a video blog, Carrell offered a... | Video | PC


Win a PS4!!

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PrioVR to Support Epic’s Unreal Engine 4

272 days ago - YEI Technologies has confirmed that its upcoming full body motion controller, PrioVR, will come with support for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. The k... | News | PC


Palmer Luckey Responds to Minecraft Creator’s Oculus Exit

273 days 14 hours ago - Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has responded to recent news that Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has cancelled a project for the Oculus R... | News | PC


The Future of VR is in Your Hands

274 days 19 hours ago - The virtual reality (VR) community is currently in disarray. Yesterday’s announcement that the leading light in modern VR development, Oculus VR, i... | Article | PC


Facebook’s David Ebersman '40% of people’s time is spent in gaming’

274 days 22 hours ago - As part of this evening’s conference call discussing the recently announced acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook, Facebook’s David Ebersman suggest... | News | PC


Oculus’ Luckey on Facebook Acquisition: “This is a special moment for the gaming industry.”

274 days 23 hours ago - Today’s announcement of the acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook has shocked many people, not least the large community supporting the Oculus Rift... | News | PC


CCP Reveals EVE: Valkyrie Gameplay at GDC 2014

280 days 16 hours ago - VRFocus - CCP Games has released new footage of its upcoming EVE: Valkyrie at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014. The developer provided jus... | Trailer | PC


Project Morpheus Significantly Reduces Simulator Sickness

280 days 16 hours ago - VRFocus - Those of you who follow VRFocus will already be aware that the team here are keen supporters of the Project Morpheus hardware from Sony C... | News | PS4


VR vs. the Mass Market

280 days 19 hours ago - VRFocus - The Oculus Rift works. As insane as it may sound, it’s possible to slip on the much anticipated virtual reality (VR) headset and feel lik... | Article | PC


VRFocus Preview: The Deep on Project Morpheus

281 days 2 hours ago - VRFocus - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) have presented two software demonstrations for the recently revealed Project Morpheus; The Deep and The... | Preview | PS4


Rift's Cave Passes Indiegogo Funding

281 days 15 hours ago - VRFocus - Indie developer Andrea Marinelli and the team at Frost Earth Studio have successfully secured funding for an upcoming virtual reality (VR... | News | PC


Microsoft Working on VR Headset for Xbox One, Report Suggests

282 days 12 hours ago - VRFocus - A new report has surfaced, suggesting that Microsoft is developing its very own virtual reality (VR) headset for use with its Xbox One co... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Oculus Maximus Cancels Kickstarter, Pledges to Continue Development

282 days 12 hours ago - VRFocus - Raging Goat LLC has cancelled is Kickstarter campaign for its virtual reality (VR) compatible Gladiator experience, Oculus Maximus. Despi... | News | PC


CCP Talks EVE: Valkyrie, Developing VR-Only Titles & Using Crystal Cove

287 days 8 hours ago - CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie is one of the pioneering virtual reality (VR) experiences. It’s an early glimpse into AAA development on the Oculus Rift a... | Video | PC


New CDF Ghostship & Aftermath Bundle Available

289 days 13 hours ago - MAG Studios has revealed a new bundle for their forthcoming Ghostship dual release. Set to launch this year both CDF Ghostship and it’s successor G... | News | PC


Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Resident Evil

289 days 22 hours ago - The pressure is starting to get to you. You have three rounds left in the chamber, not nearly enough to take on the shambling horde that’s trudging... | Article | GameCube


Oculus VR Explains DK1 Component Shortage, Update ‘In the Next Few Weeks’

290 days 12 hours ago - The team behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset has explained the the recent suspension of sales of the device’s developer kit. Speaki... | News | PC


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