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Here Is DONTNOD's "Remember Me" Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

21 days 13 hours ago - DONTNOD’s Remember Me is an overlooked game from the previous generation that did not attract the attention of gamers. As a result of that, Polycou... | Screenshot | PC


Grand Theft Auto V - New PC Update Released

21 days 16 hours ago - Rockstar has released a new update for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. This new patch is 400MB in size and will be auto-downloaded from Steam... | News | PC


Here Is Super Mario Powered By NVIDIA's HairWorks Tech In UE4 + Super Mario NVIDIA Flex Techdemo

21 days 19 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘CryZENx’ has shared two really interesting and fun Unreal Engine 4 demos. The first demo shows NVIDIA’s HairWo... | News | PC


GDC Survey Shows PC Being The Most Popular Platform, Followed By Mobile & Current-Gen Consoles

21 days 19 hours ago - GDC Europe 2015 is just around the corner and a new official survey surfaced, showing the PC as the most popular platform for developers. This surv... | News | PC


Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (XB1) Review

Now - Ken revisits the fourth entry in the saga of Dante (and Nero). | Promoted post

Mortal Kombat X - New Update Removes Frame Skipping, Adds New Secret Brutalities

21 days 21 hours ago - NetherRealm Studios and High Voltage Software have released a new patch for the PC version of Mortal Kombat X. | News | PC


F1 2015 - First PC Gameplay Footage Revealed

22 days 3 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, we informed you about the PC requirements of F1 2015. And today, we present you the first PC gameplay footage from th... | Video | PC


ARK: Survival Evolved - Custom Mod Editor Now Available

22 days 7 hours ago - Studio Wildcard announced today its partnership with Epic Games to bring the full power of the Unreal Engine 4’s tools and development resources to... | News | PC


F1 2015 - Official PC Requirements Revealed - DX11-Only, Requires 64Bit OS & Quad-Core CPU

23 days 1 hour ago - F1 2015 releases in a couple of days and Codemasters unveiled the game’s official PC requirements via its Steam page. | News | PC


The Sims 4, ARK: Survival Evolved & Galactic Civilizations III Are This Week’s Best Selling PC Games

23 days 4 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "The latest PC UK retail, Steam Digital and Green Man Gaming charts have been revealed and as we can see, The Sims 4, ARK: Surviv... | News | PC


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Patch 1.07 Coming Later This Week, Key Features Revealed

23 days 15 hours ago - CD Projekt RED has just announced that a new patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released later this week. | News | PC


Unreal Engine 4 Gets Lovely Fan-Made Real-Time Tech Demo

24 days 7 hours ago - MARZA ANIMATION PLANET has released a video, showing an incredible real-time tech demo for Unreal Engine 4. | Video | PC


NVIDIA Hairworks Version 1.1 Showcased, Using 500K Hair & Rendered On A Single GTX980

24 days 19 hours ago - NVIDIA has released a new video, showing long Hair being simulated and rendered in real-time using NVIDIA HairWorks 1.1. | Video | PC


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - New Beautiful Screenshots From Latest Alpha Version

24 days 19 hours ago - Warhorse has released a new build for its backers and NeoGAF’s member ‘Denton‘ has shared some screenshots from it. | Screenshot | PC


Grand Theft Auto V - Gionight Shows Beautiful Modded Screenshots

25 days 15 hours ago - Gionight, best known for his incredible modded screenshots for Skyrim, has been experimenting with ENBSeries for GTA V and released his first set o... | Screenshot | PC


DSOGaming - Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm - First Impressions + Jet Full Playthrough

25 days 15 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm is a new fighting game that releases in a couple of days and - contrary to pretty much all other... | Review | PC


Halo Online - Unofficial V4.7 Released - Adds Voice Chat, In-game/global Text Chat & Server Browser

25 days 22 hours ago - A new unofficial version of Halo Online hit the Internet a couple of hours ago. This new version can be downloaded via the game’s launcher as all f... | News | PC


Elite: Dangerous - Gamers Claim Downgrade-ation In Latest Build, Frontier Responds

26 days 3 hours ago - Frontier replied to those claims and shed some light on what exactly is going on, and whether the PC version was downgraded due to the upcoming Xbo... | News | PC


Resident Evil 4 HD Project - New Comparison Screenshots Revealed

26 days 5 hours ago - Chris and Albert released some new comparison screenshots between Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition and their HD modded version that is currently... | Screenshot | PC


Next Car Game: Wreckfest - Gamers Report Downgraded Visuals After The Introduction Of The New Engine

26 days 20 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Two days ago, we informed you about the highly anticipated update for Next Car Game: Wreckfest. This update introduced a new DX1... | Screenshot | PC

Need For Speed E3 2015 Trailer Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

28 days 2 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Raven West’ has informed us about the following video, showing Need For Speed’s E3 2015 trailer being recreated in G... | Video | PC


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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