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"Working on Default Prime still, check it out to see a live stream of Portal 2 tonight"

DPrime Review – 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

1871 days 19 hours ago - Default Prime: "Of course, 999 isn’t without its flaws, but they’re minor ones, and the designers have done the best they can to minimize them. Hav... | Review | Nintendo DS


3DS is Now Available for Preorder

1904 days 10 hours ago - Default Prime: "So, I walked into EBgames today, looking to pick up a PSN card. I made an inquiry about a DS game, and when they searched in the sy... | News | Nintendo DS


DPrime Review – Fallout: New Vegas

1932 days 8 hours ago - Default Prime: "In terms of gameplay New Vegas is essentially Fallout 3, and that is really such a bad thing? They both use the same engine and pla... | Review | PC


DPrime Review – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

1937 days 19 hours ago - Default Prime: "The plot in Kirby’s Epic Yarn is, (no pun intended,) threadbare at best, (okay, you got me, pun intended.) An evil wizard named Yin... | Review | Wii


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

DPrime Review – Costume Quest

1940 days 20 hours ago - Default Prime: "As we’ve come to expect from Double Fine’s superb games, the greatest strength of Costume Quest is its writing. The main plot is y... | Review | PSP


DPrime Review – Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

1941 days 17 hours ago - Default Prime: "I am not a completionist by any stretch of the word. I don’t max out achievements, I don’t tool around grabbing collectibles, and I... | Review | Nintendo DS

DPrime Review: Super Scribblenauts

1943 days 9 hours ago - Default Prime: "5th Cell must have really taken those harsh words of criticism to heart, as Super is completely different from the original, yet ex... | Review | Nintendo DS

DPrime Review – Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue

1945 days 13 hours ago - Default Prime: "As you can probably tell, Deathspank presents its narrative with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Jokes are plentiful and consistent... | Review | PC


DPrime Review: Dead Rising 2

1950 days 6 hours ago - Default Prime: "Essentially Dead Rising 2 has the exact same skeleton as the first game: you start off in a safehouse and come out of it into a mal... | Review | Xbox 360

DPrime Review: Left 4 Dead 2 "The Sacrifice" DLC

1950 days 9 hours ago - Default Prime: "Gameplaywise, the campaign follows the same general format as The Passing, with two chapters and a finale chapter, which fans of Th... | Review | PC


Default Prime Review: Halo Reach

1968 days 6 hours ago - Default Prime: "It was back at E3 2009 that Bungie announced that they were creating Halo Reach, and it was at that very moment that the hype machi... | Review | Xbox 360


DPrime Previews: In-Depth and Hands-On With Hunted: the Demon's Forge

1993 days 22 hours ago - Default Prime: "I played through the demo as the male starring role, a stoic badass called Caddock who is one of two characters you can choose from... | Preview | Xbox 360


DPrime Previews: In-Depth and Hands-on with Fallout: New Vegas

1998 days 15 hours ago - Default Prime: "The build that I got to spend an hour with at Quakecon is actually the latest version of the game’s story mode, and I must say that... | Preview | Xbox 360

Meet the “Duo Plus”, Winner of First Place in the Case Modding Competition at Quakecon, 2010

2000 days 18 hours ago - Default Prime posted a feature with the Duo-Plus, a case mod that took the grand prize at QuakeCon this year. Included are pictures, an in-depth de... | Article | PC


Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Designer and Writer for Fallout 3, Disses 3D

2004 days 15 hours ago - Default Prime: "At Quakecon 2010, there was a large, militant Alienware venue on the con floor over 2 months in the making. In the Alienware humvee... | News | PC


DPrime Previews: In-Depth and Hands-on with Brink at Quakecon

2006 days 12 hours ago - Default Prime: "The world of Brink, as far as it’s denizens are concerned, is the Ark: a massive, floating city located in the middle of the ocean.... | Preview | Xbox 360


Interview with Marty Stratton, Executive Producer at id Software

2007 days 16 hours ago - Default Prime: "As a part of Derek Sommer's" time at QuakeCon, he got to sit down and interview the man behind all of the madness, Marty Stratton.... | Interview | Industry


DPrime Interview: The Attendees of QuakeCon and what they thought of it

2008 days 13 hours ago - Defualt Prime: "So... they gave away free beer at the Quakecon Closing Party, sooo... I kinda got too drunk to drive home. Instead of just passing... | Interview | Industry


DPrime Preview: Rage (straight from QuakeCon)

2009 days 18 hours ago - Default Prime: "Id’s unique presentation had the same Rage demo being played by three Id staffers on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC simultaneously on th... | Article | PC


DPrime: The Best Creepypasta Pokemon Stories

2015 days 12 hours ago - Default Prime: "Throughout so many iterations, there have been many creepypasta stories posted on the interwebs and shared for everybody to read. I... | Article | Culture


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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