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Lord of the Fallen Hands-on Preview [PSU]

2 hours ago - PSU goes hands-on with the upcoming hack 'n slash action game. | Preview | PS4


The Division dev talks four-player groups, Vita app and keeping gamers playing 'for years' to come

20 hours ago - Tom Clancy's The Division developer talks about post-launch support, launching the companion app on Vita and four-player co-op groups. | News | PS4


Far Cry 4 PlayStation exclusive 'Keys to Kryat' offer 'unlimited sessions'

22 hours ago - Ubisoft Massive clarifies details about the two hour free gameplay time for those who have one of the Kryat keys. | News | PS3


The Division takes 'full advantage' of PS4, 'it's an amazing machine,' says Ubisoft Massive

22 hours ago - Ubisoft Massive praises PS4, though says that there's still more they can do with the graphics in future games. | News | PS4


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10 video game characters who dress to impress

1 day 5 hours ago - Who are the best dressed characters in gaming? PSU chooses its favourites. | Opinion piece | Industry


Hatred dev talks about bringing its controversial shooter to PS4 and Xbox One

4 days 1 hour ago - Controversial new shooter featuring mass murder of civilians could make it to consoles, confirms indie studio. | News | PC


North American PlayStation Store Preview (PS4, PS3, Vita games) – October 21

4 days 3 hours ago - The PlayStation Store preview is official with the expected line-up of games to hit the North American store next week. | News | PS3


GTA V Glacier White and Black PS4 bundle available in November

4 days 23 hours ago - GTA V Glacier white bundle confirmed by PlayStation France | News | PS4


Skylanders: Trap Team Review [PSU]

4 days 23 hours ago - PSU takes the new Skylanders game for a spin in the PS4 review. | Review | Xbox 360


#GamerGate and MSNBC: Understanding the culture war

5 days 21 hours ago - PSU takes a look at #gamergate and how it fits into social-conflict theory. | Article | Industry


F1 2014 review [PSU]

6 days ago - "New cars are fun to drive and it's as accessible as ever, but F1 2014 has largely failed to evolve beyond past games in the series." | Review | Xbox 360


NBA 2K15 review - [PSU]

6 days 22 hours ago - "NBA 2K15 brings a milestone performance with enhanced presentation across the board. Only server lag and long loading screens keep 2K15 from a spo... | Review | PS4


5 video games that will make you cry with laughter

6 days 23 hours ago - PSU chooses its top five funniest games of all-time. | Opinion piece | Culture


Is PlayStation Plus good value for money? Would you pay more? PlayStation audience reacts

7 days 1 hour ago - PSU poses the question to PlayStation readers. Many express an overall dissatisfaction with Network service and would only pay more with major chan... | Article | PS3


How to kick ass on Destiny with a Titan

7 days 6 hours ago - PSU's resident Destiny expert provides tips and a video of him opening up a can of whoop-ass on his fellow players. | Article | Xbox 360


Assassin's Creed Rogue new story trailer

7 days 21 hours ago - The latest trailer delves into the story of Assassin’s Creed Rogue and discovers more about Shay’s personal journey from Assassin to Templar. | Trailer | Xbox 360


'A whole lot of Power' - introducing PlayStation's exclusive cop drama

8 days 18 hours ago - PlayStation Plus cop drama Powers showcased with TV tie-in. | News | PS4


The Evil Within was 'so terrifying he had to turn it off!' says Sony

9 days 1 hour ago - Sony hypes up The Evil Within's scare-factor, stating an employee was so scared he had to turn it off within 20 minutes. | News | Xbox 360


North American PlayStation Store Preview (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) - October 14

10 days 3 hours ago - The list of games for the PlayStation Store in North America next week has been made official. | News | PS3


Pix The Cat Review - A solid contender for Game of The Year [PSU]

10 days 22 hours ago - PlayStation Universe reviews Pix The Cat. "A classic arcade puzzler with gameplay compounded by a tremendous amount of scope for mastery and bli... | Review | PS4


PS4 Game Release Dates

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