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Sony E3 2010 montage video

1781 days 16 hours ago - Click to view a montage of all the major announcements at the Sony E3 press conference. | Video | PS2


Confirmed: Sony to reveal new hardware at E3

1785 days 21 hours ago - Playstation.com writes: E3 2010 is coming! Meet us here to see what awsome games and hardware is being revealed! | News | PSP


Wii Sports has outsold all of Gran Turismo and Halo combined.

1789 days 1 hour ago - The two biggest selling franchises on the Microsoft and Sony platforms have both been outsold by Nintendos new franchise Wii Sports. | News | Wii


Analysis of Firmware 3.21

1859 days 10 hours ago - Firmware update 3.21 for the PS3 is coming out tomorrow, and its not adding anything new. For people wondering what this is all about, it removed t... | News | 1,14


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

The Xbox 360 is more expensive than the PS3

1875 days 5 hours ago - Not too long ago you had to shell out $700-$800 for a PS3. 4 years later, the PS3 is now on par with the other consoles in terms of price, at $299... | Article | 1, 2


There is no winner

2042 days 5 hours ago - Everywhere, on the internet, on the streets, with your friends, people argue about gaming consoles, and frequently the argument PS3 vs. 360 comes t... | Article | 1,2,3


The 5 most powerful game engines of all time

2044 days 5 hours ago - Game Engines are constantly evolving and changing to adapt to the current hardware and push them to the limits. These game engines have proven to s... | Article | 1,2,12,14


Why you should not buy a PS3

2045 days 10 hours ago - Hello people, the, Why you should not buy a (insert game, console, or accessory here) series continues with the PS3. This series is dedicated... | Article | 1


Why you should not buy an Xbox 360

2046 days ago - Hello people, the, Why you should not buy a (insert game, console, or accessory here) series continues with the Xbox 360. This series is dedic... | Article | 2


Why you shouldn't buy a Wii

2046 days 9 hours ago - As a way to re-launch the blog Tech Hall is putting together a short series, Why you shouldn't buy a (insert game, console, or accessory here) This... | Article | 3


Does the PS3 really need a price cut? Part one

2264 days 11 hours ago - There are many people that talk about PS3 being the most expensive console on the market, and are waiting for the price drop. While that is true, t... | Article | 1


Can Microsoft continue to buy it's way to victory?

2265 days ago - It is no doubt that Microsoft, the creators of the Xbox 360, have put a lot of money into beating sony. With a major price drop on the 360, buying... | Article | 2


Why firmware 2.7 rumors might be fake

2265 days 1 hour ago - Recently a blog named 'PS3 Trophy Guides' has reported rumors of firmware 2.7 and what features it includes. While a lot of people would get excite... | Rumor | 1


5 reasons why killzone 2 wont be the next halo

2266 days ago - Killzone 2 will be a major hit, but will it even live up to the expectations of halo? | Article | 1


5 steps to making Killzone 2 successful

2300 days 2 hours ago - Killzone 2 will be a major hit on the PS3 console, but if Sony wants to get as many sales as possible, they need to do a few things... | Article | 1


Tech Hall: LittleBigPlanet review

2313 days 9 hours ago - In LittleBigPlanet you play as a sack person (also commonly called sack boy) who is a cute, lovable, customizable, character. LittleBigPlanet is a... | Review | 1


Tech Hall: PS3 bluetooth headset review

2313 days 18 hours ago - When you see the PlayStation logo on a product you normally expect quality, it's a good thing this product doesn't fall short of that claim. Says T... | Review | 1


Trillian Astra beta sign up's avalable

2356 days 1 hour ago - The beta for Trillian Astra is about to begin, sign ups now available. | News | 12


2.4.3 world of warcraft PTR patch notes mounts at 30! and much much more!

2510 days 3 hours ago - Patch notes for patch 2.4.3 are up. Additionally, the PTR client for 2.4.3 is now available to be downloaded. However, the PTR server is not up yet... | News | 12

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