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DirectX 12 Lights Up NVIDIA’s Maxwell Launch

32 days 4 hours ago - Microsoft: "Our mission in the DirectX team is to provide the best graphics API in the world and have it work on as many graphics cards as possible... | Article | PC


NVIDIA GeForce 344.11 WHQL Driver Released - Game-Ready For The Evil Within & Alien: Isolation

32 days 5 hours ago - NVIDIA has released a new set of drivers for its graphics cards. This is the first drivers that officially support Maxwell, and are described as th... | News | PC


Far Cry 4 & Assassin's Creed: Unity - Exclusive PC Graphical Features Unveiled

32 days 5 hours ago - It’s no secret that Ubisoft has a special relationship with NVIDIA. After all, almost all the PC versions of Ubisoft’s titles came with some exclus... | News | PC


Battlefield: Hardline - 'Hotwire' Screenshots

32 days 6 hours ago - Electronic Arts has released a new set of screenshots for Battlefield: Hardline's Hotwire mode. | Screenshot | PC


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - PC Version To Be Shown For The First Time During Nvidia's Event

32 days 8 hours ago - During a Reddit AMA, Monolith revealed that the PC version of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will be shown during Nvidia’s GAME24 event. | News | PC


Ryse: Son of Rome - Here Are 45 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From The PC Version

32 days 14 hours ago - YouTube’s member ‘Fantomena’ has shared a video, showcasing 30-45 minutes of gameplay footage from the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome. | Video | PC


NVIDIA GTX980 Will Cost $549 & NVIDIA GTX970 Will Cost $329, Available From Today

32 days 14 hours ago - NVIDIA has just announced that GTX980 will cost %549 while its little brother (the GTX970) will cost $329. | News | PC


FINAL FANTASY XIII - PC Requirements Revealed + First PC Screenshots

32 days 20 hours ago - Square Enix has also released some new screenshots, as well as the PC requirements for FINAL FANTASY XIII, that can be viewed below. | News | PC


Speedrunner Finishes Halo: CE Legendary In Just One & A Half Hours, Making A New World Record

33 days 2 hours ago - YouTube's 'TheDeadaTTicus' has managed to finished Halo: Combat Evolved in just one and a half hours (in Legendary difficulty). As of this moment,... | Video | PC


Torment: Tides of Numenera - First Gameplay Trailer Released

33 days 9 hours ago - Torment fans, get ready for a treat. inXile Entertainment has just released the first gameplay trailer for Torment: Tides of Numenera, giving us th... | Trailer | PC


Transverse - Kickstarter Campaign At Only 1% After An Entire Week, 22 Days To Reach Its New Goal

33 days 12 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Man, things are definitely not looking good for Piranha Games. Last week, we informed you about the non-existent support from Pi... | News | PC


The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria Enters Closed Beta Phase

33 days 12 hours ago - Ubisoft and Blue Byte launched today the English language version of the Closed Beta for The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria. | News | PC


Ryse: Son of Rome - PC/Xbox One Differences Unveiled; Higher Quality Textures & Better LOD Levels

33 days 17 hours ago - As Crytek unveiled, the PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome will come with higher levels of LOD setiings, meaning that the transition of LOD will be su... | News | PC


FIFA 15 Latest Trailer Focuses On The Newly Added Features Of Its Ultimate Team Mode

34 days 2 hours ago - EA Sports has released a new trailer for FIFA 15 that focuses on its Ultimate Team mode. | Trailer | PC


The Crew - Biggest Development Difficulties, Won't Feature Dynamic Weather, DLC Strategy Detailed

34 days 6 hours ago - During a recent Q&A interview, The Crew's Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, answered a number of questions from Ubisoft's fans. | News | PC


Here Is What Metal Gear Solid Could Look Like In Unreal Engine 4, Will Leave You Speechless

34 days 13 hours ago - Metal Gear Solid and Unreal Engine 4 fans, get ready for a treat. Polycount’s member ‘The_Distiller‘ has shared some images from a project he’s bee... | Screenshot | PC


Chrome Engine 6 To Be Shown Publically For The First Time, Hellraid Livestream Confirmed

35 days 3 hours ago - Techland announced today a new live stream for its upcoming FPP hack’n’slash title Hellraid. For the first time ever, the game will be shown public... | News | PC


Super Mario World Meets Mortal Kombat In This Amazing Mashup

35 days 5 hours ago - YouTube’s ‘NicksplosionFX’ has shared a new video that blends Super Mario World and Mortal Kombat together. This video shows Shang Tsung he fightin... | Video | PC


GRID Autosport - Touring Car Legends Expansion Pack Out Now

35 days 5 hours ago - Codemasters released today the ‘Touring Car Legends’ expansion pack for GRID Autosport, available in the online marketplace for X360, for PC from S... | News | PC


Mortal Kombat 1/2/Ultimate 3 Recreated In GZDoom, New Beta Version & Video Released

35 days 23 hours ago - Alongside his amazing Donkey Kong Country mod for GZDoom, DooMero has also shared a new video from his Mortal Kombat Compilation mod for GZDoom. | Video | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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