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New Minecraft import tool announced for Spark Rising

842 days 18 hours ago - Wicked Loot has announced an all new feature for their upcoming indie game Spark Rising. Minecraft fans can now import their creations into Spark R... | Video | PC


Spark Rises Up

855 days 11 hours ago - Announcing an all new indie game Spark Rising, which mixes build + battle game mechanics, inspired by Minecraft and Star Wars Battlefront | News | PC


Blizzard brings group training, replays to Heart of the Swarm

1100 days 12 hours ago - With the upcoming Heart of the Swarm expansion, Blizzard plans to introduce better tools that will teach players to succeed in their online skirmis... | News | PC


How Legend of Grimrock hooked its hardcore fans all over again with mod tools

1102 days 2 hours ago - Legend of Grimrock was already a sleeper hit among indie gamers. With the launch of the mod tools, the game saw a massive bump in activity due to t... | Article | PC


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Case Study: Call of Duty Elite

1108 days 23 hours ago - An in-depth review of the Call of Duty Elite service in its current state. With COD Elite going through an evolution since its launch over a year a... | Article | PC


Riot's solution to rowdy players - PB&J

1119 days 10 hours ago - Dealing with gamers who get out of hand is something Riot has to deal with all the time. Riot Games realizes that it needs to regulate this intensi... | Article | PC


Why Double Fine doesn’t keep secrets from its players

1121 days 22 hours ago - In the wake of its record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, Double Fine Productions has finally embraced opening up lines of communication with its co... | Article | PC


How the DayZ mod brought ARMA II back to life

1123 days 23 hours ago - This analysis looks at the dramatic impact that the DayZ mod had on the game Arma II. Includes graphs that show how gameplay spiked for the game lo... | Article | PC


Indie Design Tip: Your Game Should Piss Someone Off

1233 days 3 hours ago - For an indie game developer to stand out in today's crowded market, they must do everything they can to cater to the gamers that matter to them at... | Article | Culture


Two Indie Devs on Indie Game: The Movie

1239 days 7 hours ago - Two indie game developers review Indie Games: The Movie and provide very different insight into why the movie is so important to the gaming industry. | Review | PC


10 Indie Darlings for Your Steam Collection

1242 days 13 hours ago - The PC has a lot of indie titles in its enormous library to choose from. Picking a decent game out of the sea of crap is a tough nut to crack. We p... | Article | PC

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