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"Gotz a VITA. Getzing a PS4. (sick of waiting for next gen)"

Famitsu PS Vita FAQ

1006 days 10 hours ago - A FAQ at the PlayStation Vita official site suggested that something was up with Game Archive support on Sony's new portable. Now we have full conf... | News | PS Vita


Tales of Innocence R Includes "Vita Gadget" App

1008 days 12 hours ago - ANDRIASANG: Namco Bandai formally announced Tales of Innocence R's January 26 release date. The date first surfaced via Jump last week. Today's... | News | PS Vita


New Uncharted: Golden Abyss PS Vita pre-order sales climb

1010 days 19 hours ago - Pre-order sales for Sony Corp. Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Playstation Vita increased this week post release date announcement for the new hand... | News | Industry


PS Vita's built-in Twitter app shown off in Hong Kong, we go hands-on

1010 days 19 hours ago - Here's a little souvenir for Twitter addicts eyeing the upcoming PS Vita: at today's debut event in Hong Kong, we got to see said console's built-i... | News | Mobile


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Pre-orders for PS Vita have officially begun

1013 days 6 hours ago - According to us.playstation.com, pre-orders for PS Vita in the US have just officially begun. Multiple official major retailers carrying pre-ord... | News | Tech


Dream Club Vita Includes V Shaped Bikini

1019 days 16 hours ago - D3 Publisher has come up with a fitting design for Dream Club Zero Portable's limited bonus item. | News | PS Vita


Retailers Get Very Blue PlayStation Vita Cases

1020 days 3 hours ago - It looks like Sony has started sending out dummy PlayStation Vita cases to retailers. | News | Industry


PlayStation Vita Gets Its First Hello Kitty Game

1038 days 10 hours ago - Dorasu is attempting to target a different market than the PlayStation Vita’s line up of core games. They announced Hello Kitty & Me! Block Crash V... | News | Culture


Ragnarok Odyssey Screenshots

1049 days 23 hours ago - Gamearts shows off PlayStation Vita's color capabilities | News | PS Vita


First Dream Club Zero Vita Trailer

1054 days 11 hours ago - Virtual hostesses on the go. | News | Culture


New PS Vita Ragnarok Game's Genre is "Hunting Action"

1055 days 10 hours ago - ... As detailed earlier, Ragnarok Odyssey is being developed by Gamearts. The game features world elements from Ragnarok Online, including enemies... | News | Dev


S'pore-made PS Vita games in the works

1056 days 9 hours ago - GAMERS can expect home-grown titles for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) handheld console in the near future ... | News | PSP


Disgaea 3 Return Download Pricing Announced

1075 days 12 hours ago - "The downloadable version of Disgaea 3 Return will sell for ¥5,000." Retail version sells at "MSRP of ¥6,090." | News | Dev


Many Full Res Screens of Disgaea 3 Return

1075 days 13 hours ago - 177 images from Disgaea 3 Return for the PS Vita. | News | Dev


Analyst Expects 2.5 Million PS Vitas This Year, 5000 Yen Loss Per System

1080 days 15 hours ago - While Sony has yet to make public how many PlayStation Vita systems it plans on selling this year, SMBC Nikko Securities analyst Kazuharu Miura sha... | News | Tech


Vita Concept Approval SHOCK!

1087 days ago - Richard Hill-Whittall (from Indy development company Icon games) explains his experiences working with SCEE on recent PS Vita projects. Light is sh... | Article | PSP


Studio has confirmed to Develop, PS Vita dev kits given for free.

1092 days 5 hours ago - Apple and Microsoft 'unresponsive', says Rubicon, but Sony 'is engaged with mobile devs' ... | News | PC


PS vita RAM cut won't hurt studios - Novarama

1096 days 7 hours ago - 'The first PSP had 32 MG of RAM and we have about ten times that now’, says studio boss ... | News | Industry


Sony details PS Vita's online modes

1099 days 1 hour ago - Sony has revealed more information on PlayStation Vita's online modes Near, Party, LiveArea and Activity ... | News | Mobile


Play PlayStation Vita at Tokyo Game Show

1099 days 9 hours ago - You were probably expecting PlayStation Vita to have a major presence in Sony's booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show. You were right. Sony Computer... | News | PSP


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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