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Mirror's Edge 2 & Mass Effect 4 to release by April 2016 - Pachter

12 days 13 hours ago - Mass Effect 4 and Mirror's Edge 2 will release before the end of March 2016, industry analyst Michael Pachter has predicted. In a new report pos... | News | PC


Deep Silver will pay you £50 to be in Homefront: The Revolution

24 days 23 hours ago - Ever wished you could be in a video game? Now you can. Deep Silver Dambuster has launched a new initiative inviting men and women to have their fac... | News | PC


Deep Down development has been "one step forward, two steps back", says Capcom

31 days 14 hours ago - Development of PS4 free-to-play online action game Deep Down has been an uphill battle for the team at Capcom, the game's organising producer and s... | News | PS4


'There are games coming out this gen that will look much better than The Order' - Ready At Dawn

62 days 10 hours ago - The Order: 1886 may have already earned praise for its impressive visuals, but there are games in development for this generation of consoles that... | News | PS4


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Battlefield 4 Premium content calendar extended to December 2015

103 days 14 hours ago - Battlefield 4 Premium's content calendar has been extended to December 2015, suggesting that DICE may have plans to roll out new content for 2013's... | News | PC


Assassin's Creed: Rogue Review - VideoGamer

156 days 22 hours ago - VideoGamer writes: "Rogue isn’t quite the full-fat follow up to Black Flag that I wanted it to be, but it’s also not the throwaway, B-team release... | Review | Xbox 360


SkySaga is like Minecraft, only prettier

159 days 13 hours ago - Minecraft is totally dominant in the sandbox game world, but Microsoft's recent acquisition could soon have a competitor in the shape of Radiant Wo... | News | PC


Australian New Nintendo 3DS consoles will play UK games, confirms Nintendo

208 days 13 hours ago - UK and European gamers who want to get their hands on a New Nintendo 3DS this year without the hassles of region locking can import one from Austra... | News | 3DS


Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode & add-on DLC detailed

214 days 18 hours ago - Alien: Isolation's Survivor Mode and five supporting DLC packs have been announced by SEGA and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. Survivor... | News | Wii


GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One has a 'provisional release date' of November 1, says GAME

235 days 9 hours ago - The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 have a "provisional release date" of November 1, according to a tweet from GAME. G... | News | PC


EA may bring The Sims 4 to other platforms

256 days 9 hours ago - EA will "explore the possibility" of porting The Sims 4 to other platforms once the PC version has launched and is "playing well", producer Ryan Va... | News | PC


What if Sean Bean had his GoldenEye 64 face in real life?

257 days 13 hours ago - Following Sean Bean's comments that his head in GoldenEye 64 "looks a bit square", VideoGamer wondered what the actor's portfolio would look like i... | Article | Culture


Halo: The Master Chief Collection MJOLNIR Edition will set you back £170

257 days 16 hours ago - GAME has opened up pre-orders for two Halo: The Master Chief Collection special editions: the Limited Edition at £52.99 and the MJOLNIR Edition whi... | News | Xbox One


Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie bundle available now on Xbox 360

284 days 19 hours ago - A digital bundle containing the first two Banjo-Kazooie games is now available to download on Xbox 360 for £11.99. The bundle includes N64 class... | News | Xbox 360


PES 2015 'locked at 1080p/60fps' on PS4 – but Konami hesitant on Xbox One performance

291 days 11 hours ago - The PlayStation 4 version of PES 2015 will run at 1080p/60fps, Konami has confirmed to VideoGamer.com, but the publisher remains hesitant over whet... | News | PS4


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Tactical Taco Party Pack launches tomorrow on Xbox One/360

294 days 8 hours ago - A new DLC pack for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will be available to download on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for free from tomorrow, July 1, Micros... | News | Xbox 360


Microsoft's Xbox One E3 2014 Secrets Revealed? Parody Video

318 days 12 hours ago - VideoGamer.com's Bratterz and his Auld Da secure an exclusive interview ahead of Microsoft's big E3 conference. Discover a... surprising new direct... | Video | Xbox One


PS4 at E3 2014 - Sony Victorious: The Trailer

318 days 12 hours ago - PS4 at E3 2014! Hubris! Sony! What have they got in store for us? Dunno. Nintendo and Xbox might as well not bother turning up. | Video | PS4


Mario Kart 8 Beginner's Guide Tips and Tricks

325 days 15 hours ago - A helping hand to get your started on the newest entry in the Mario Kart franchise, plus seven video guides on how to achieve the best lap times. | Article | Wii U


Watch Dogs comparison – E3 2012 vs the PS4 retail release

328 days 2 hours ago - Watch Dogs shot to the attention of both the media and the gamer back at E3 2012 with what can only be described as a drop dead gorgeous demonstrat... | Video | PC


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