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Saints Row IV (PC) Hands-on Preview - The Armchair Empire

382 days 6 hours ago - From the preview: "The in-world diversions don't seem to deviate too much from the side quests of Saints Row: The Third, as you'll still walk ou... | Preview | PC


Ted Price - Interview - The Armchair Empire

431 days 13 hours ago - From the interview that covers a range of topics, including Insomniac's upcoming Fuse: Q: With the next gen consoles on the horizon do you guys... | Interview | Xbox 360


Metro: Last Light - PC Review - The Armchair Empire

432 days 7 hours ago - From the review: "There are a couple of controversies attached to the game. One of them, I'm right there with a lot of the early reviews. Th... | Review | PC


Guacamelee! - PS3 Review - The Armchair Empire

446 days 12 hours ago - From the review: "Simply put, Guacamelee! is a fun game with a great colour palette, excellent combat and plenty of laughs." | Review | PS3


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - PC Preview - The Armchair Empire

447 days 13 hours ago - From the preview: "It's kind of odd the reference to hunting though. I didn't see any gameplay mechanics or powers that allowed Van Helsing to a... | Preview | PC


BioShock Infinite Review - PC - The Armchair Empire

460 days 18 hours ago - From the review: "BioShock Infinite is a really neat game, which I'm glad I played. I'm not convinced it has somehow reshaped the genre or will... | Review | PC


Tomb Raider - Playstation 3 Review - The Armchair Empire

466 days 22 hours ago - From the review: "I remember seeing Tomb Raider back at E3 last June. As I sat and watched the demo, I remember being cautiously optimistic as t... | Review | PS3


BioShock Infinite - (Fake) Review - The Armchair Empire

482 days 1 hour ago - From the satirical review: "This brings us to the conclusion of BioShock Infinite, which is so moving, so soul-wrenching that even the most inte... | Article | PC


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 3DS Review - The Armchair Empire

488 days ago - From the review: "Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is more than just a philosophical examination of life after death, a treatise on the supernatural a... | Review | 3DS


Feature: Collecting - God of War

525 days 12 hours ago - Written by Syd Bolton, this feature offers a handy collection checklist of God of War items and breaks down some lesser-known collectibles and God... | Article | PS3


Seduce Me - PC Review - ACE

557 days 17 hours ago - From the review: "The game itself doesn't possess enough personality (or challenge) on its own to stand out as unique in the admittedly small fi... | Review | PC


"Gaming Enthusiast Press Awards" Launches

564 days 3 hours ago - From the release: "Vancouver, BC – January 1, 2013 – The Armchair Empire is pleased to announce the official launch of the Gaming Enthusiast Pr... | News | Industry


Call of Duty: Black Ops II - PS3 Review - ACE

570 days 15 hours ago - From the Review: "...this is by far the deepest Zombies mode to date and those who love the mode are going to get their money's worth." | Review | PS3


"This Generation" Part V - Open World Games - ACE

576 days 4 hours ago - From the feature: In this multi-part feature, the writer takes a look at hallmarks of "this generation" of games and consoles. This article focu... | Article | Industry


XCOM: Enemy Unknown - PC Review - ACE

585 days 12 hours ago - From the Review: "It's in those moments that I think XCOM doesn't punish the player for making a mistake so much as motivate them to finish the... | Review | PC


"This Generation" Part I - Meaningless Rewards - ACE

592 days 9 hours ago - In this multi-part feature, the writer takes a look at hallmarks of "this generation" of games and consoles. This article focuses on the rise of Me... | Article | PC


Hitman: Absolution - PC Review - ACE

592 days 19 hours ago - From the Review: "Hitman: Aboslution is as close to being a gritty Roger Moore era James Bond reboot as you can get without infringing copyright... | Review | PC


Mass Effect 3 - Wii U Review - ACE

593 days 10 hours ago - From the review: "...those new to the franchise would be better served to pick up the Mass Effect Trilogy releases that came out at the same tim... | Review | Wii U


The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left - PC Review - ACE

602 days 8 hours ago - From the review: "Walking Dead isn't just Game of the Year material, it's one of those touchstone games that will continue to be referenced year... | Review | PC


Paper Mario: Sticker Star - 3DS Review - ACE

609 days 12 hours ago - From the Review: "Paper Mario: Sticker Star sure isn't like the Paper Mario games that have come before it. So much so, that's it's hard to thin... | Review | 3DS


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