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Coffee Shop - Rayman Legends on sale for $40

863 days 6 hours ago - "Rayman Legends just released last month, on September 3rd, with a MSRP of $59.99 on every major home console (360, PS3, Wii U). It's been less tha... | News | Xbox 360


Treasurenauts - debut trailer, website open

863 days 11 hours ago - "I'm not going to lie...I saw this trailer a few days ago. Renegade Kid shared it with me and I've been absolutely dying to show it to you. Now the... | News | 3DS


Amazon price-matches GameStop's deal on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rayman Legends

863 days 11 hours ago - Amazon has price-matched GameStop's current deal on the Wii U titles Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell: Blacklist | News | Wii U


The Pressure To Create The Perfect Controller

865 days 18 hours ago - "Behind the scenes, Nintendo was busy preparing their next generation console codenamed “Dolphin” which would later be renamed to GameCube. Part o... | Article | Retro


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Armillo - cinematic trailer

868 days 17 hours ago - GoNintendo shares a cinematic trailer for Armillo. | Trailer | Wii U


Just Dance 2014 gets Wiimote Plus bundle for Wii U

868 days 19 hours ago - "The game and a Wiimote Plus bundled in for the Wii U version. This is not a console bundle.", writes GoNintendo. | News | Wii U


AiRace Speed Review (NintendoFuse)

869 days ago - "Following up on the original AiRace for DSiWare, QubicGames brings the speed this time. In AiRace Speed, your objective is to finish each high-spe... | Review | 3DS


Assassin's Creed III on Amazon for $20

869 days ago - Amazon has Assassin's Creed III Wii U for $20 shares GoNintendo. | News | Wii U


Inazuma Eleven 3: Lightning Bolt Review (NWR)

869 days ago - "He passes the ball, he kicks... ohhhhh just barely a goal! Level-5 makes some unique games, and they should really be given a thumbs up for tha... | Review | 3DS


Puyo Puyo Tetris Impressions (NWR)

869 days 10 hours ago - "Two of the biggest puzzle franchises in gaming collide. There is no question that Puyo Puyo and Tetris are some of the most popular puzzle fran... | Preview | 3DS


Hero Bank Impressions (NWR)

869 days 12 hours ago - "Are you ready for a new RPG from Sega involving money, school kids and butt kicking? Hero Bank is a new RPG from Sega that is being touted as a... | Preview | 3DS


Wakedas Review (NWR)

869 days 17 hours ago - "Relax, pull up a chair and play some Wakedas. Wakedas, pronounced wa-ke-da-su, is an easy pick-up-and-play game from Circle Entertainment, the... | Review | 3DS


Skylanders SWAP Force Impressions (NWR)

873 days 19 hours ago - "So far so good as we play six levels from the next Skylanders game. Jumping. It’s something that seems so simple. Something that we complain ab... | Preview | Wii U


Coffee Shop - Permanent Wii U price drops on games

873 days 22 hours ago - "Yesterday, September 20, 2013, was the first day for the first official manufacturer's suggested retail price drop on the Wii U Deluxe Sets to tak... | Article | Wii U


Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 182

874 days 1 hour ago - "We’re down two men but we still have a cast of five on the show. How can that happen? With Micah and Shannon both out, TJ and Jordan of Pwnee Stud... | Podcast | Wii U


GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 423

874 days 1 hour ago - GoNintendo's 423 podcast. | Podcast | Wii U


Paving the Way We Play: Virtual Consolation

874 days 1 hour ago - "Why U treat NES so bad? A topic of recent discussion behind the scenes at NWR is one that I feel so strongly about that it actually makes me re... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Rabbids Land & The Pirate's Precious Jewels - Caffeinated Thoughts

874 days 2 hours ago - "Yo-ho-ho! Ahoy, again, me hearties! If ye didn't talk like a pirate yesterday, maybe ye played as one without even realizing what yesterday was!... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Pinball: Revenge of the 'Gator Retro Review

874 days 2 hours ago - "Although better known for its Kirby games, HAL Laboratory has developed a myriad of different types of titles over the years, including pinball. I... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Cut the Rope Review (Cubed3)

874 days 6 hours ago - "Cut the Rope was originally released on iOS, then later ported to other devices. After a year of being released, it then made its way to DSiWare.... | Review | 3DS


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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