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Why Is There So Much Hate on Star Wars: Battlefront?

2 days ago - If you’ve been following the news and updates on Star Wars: Battlefront then you are surely no stranger to the fact that there is a lot of negativi... | Opinion piece | PC


My Favorite Things About the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

2 days 1 hour ago - The Star Wars: Battlefront closed beta has become available a couple of days ago and it instantly vindicated all those who have put their trust int... | Opinion piece | PC


SWTOR All Cartel Market Packs 33-40% OFF

2 days 20 hours ago - BioWare is doing a sale on all the cartel market packs in SWTOR at 33% for single packs and 40% off for hypercrates. | News | PC


If SWTOR Voice Actors Go on Strike

5 days 12 hours ago - So if you’ve been following the industry news, you may have heard rumor about a potential voice actor strike. | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

A Starter Guide for Star Wars: Uprising

9 days 23 hours ago - The newest mobile Star Wars game is from Kabam and it’s an online RPG called Star Wars: Uprising. We are sure that most of you have heard of this n... | Article | iPhone


Drew Karpyshyn Returns to Star Wars: The Old Republic

10 days 20 hours ago - Great news as Drew Karpyshyn confirms that he has returned to Bioware to jump back in on a project he left a few years ago, Star Wars The Old Repub... | News | PC


Star Wars: Uprising Review: The Mild Side of the Force | swtorstrategies

11 days 15 hours ago - SwtorStrategies: "Star Wars: Uprising’s story could end up being your main motivation for playing. The space opera is really just a re-skinned vers... | Review | iPhone


SWTOR 4.0 Knight and Warrior Changes

33 days 15 hours ago - Video Overview and Analysis of Knight & Warrior Changes comming with the upcomming expansion for Star Wars: The old Republic - Knights of the Falle... | Article | PC


SWTOR Basics: The DOs and DONTs for Beginners

48 days 23 hours ago - A SWTOR Basics Guide, dedicated to Beginners, who just start their adventures in the game’s vast world. | Article | PC


SWTOR: Tips for Getting the Most from 12x Experience Bonus

48 days 23 hours ago - The clock is ticking for the new SWTOR expansion and as we get closer to the actual release, gamers are getting ready in a variety of ways. The sub... | Article | PC


SWTOR: Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday August 18 – August 25 2015

52 days 21 hours ago - Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for the week of August 18 – August 25 2015. | News | PC


New SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire gameplay Trailer

66 days 10 hours ago - During Gamecon 2015, EA unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s upcoming expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. | Video | PC


Will Star Wars: Battlefront Have Depth that Players Want?

68 days 9 hours ago - SWTORStrategies: "Here’s a discussion that is up for debate (and it likely won’t be the last time we see it being discussed): Does Star Wars: Battl... | Opinion piece | PC


SWTOR: The 3.3 Drinking Game Celebration

76 days 11 hours ago - swtorstrategies: What fun would a new patch be if we didn’t turn it into a drinking game (adults only)? Here we have a lovely little way to enjoy... | Image | PC


SWTOR 3.3 Togruta Overview – Appearance, Customization, Unlocks (Female & Male)

78 days 13 hours ago - In the video linked below you can see all possible customization options for both Female and Male Togruta species, available as of 22nd July 2015 a... | Video | PC


SWTOR 3.3 Yavin 4 Stronghold Tour & Overview

78 days 17 hours ago - In the video linked below you will have a chance to explore the full unlocked Stronghold of Yavin. It was released with SWTOR’s Patch 3.3 on July 2... | Video | PC


Star Wars: Battlefront - Rendered Luke vs Real Luke

82 days 7 hours ago - Can a rendered Luke Skywalker look like the real thing? With the right team and equipment, it might even look more real than the actual Luke. Here... | Image | PC


Togruta confirmed to be in SWTOR Patch 3.3

83 days 16 hours ago - SWTORStrategies: "Eric informed us that the new race Togruta will be part of game update 3.3 arriving on Tuesday July 21." | News | PC


Star Wars: Battlefront Command Center

84 days 4 hours ago - Someone is seriously ready for Star Wars: Battlefront. We saw this and had to share it here with you. Bravo to this fan for the coolest Star wars:... | Image | PC


SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire – Flashpoints and Operations in 4.0

92 days 12 hours ago - SWTOR Operation designer George Smith discusses operations and flashpoints in the upcoming expansion. | News | PC


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post
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