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"Working on Default Prime still, check it out to see a live stream of Portal 2 tonight"

Guest Post: Things To Consider While Buying A Custom Modded Controller

898 days 15 hours ago - Default Prime: "People who are not so familiar with gaming consoles can face some problems while buying modded controllers. They may be confused be... | Article | Xbox 360


Where My Ladies At? Why Women Are Underrepresented in the Gaming World

922 days 15 hours ago - Default Prime: "I cannot convey enough how much I hate the term “girl gamer.” My friends and family bestowed me with this hasty nickname when I was... | Article | Culture


Why Persona 3 Is The Best JRPG on the PlayStation 2: Part 1

1081 days 18 hours ago - Default Prime: "I've just recently finished the best JRPG I’ve played since Final Fantasy 7. It’s been a long time since a game has moved me so muc... | Opinion piece | PS2


Guest Post: Will it Run Doom? HTML5 Brings 3D Games to Life

1097 days 4 hours ago - Default Prime: "As the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco fast approaches we will soon start to hear a lot more buzz around HTML5 and game... | Article | Industry


See what games are coming out in 2015

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Default Prime: What Is A Game?

1116 days 20 hours ago - Default Prime: "Ask yourself, if you will; what is a game? I suppose you could see the question from any number of angles, any number of interpr... | Opinion piece | Culture


5 Hidden Object Games that are Actually Scary

1118 days 5 hours ago - Default Prime: "I love scary games. I love hidden picture games. Now the best of both worlds can be had! Not only are these five games scary, they... | Article | PC


Prime Cut: Sony Sued and Battlefield 2143 Rumors

1162 days 22 hours ago - Default Prime: "This week on Prime Cut, we talk about the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Jump Fiesta Trailer, Sony being sued over their “No S... | Video | Culture


Prime Cut: VGAs 2011 Edition

1169 days 6 hours ago - Default Prime: "Here at Default Prime have started a new video series that will recap a week’s worth of video game news called “Prime Cut” and will... | Video | Culture


Top 10 Tools to Create iPhone Games and Apps

1172 days 13 hours ago - Default Prime: "To create the iPhone applications, one needs to write and place the codes in a right order. Though, there are many tools available... | Article | iPhone


New Challenger: Catherine, Commitment and Consequence

1323 days 17 hours ago - Default Prime: "Is Catherine ushering in a new era in video gaming? In a world where emotion has been slowly bled out of certain game genres we... | Opinion piece | Culture


The intricacies of teaching a female to play Portal 2

1359 days 6 hours ago - Default Prime: "We all know that playing video games and having a girlfriend don’t mix very well. Your girlfriend always has a problem with how muc... | Opinion piece | Culture


Nintendo Is Back In The Game

1361 days 19 hours ago - Default Prime: "What a conference Nintendo held this year. Opening strong with an orchestra playing a selection of pieces from the Legend of Zelda... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Talking To The TV, The Future Of Kinect

1362 days 18 hours ago - Default Prime: "Well what a day yesterday turned out to be! PSVita is unveiled in all its glory with a promising line-up of titles, a new Halo tril... | Article | Xbox 360


Monday Musings: Plurent, a new video game rental service that actually rocks

1363 days 14 hours ago - Default Prime: "To start this off, I didn’t really know what to think of Plurent before I started using it. I have never used a video game rental s... | Article | Culture


New Challenger: E3 – Electronic Entertainment Ennui

1365 days 13 hours ago - Default Prime: "So, E3 is coming up very soon and I’ve been trying to decide if it truly is a haven for those who love video games to celebrate and... | Opinion piece | Culture


New Challenger: God Is In The Details

1371 days 21 hours ago - Default Prime: "Following last week’s discussion about realism’s role in games, I have been thinking about another aspect of what immerses more int... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Catch-Up – Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker

1374 days 1 hour ago - Default Prime: "Before you even load up your saved game and head off to Liara, you can tell that this DLC is going to be longer and more action ori... | Article | PC


New Challenger: Do You Take Realism With Your Escapism?

1378 days 21 hours ago - Default Prime: "Is realism in video games counter-productive to the escapism we seek when we play? You could be forgiven for responding “no”, just... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Catch-Up: Mass Effect 2 – Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC

1380 days 21 hours ago - Default Prime: "If you didn’t get the reference nor did you read the title of this article before clicking on it, Mass Effect 2 is our game this we... | Opinion piece | Culture


New Challenger: The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Indie

1385 days 15 hours ago - Default Prime: "Have some video game developers forgotten about the games? Sometimes it looks that way. The current trend for adding an online pass... | Opinion piece | Culture


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