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5 inch Floppy reviews Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

1354 days 1 hour ago - ITSP matches Metroidvania gameplay with a Swiss Army Knife of a UFO, in a highly original alien setting. 5 inch Floppy reviews the game in-depth, a... | Review | Xbox


5 inch Floppy - Frozen Synapse Review

1410 days 4 hours ago - In-depth review vodcast 5 inch Floppy takes a look at Frozen Synapse, an indie game described as a cross between Counter-Strike and Chess. Players... | Review | PC


5 inch Floppy - Dino D-Day Review

1448 days 12 hours ago - World War II shooters have been done to death... But not like this! In addition to normal FPS classes, indie game Dino D-Day gives the Axis control... | Review | PC


5 inch Floppy - Sanctum and SOCOM

1448 days 15 hours ago - It's not the first time we've seen Tower Defence from the first-person view, but Sanctum is here to give Monday Night Combat a run for its money, a... | Review | PC


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

5 inch Floppy - Darkspore Review

1448 days 17 hours ago - With Spore already fading in our memories, Maxis has repurposed the engine to appeal to hardcore gamers. Enter Darkspore, a cross between the Spore... | Review | PC


5 inch Floppy - Portal 2

1448 days 17 hours ago - Many debated whether Portal could even be called a "game" when it was included in the Orange Box, but the experience went on to win Game of the Yea... | Review | PC


5 inch Floppy - Homefront Review

1498 days 4 hours ago - With Red Dawn/Apocalypse Now author John Milius brought on as a writer for Homefront, there are big expectations for how well Kaos Studios can crea... | Review | PC


5 inch Floppy - Interview with Shogun 2's Kieran Brigden

1498 days 5 hours ago - Kieran Brigden of The Creative Assembly joins the Floppy to talk about the Total War franchise's return to its roots. He touches on the unique natu... | Interview | PC


5 inch Floppy - Bulletstorm Review

1512 days 19 hours ago - Bulletstorm is all about killing inventively - but most games with this focus talk bigger than they play. Will this new shooter from People Can Fly... | Review | PC


5 inch Floppy - Marvel vs Capcom 3

1519 days 2 hours ago - Fans of Marvel comics and Capcom games are sure to find characters they like in this button mashing mash-up, but how well have they implemented all... | Review | Xbox 360


5 inch Floppy - Inside the GameJam

1522 days 23 hours ago - Every year, the International Game Developers Association hosts a competition in which small teams of developers have 48 hours to make the best gam... | Videocast | PC

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