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Dead Island Won't Let You Kill Zombie Kids...but Why Would You Want To?

1639 days 13 hours ago - Rely on Horror: The Dead Island trailer that we probably have all seen by now has no doubt evoked some powerful feelings. The sombre music, the ch... | Article | PC


Top 7 Worst Jobs to Have in the Horror Game Universe (Rely on Horror)

1658 days 7 hours ago - On the news you hear of strange disappearances and ghastly murders right in your hometown. People in another part of the colony are starting to ac... | Opinion piece | PS2


Dead Space Extraction: Move Edition Review

1672 days 9 hours ago - Rely on Horror - Dead Space Extraction, made its debut on the Wii two years ago. Now on the PS3 with Playstation Move controls. If you bought the... | Review | PS3


Think of the Textures!

1677 days 16 hours ago - Rely on Horror - We might have already paid for them once, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't jump at the chance to do it again for prettier, HD ver... | Article | Xbox 360


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

1745 days 15 hours ago - Rely on Horror - Some tips on making it out with a few bites short of a full-course meal. Provided that's 'enough' to get you out. (Dead Nation) | Article | PS3


Rely on Horror Reviews - Dead Nation

1746 days 5 hours ago - Rely on Horror - Dead Nation is definitely a change of pace from the ever-growing 'cutesy' zombie shooter genre. But has it come too late? Availa... | Review | PS3


Resident Evil - Revelations Gameplay Video

1765 days 15 hours ago - Rely on Horror: New video on Resident Evil - Revelations gameplay video + brief analysis. | News | Nintendo DS


Castlevania - Lords of Shadow and God of War Comparison

1767 days 22 hours ago - Rely on Horror - They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. So how much does Castlevania's stellar Lords of Shadow like Kratos and the... | Article | Xbox 360


Alan Wake - The Writer is the Absolute Worst Kind of DLC

1780 days 7 hours ago - Rely on Horror: The DLC in itself might be a bit of fun, but what it means for gamers down the road is pretty hard to swallow. Also, it doesn't ev... | Article | Xbox 360


Games We'd Love to See on PSP2

1780 days 14 hours ago - Rely on Horror: The PSP2 might just be a pipe dream right now. But we're already thinking of what we'd like to see on Sony's next handheld. | Article | PSP


L4D - The Sacrifice Review (Rely on Horror)

1787 days 6 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Valve has been playing up The Sacrifice DLC with the four-part comic on the L4D blog, but can this bit of DLC live up to the hype? | Review | PC


Rely on Horror Review: Heavy Rain - Move Edition

1800 days 15 hours ago - Rely on Horror goes head to head with the Origami Killer again, this time armed with the Playstation Move. Find out whether it's worth the time sp... | Review | PS3


Rely on Horror Review - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

1815 days 18 hours ago - Rely on Horror - Read on to get our take on Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and why it's quite possibly the best survival horror offering the PC has to... | Review | PC


Saving Alan Wake

1872 days 15 hours ago - In light of the articles claiming Alan Wake has flopped, we're looking at some of the ways it can be salvaged. | Article | PC


Resident Evil 6: Staying Fresh

1902 days 13 hours ago - A speculative look at what might be in store for us with Resident Evil 6 | Article | PSP

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