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Celebrate Shadow Warrior's Return with a Free Copy of Shadow Warrior Classic

766 days 12 hours ago - The game is a re-imagining f the classic Shadow Warrior game. To celebrate, a Steam copy of Shadow Warrior Classic is being given away for free o... | News | PC


Rayman Legends Vita Trailer Shows off Coop and Exclusive Content

767 days 8 hours ago - The first trailer for the Vita version of Rayman Legends is here and shows off some exclusive content. | Trailer | PS Vita


Review: Men's Room Mayhem | AnalogHype

767 days 23 hours ago - Men's Room Mayhem might be a simple game, but that doesn't stop it from being a strategic line-drawer that will test your quick thinking skills. | Review | iPhone


Shadow Warrior Returns on Next-Generation Consoles and PC this Fall

775 days 21 hours ago - Shadow Warrior returns on next-generation consoles and PC this fall. | News | PC


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Review: Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery - Episode 1: A bump in the night | AnalogHype

778 days 7 hours ago - Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is a fantastic, bit-sized title that's great for puzzle lovers. | Review | iPhone


Atomic Ninjas Announced for the PS3 and Vita

780 days 6 hours ago - The developer of Foosball 2012, GRIP Games, has announced their latest title for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Introducing Atomic Ninjas, a 2.5D plat... | News | PS3


Drinkbox Studios Teases First Guacamelee! DLC

793 days 4 hours ago - Juan and Tostada are getting some new garbs in Guacamelee!'s first new DLC. | News | PS3


Soul Sacrifice is Now Available on PSN; Discounted by 10%

795 days 4 hours ago - Soul Sacrifice is now available on the US PlayStation Store for $35.99! | News | PS Vita


New Killer is Dead Trailer - Love, Kisses, and Gigolo Glasses

795 days 12 hours ago - The latest Killer is Dead trailer has been revealed, focusing on the game's plot, combat, and gigolo glasses! | Trailer | Xbox 360


Purchase Soul Sacrifice on PSN and Get the Pre-Order DLC

795 days 20 hours ago - The PlayStation Twitter page has just announced that PSN users who purchase Soul Sacrifice through the PlayStation Store will receive the pre-order... | News | PS Vita


Hotline Miami Developer: PSN Version Due "Probably end of May."

796 days 9 hours ago - Addressing a fan's eager desire to play the game on his PlayStation Vita, the Hotline Miami Twitter account stated that the game will probably see... | News | PS3


Skullgirls Developer: “We’d love to do a PS Vita Release.”

796 days 9 hours ago - Skullgirls could see a release in the Vita's future. | News | PS Vita


Soul Sacrifice PSN Buyers will Receive Pre-Order DLC Info This Week

797 days ago - For the past few weeks prospective Soul Sacrifice buyers in the North American regions of PSN have been wondering if they would receive the game's... | News | PS Vita


Hotline Miami on PSN Brings Along Multiplayer Support and More New Features

797 days 4 hours ago - Hotline Miami will be bringing along Cross-Play support along with a host of new features for its PSN debut this Spring. | News | PS3


Rumor: Sleeping Dogs will be May's US PlayStation Plus Game

797 days 15 hours ago - Sleeping Dogs has been spotted in an advertisement for the US PlayStation Plus service -- you know what that means! UPDATE: The full lineup has... | Rumor | PS3


Dragon Fantasy Book I Version 1.10 Patch Notes

798 days 11 hours ago - A new Dragon Fantasy Book I patch is coming soon and we've got the patch notes to boot! | News | PS3


Rumor: Soul Sacrifice US DLC Schedule Leaked

799 days ago - It looks like Soul Sacrifice could be getting a healthy dose of free DLC in the coming months along with a rumored expansion. | Rumor | PS Vita


Disney Infinity Gets a New Name on the 3DS; Could Include Star Wars Play-Set

800 days 7 hours ago - Disney Infinity will be making a different appearance on the 3DS and could Star Wars characters finally be crossing over with Disney characters? | News | 3DS


DLC Review: Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin’s Flight [AnalogHype]

800 days 8 hours ago - Thomas Was Alone returns in this story-oriented DLC for the puzzle-platformer. But is it worth the asking price? Check out our review to find out. | Review | PS3


Review: Thomas Was Alone [AnalogHype]

801 days 2 hours ago - Thomas is anything but alone in Thomas Was Alone. | Review | PS3


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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