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Assassin's Creed: Unity - New Leaked Beta Video Shows 10 Minutes Of Gameplay

6 days ago - YouTube’s ‘nivek elia’ has leaked a new video from the closed beta phase of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, showing 10 minutes of gameplay footage. | Video | PC


The Crew Will Support 5760*1080 Resolutions On PC, Targets 30FPS, Hard-Lock Via XML At 60FPS

6 days 4 hours ago - The second closed beta phase of The Crew is currently under way and some new information about the PC version of the game has surfaced. | News | PC


Titan Souls - New 2D Retro Isometric Action Adventure - Gets New Screenshots + Trailer

6 days 12 hours ago - Devolver has released a new set of screenshots and a trailer for its upcoming 2D retro action adventure, Titan Souls. | Screenshot | PC


Watch_Dogs Invades Grand Theft Auto IV - Part #2

7 days 19 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Our reader 'Jonathan Gustafsson' has brought to our attention a new version of JulioNIB's Watch_Dogs mod for GTA IV. Do note tha... | Video | PC


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Breaking Bad Cabin Environment Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 - Screenshots + Video

7 days 21 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘beyondthesun’ has informed us about a Breaking Bad Cabin environment that was created in Unreal Engine 4." | Screenshot | PC


You Won't Believe How Mind-Blowing GTA IV Looks With Custom HD Texture Packs & Mods

8 days 18 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "GTA V is almost upon us and while the PC version – alongside the Xbox One and the PS4 versions – will feature better visuals tha... | Screenshot | PC


The Witcher 3 Won't Feature Branching Stories, Grid-Based Inventory, No Auto-Scaling For Monsters

9 days 17 hours ago - CD Projekt RED has unveiled some new interesting details about its upcoming highly anticipated RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. | News | PC


NBA 2K15 - New Screenshots Revealed

9 days 17 hours ago - 2K Games has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming basketball title, NBA 2K15. | Screenshot | PC


Legend of Grimrock 2 Enters Beta Phase

9 days 22 hours ago - Almost Human has announced that their dungeon crawling sequel Legend of Grimrock 2 is now officially in beta. | News | PC


Sniper Elite 3 - Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast - Screenshots + Trailer

9 days 23 hours ago - Rebellion has released some new screenshots and a launch trailer for Sniper Elite 3 - Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast. | Screenshot | PC


Dragon Age: Inquisition Won't Support Armor/Weapon Decay, Limits Gamers To Class-Restricted Weapons

10 days 2 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Bioware has revealed a new Q&A in which the development team answered some questions from its community. Unfortunately - and fro... | News | PC


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - 13-Minute "Commented" Gameplay Footage

10 days 16 hours ago - The Astronauts has released a new 13-minute gameplay video for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. | Video | PC


F1 2014 - Austrian Red Bull Ring Hot Lap

10 days 19 hours ago - Codemasters has released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming F1 game, F1 2014. | Video | PC


Epic Games Shows Incredible New Anti-Aliasing Technique - Screenshots + Video Comparison

10 days 23 hours ago - Epic Games has revealed some comparison screenshots and a video for its new anti-aliasing technique that was first used in its Infiltrator Tech Demo. | News | PC


Project CARS On Oculus Rift DK2 Shows Why VR Gaming Is The Next Biggest Thing

11 days 1 hour ago - If there is one video that will make you a VR believer, then it’s undoubtedly the following one. YouTube’s ‘Betta Lines’ has shared a video showing... | Video | PC


Unreal Engine 4 Achieves Photorealistic Graphics That Will Leave You Speechless

11 days 6 hours ago - YouTube’s member ‘koooolalala’ has been experimenting with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, and has released a number of videos showing off the incredible I... | Video | PC


AMD Showcases Crysis 3 & Battlefield 4 Running On Laptops Via Cloud Gaming

11 days 17 hours ago - AMD has released a new video, in which Alex Nataros, CEO of Leap Computing, explain the technologies behind cloud gaming and the benefits of what i... | Video | PC


New Trailer For Topware's Raven's Cry, Shows FRAPS Indicator Of 10FPS

11 days 18 hours ago - DSOGaming writes: "Topware Interactive has released a new in-game trailer for Reality Pump’s upcoming pirate game, Raven’s Cry. What really caught... | Trailer | PC


Metro 2033/Last Light Original Versus Redux - First Comparison Screenshots & Video

12 days 3 hours ago - Metro Redux’s embargo has just been lifted and people have already started sharing comparison screenshots and videos between the original versions... | Screenshot | PC


Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 - First Screenshots From PC Build Unveiled

12 days 4 hours ago - As you may already know, the PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will be basically a hybrid of the old-gen and the current-gen versions. And to... | Screenshot | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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