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Xbox SmartGlass: did Microsoft just render the Wii U controller obsolete?

1216 days 13 hours ago - "One surefire way to make sure your company gets out in front of the E3 buzz? Launch a pre-pre-E3 press conference, of course. Nintendo was already... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Iwata and his posse were watching what you said during Nintendo Direct

1217 days 13 hours ago - "Nintendo really wants to make sure they hit it out of the park with Wii U. That's why Iwata and his special gang were manning computers during the... | News | Wii U


Mario Wii U footage indicates flying squirrel suit, baby Yoshi (maybe achievements)

1217 days 15 hours ago - "UPDATE - Some people are saying that the middle message might have to do with achievements. What do you guys have to say? Were these messages j... | Rumor | Wii U


GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 355

1217 days 20 hours ago - "The podcast before E3, which means we have all sorts of Wii U rumors! Hopefully my getting-over-sickness voice isn't too much to put up with. We e... | Podcast | Wii U


Check What Wii U and 3DS Titles are Coming Out in October

Now - Nintendo has a handful of interesting titles on offer across Wii U and 3DS systems for the orange-tinged month of October. Here's some hot picks th... | Promoted post

Top 10 Things We Want at E3: Nintendo - ScrewAttack

1218 days 5 hours ago - "Craig and Nick count down the top items they want to see from Nintendo at the biggest gaming event of the year! Want more? Check out ScrewAttack.c... | Video | Wii U


The mysterious phone call going out to Nintendo journalists

1218 days 6 hours ago - "Now, there's a bit of debate about what is being said in the message. I know the man says, "Have you heard about ________? If not...you will." Wha... | News | Wii U


Mario Kart Wii - The Best? The Worst? Doesn't Matter, Its Hours Destroy Like a Blue Turtle Shell

1218 days 6 hours ago - "Mario Kart Wii was released on April 27, 2008 in the U.S. with a MSRP of $49.99, and it was bundled with the Wii Wheel accessory. The game was dev... | News | Wii


More Wii U praise from Gearbox Software

1218 days 6 hours ago - ":Who’s up for a few more, upbeat Wii U comments from Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox Software? The studio once again had nothing but hi... | News | Wii U


Mad Dog McCree Coming Soon to the eShop

1220 days ago - "Digital Leisure and Engine Software are pleased announce that American Laser Games classic Mad Dog McCree will be availalbe through the Nintendo e... | News | 3DS


Next-Gen Console Wars: 10 Steps to Dominance for the Wii U

1220 days 8 hours ago - "With Nintendo's Wii follow-up, the Wii U, due at the end of this year, the talk of next-generation consoles is already crackling. Soon we'll be ov... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, & Mario? Mario Tennis' Hours Report

1220 days 8 hours ago - "What do tennis greats Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi have in common with Mario? Well, they all have at least one tennis video game with their name... | News | Wii


3DS Patent Covers Vibrating Stylus, New Kinds of Control

1220 days 9 hours ago - "Nintendo's filed a patent for a new kind of input on 3DS — one that requires no physical contact with the console at all. The application uses th... | News | Industry


THQ to Host E3 2012 Investor Meeting

1220 days 13 hours ago - "AGOURA HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that THQ’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Farrell, President, Jaso... | News | Industry


Zelda Williams hosting Legend of Zelda symphony at E3

1221 days 9 hours ago - "Talk about a really big deal. None of than Zelda Williams is going to be hosting the upcoming Legend of Zelda symphony at E3 2012. If you weren't... | News | E3


Did Wii Owners Enjoy Red Steel 2? What Do the Hours Say?

1221 days 13 hours ago - "Red Steel 2 has been out on the Wii for more than 2 years now. It was developed by Ubisoft's Paris studio, and published by Ubisoft. The game did... | News | Wii


Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Preview [NWR]

1222 days ago - "Rather than making a sequel that simply improves upon the original, Junction Point is electing to turn the entire formula on its head. “The re... | Preview | Wii


Amoebattle Review - Cubed3

1222 days 1 hour ago - "Amoebattle for the DSiWare service started off as a Nintendo exclusive, but ended up as an iOS title first before arrive on the DSi download store... | Review | Nintendo DS


Nintendo Selects: Pikmin 2 site open

1222 days 2 hours ago - "Nintendo has opened an official site for the Wii edition of Pikmin 2. You can read up on gameplay information, view screenshots, and more.", write... | News | Wii


E3 Countdown: Reggie’s greatest E3 moments

1222 days 2 hours ago - "While it’s obvious that we’re all looking forward to finding out more about the Wii U at E3, there’s also a reason we love Nintendo’s yearly confe... | Opinion piece | E3


Solid Fashion: "Metal Gear Solid" 25th Anniversary Shirts Make Their Way to Uniqlo

1222 days 7 hours ago - "Solid shirts make their way to Japanese clothing store Uniqglo's UK, Hong Kong, and Japanese locations. Over the weekend, Konami tweeted the im... | News | Culture


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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