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Watch_Dogs - New Screenshots From "TheWorse Enhanced Reality" Mod Look Spectacular

10 days 12 hours ago - Guru3D’s member ‘Lunayah’ has shared a new set of screenshots from the upcoming version of his mod that is based on TheWorse’s mod. | Screenshot | PC


Rock Simulator 2014 Gets Official Trailer

10 days 13 hours ago - Believe it or not, Strange Panther Games has released the official trailer for Rock Simulator 2014. Rock Simulator 2014 will be a free game and the... | Trailer | PC


Project CARS - New Videos Show Off WIP Volumetric Lighting (God Rays)

11 days 4 hours ago - YouTube’s member ‘Darren White’ has shared some videos from a new build of Project CARS, showing off the volumetric lighting effects that are curre... | Video | PC


Divinity: Original Sin Is Now Available

11 days 9 hours ago - Larian Studios has just announced that Divinity: Original Sin is now available on Steam. | News | PC


Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Now - Drew dives into the 467th iteration of Street Fighter IV. | Promoted post

H-Hour: World's Elite - Spiritual Successor To SOCOM - New Video Shows Off Unreal Engine 4 Build

11 days 20 hours ago - A couple of days ago, SOF Studios revealed that it has moved H-Hour: World's Elite - the spiritual successor to SOCOM - to Unreal Engine 4. In orde... | Video | PC


Grand Theft Auto V - First Trailer Recreated In Real Life

12 days 5 hours ago - YouTube’s Zapruder Pictures has recreated the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto V in real life. Surprisingly enough, the end result is a p... | Video | PC


DSOGaming - Sniper Elite 3 – PC Performance Analysis

12 days 13 hours ago - Sniper Elite 3 has just been released and Rebellion was kind enough to provide us with a review code, so it’s time to see how this new shooter perf... | Review | PC


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Gets Honest Trailer

13 days 16 hours ago - Smosh Games has shared an Honest Trailer for Activision’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. | Trailer | PC


DSOGaming - GRID: Autosport – PC Performance Analysis

14 days 6 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "GRID: Autosport has just been released and it’s time to see how this new racer performs on the PC platform. Codemasters claimed... | Review | PC


These Skyrim Modded Screenshots Give Us A Glimpse At What The Next Elder Scrolls Game May Look Like

14 days 7 hours ago - ENBSeries members electricsheep26354, Gionight, kaffeekranz, LucidAPs, saltr, Unreal, WoodsOfYpres and YetiASX have shared the following screenshot... | Screenshot | PC


Watch_Dogs: Kadzait24's E3 Mod 5 Beta 0.3 Released - Adds Subsurface Scattering, Improves Explosions

15 days 5 hours ago - There are currently two mods via which you can enhance Watch_Dogs’ visuals. One comes from Guru3D’s member TheWorse and the other one comes from an... | News | PC


Styx: Master of Shadows - 15 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Unveiled

15 days 10 hours ago - Focus Home Interactive has released a 15-minute video for Cyanide’s Styx: Master of Shadows that is packed with pure gameplay footage. | Video | PC


New Watch_Dogs Mod - Based On TheWorse 0.8 - Brings Dynamic Rendered Rain, Fixes & Denser Particles

16 days 5 hours ago - The latest version of TheWorse’s mod for Watch_Dogs had major bugs that – unfortunately – were not resolved. PC gamers reported ‘weird’ trees issue... | News | PC


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Boxed Edition To Be Published By Nordic Games

16 days 7 hours ago - Nordic Games announced today that it will be publish a retail version for The Astronauts’ upcoming title, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. | News | PC


Alien: Isolation - Official E3 Accolades Trailer

16 days 7 hours ago - SEGA has released a new trailer for Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation. | Trailer | PC


Unreal Engine 4 - "Rivalry" Tech Demo Shows Amazing Visuals For Mobile Devices

16 days 14 hours ago - Epic Games has released a new video, showing off a new tech demo for mobile devices. This demo shows what's possible when PC-class gaming technolog... | Video | Android


Survarium Devs Accuse Aeral Devs Of "fraudulent claim of being the developers of Stalker or Metro"

16 days 17 hours ago - West Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the supposedly ‘definitive spiritual successor’ to the STALKER series, called Aeral. The team ai... | News | PC


Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - First Official Gameplay Trailer Released

17 days 2 hours ago - As promised, Konami has officially released the first gameplay trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. | Trailer | PC


Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - First Official Screenshots Released

17 days 4 hours ago - Konami has just released the first set of screenshots for its upcoming soccer game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. | Screenshot | PC


AMD Catalyst 14.6 RC2 Driver Released, Comes With Performance Improvements In Latest Games

17 days 10 hours ago - AMD has released a new set of drivers for its graphics cards. According to the release notes, AMD’s Catalyst 14.6 RC2 driver comes with performance... | News | PC


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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