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2014′s Racing Elite: Why Driveclub, Forza Horizon 2, Project Cars and The Crew Will Be Great

13 hours ago - CraveOnline: "If you’re a fan of racing games, the rest of 2014 is going to be good to you. There are four racing titles coming out before the end... | Opinion piece | PC


Heroes of the Storm is the Next Big Thing in Online Multiplayer Gaming

3 days 12 hours ago - CraveOnline: "Just a few weeks ago I was invited to join the Heroes of the Storm alpha. Hopping in to play it I had high expectations; it’s a Blizz... | Opinion piece | PC


Rumor: Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle to Strike This Holiday Season

6 days 17 hours ago - CraveOnline: "Want an Xbox One, but waiting for a bundle before jumping in? This holiday season may have something for you." | Rumor | Xbox One


Battlefield: Hardline Devs Address 10 Most Common Beta Concerns

9 days 14 hours ago - CraveOnline: "EA's delivery of Battlefield: Hardline's beta during E3 caught a lot of gamers by surprise. It was announced only weeks prior, and at... | News | PC


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Now - Drew takes on some paranormal investigation. | Promoted post

Our 10 Most Anticipated Games for the Second Half of 2014 and Why

15 days 7 hours ago - CraveOnline: "We're heading into the second half of 2014 in just a few days, and it's time to start looking at what video games it has to offer. Th... | Opinion piece | PC


Will the E3 Press Conference Soon Be Obsolete?

19 days 13 hours ago - CraveOnline: "Can you think of a single instance where your console maker of choice unequivocally “won” E3 consecutive years in a row? I can’t. I’d... | Opinion piece | E3


GTA V Mod Adds First Person View, Shows Huge Potential for Virtual Reality

19 days 16 hours ago - CraveOnline: "YouTube user XBLToothPik has developed a mod for Grand Theft Auto V which adds first-person view support to the game. Surprisingly, t... | Video | Xbox 360


Hey Nintendo, You Should Make More HD Remastered Games for Wii U

21 days 9 hours ago - CraveOnline: "As with a lot of things, Nintendo was late to the party with HD remasters; while Sony introduced the God of War Collection in 2009, i... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Guinness World Record's Largest Video Game Collection Sells for $750,250

24 days 12 hours ago - CraveOnline: "You may have seen Michael Thomasson in an image or two during the past few years. He's the man with the largest video game collection... | News | Culture


Top 10 Best Games of E3 By Category

27 days 21 hours ago - CraveOnline: "During the past three days we've played hundreds of games, some that we were already excited to play before entering the E3 halls. Wh... | Opinion piece | PC


Abyss Odyssey Hands-On Preview | CraveOnline

30 days 10 hours ago - CraveOnline: "E3 2014 is still young, but that certainly doesn’t take away from Abyss Odyssey’s place as my favorite hands-on of the show thus far.... | Preview | PC


Aisha Tyler is Boycotting Destiny Because “it is like Halo and Halo 4 had a baby”

30 days 10 hours ago - CraveOnline: "Actress and comedian Aisha Taylor has gone on record to say she won't be playing Destiny. Why? Becuase it looks like Halo, only next-... | News | Culture


Here’s the Scoop on the Wii U’s Gamecube Controller Adapter

30 days 10 hours ago - CraveOnline: "In case you didn't know, an official Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter is coming to the Wii U. Nintendo fans have been asking for... | News | Wii U


Yoshida’s Response to The Last Guardian Being a No Show Indicates Development Hell

30 days 11 hours ago - CraveOnline: "It was only days ago that IGN fooled the gaming community into thinking The Last Guardian was canceled. It wasn't all that surprising... | Opinion piece | PS3


E3 2014: Sony vs. Microsoft – Which Press Conference was Better?

31 days 13 hours ago - CraveOnline: "Sony and Microsoft both held strong press conferences at E3 2014, with Sony continuing on from the tour de force that it displayed fo... | Opinion piece | PS4


Doom 4 Gets a Teaser Trailer, Meet the Cyberdemon

31 days 15 hours ago - CraveOnline: "So where is Doom 4? Well, for one, it's not called Doom 4, it's simply called Doom. Secondly, we have a teaser trailer to show that i... | Trailer | PC


WildStar Review - The New MMO Standard | CraveOnline

33 days 10 hours ago - CraveOnline: "It's almost hard to believe, but it's been seven years since NCSoft acquired Carbine Studios who at the time was working on an unanno... | Review | PC


Can Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain “Win” E3 2014?

34 days 10 hours ago - CraveOnline: "It’s amusing to think of Shigeru Miyamoto as a primary influence on Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima. Though a professed admirer of... | Opinion piece | Culture


Tomodachi Life Review | CraveOnline

35 days 3 hours ago - CraveOnline: "Back in April, Nintendo revealed Tomodachi Life with what was arguably the most hilarious debut trailer gamers have ever seen. It dep... | Review | 3DS


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review | CraveOnline

35 days 14 hours ago - CraveOnline: "Games that afford the player ghostly powers can be extremely compelling on paper. Remember Geist? Good times. The game was an interes... | Review | PC


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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